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Well, if this turns out to be true (which is more than likely), it’s a shame but not much of a surprise. Canon Rumors is reporting that Canon’s not-officially-announced-but-pretty-much-inevitable flagship camera, the Canon EOS R1 is not expected to come “anytime soon” and that a retailer has actually been told not to expect it until […]

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HiRISE (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment) is the most powerful camera ever sent to another planet. So, not surprisingly, it has shot some of the most stunning images of Mars we’ve ever seen. Scientists have recently shared a HiRISE image of a crater on the Red Planet. Thanks to Seán Doran, we get to see […]

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Insta360 has seen a lot of success in the 360° camera market over the last few years and they’ve arguably become the leader in pocketable 360° cameras thanks to devices like the Insta360 ONE X2 (review here) and the Insta360 ONE RS (review here). Today, though, Insta360 has announced that they’re going big with the […]

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Insta360 has today announced their newest camera… Sort of. It’s not all entirely new, as it uses the same core as the regular Insta360 ONE RS (review here), but it is a whole new look for that familiar core module with a giant 360° lens module that packs a pair of 1-inch sensors. The new […]

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After so many cases of celebrities being sued for sharing photos without permission, you’d think at least some of them would learn a lesson. But I guess that’s not the case. After already ending up in court for sharing a photo of herself, singer Dua Lipa has done it again. The British singer shared a […]

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This one’s been a long time coming, having been teased since June of 2021. It’s taken a year, but it’s finally here as Capture One has announced Capture One for iPad. The company says that the new app is available as a standalone iPad app but can also work in tandem with Capture One Pro […]

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When we think of lenses, we usually think of chunks of metal or plastic with glass elements inside them. If somebody says “wooden lens” to us, we usually think of CNC or laser-cut models of lenses that don’t actually have any optical properties and are simply chunks of wood that resemble a lens. But not […]

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Well, this is interesting. It looks like Godox has finally figured out what they want to do as a Godox AR400 ring flash replacement. And it turns out, it’s an addon head for the Godox AD200 and AD200Pro strobes. It’s the Godox R200 ring flash and as mentioned, it’s a head designed specifically to connect […]

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UV and IR light can, literally and figuratively, show us the world in a totally different light. One of their common uses is to examine painting for authenticity or damage inspection. Sean Billups made his own tool for inspecting paintings, and it’s actually relatively simple. Using an old Google Pixel 3a phone, a simple 3D-printed […]

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