Cheltenham v Cheltenham Results

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Submitted by pcalder on Tue, 17/03/2015 - 16:37

The results of the secong annual international competition between SSPS and Cheltenham Camera Club in England have been announced.

This year the judging was in England and corresponded with Cheltenham CC's 150th birthday celebrations.  Each club sumitted 40 entires with a maximum of 2 entries per member.

Last year SSPS won the competition in a very close competition by 6 points, 511 to 495.  Scoring of each image was out of a maximum of 15 points.

This year the scoring was out of 20 points and the competition was even closer than last year.  Cheltenham CC won by 3 points, 711 to 708.  Congratulations to Cheltenham CC for winning this year, especially in their 150th birthday year.

The judge was Eddy Lane, ARPS, DPAGB and president of the Western Counties Photographic Federation. He judged cold on the night and so we have his immediate reaction to the images.  The judge said he thought the standard of images was very high and felt 13 images in total deserved a 20.

Attached to this article is the transcript of the comments on each image by the judge on the night.  Also attached is a report on the event written by one of the members of Cheltenham CC.  There are some interesting comments about the event in there.

All award winning entries can be viewed at