Effect of Coronavirus on SSPS Activities - Latest at 18 March

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As I said in my communication to members last Friday, the SSPS committee is very conscious of the potential impact on the health of members attending activities of the club.  With this in mind, the committee cancelled the members meeting scheduled for last night.  This was an interim step until the committee could meet and consider all the issues.

Last night the SSPS committee met to consider our approach in detail for the immediate future. Obviously, the effect of the coronavirus pandemic is complex and uncertain.  The overwhelming consideration discussed by the committee was the need to safeguard the health and wellbeing of all   our members.

Meetings to be Cancelled

With that in mind, the committee decided to cancel all face to face activities of SSPS until at least 30 April.  The committee will meet again on 21 April to review the situation and to decide whether further activities will be cancelled.

The full details of the committee’s decisions are:




Friday 3 April

Registration of entries for “A Worm’s View” and upload of dpi versions due.

Competition to continue as normal except that prints will not be required for this month.  The print sections will be judged on the dpi versions that have been uploaded.  Please note that if you wish to enter either of these “print” entries in the End of Year competition you will need to submit the print of the image at that time.

Sunday 5 April

Outing to Cranbourne Botanic Gardens


Tuesday 7 April

Meeting to hand in prints and presentation of results of the SSPS / Cheltenham International Interclub

Meeting cancelled but the results of the interclub will be put into a video and made available to members online

Tuesday 14 April

Skills Night

Cancelled and the topic will be rescheduled for later in the year

Tuesday 21 April

Results of April Competition

Meeting cancelled.  The results of the competition will be available on the website after 21 April.

Tuesday 28 April

SSPS Committee

Meeting rescheduled to 21 April to discuss any future steps, in the meanwhile the committee will continually monitor events and how they could potentially impact SSPS and its members.

Sunday 3 May

Outing to the Dandenongs



Results of March Competition – Flora or Fauna

This competition has been handled in the normal manner.  Your results are now available on the SSPS website in the normal location.  In addition, the award-winning images are available via the Competition Gallery on the website and the next newsletter will have all the normal information.

As well as this information, a video has been produced of all 118 images in the competition, plus a commentary that includes the title, the score and in the case of award winners, the name of the maker.  There are actually two videos.  One for A Grade and another for B Grade.  This was necessary because of the size of the combined file.  These videos are available to view via the SSPS website with the links in a news item on the front page.  In addition, that page will also have an attachment which you should download and have in front of you when you view the videos.  This attachment has brief comments on most images from the judge of the competition.

Congratulations to the winners of the March competition – Michiko Iida, Graeme Addie, John Chapman, Jeffry Farman, Kieron Letts and Philip Maxwell.  Well done.

Comments on April Competition – A Worm’s View

As I have stated above, this competition will continue as “normal”.  The only thing abnormal about it is that you will not be required to lodge a print for your print entries for this competition.  The judging for the month will be done using the DPI version of the print.  It is intended to follow the normal timetable of events.  The results will be published on the website on 22 April and we intend to produce a video of the results in a similar manner to what has occurred for the March competition.

Please note that you should still produce your printed versions as you will be required to lodge those in November if you wish to enter these images in the End of Year competition.

The future

The SSPS committee will be continually monitoring the effects of events as they occur as to their potential effect on the SSPS activities.  The next formal meeting of the committee is scheduled for 21 April.  You will be kept informed of decisions and their impact on SSPS activities as and when they are made.


In the meanwhile, look at the positive side of things.  You now have time to sit down and process all those killer images that you have never had the time to look at.  Good luck.


We will keep you informed as things happen.

Go now to the SSPS website and download the comments by the March judge and sit back and enjoy the 2 videos of the wonderful images produced by our members.  When I picked up the prints from the judge, Lyn Haywood, yesterday her comment was – “Those images are so good.”


If you have any questions please email me at president@ssps-photographicclub.org.au


Peter Calder