2015 SSPS Club Champions - B Grade Elizabeth Collins - A Grade Peter Hammer

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Submitted by pcalder on Thu, 10/12/2015 - 10:58

The president, Greg Earl, announced last night the establishment of new awards for SSPS - the SSPS Club Champions.

The B Grade Champion for 2015 is Elizabeth Collins and the A Grade Champion for 2015 is Peter Hammer.

Elizabeth Collins - SSPS B Grade Champion for 2015

Peter Hammer - SSPS A Grade Club Champion for 2015

Congratulations to both these members for absolutely outstanding performances in 2015

The awards recognise the achievement of members across all three sections, colour prints, monochrome prints and DPI and also, of course, take into account their performance over  a variety of subjects during the year.




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Well done Elizabeth and Peter to be the first winners of the new title of Club Champions. You have both earned the trophies.