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A leaked e-mail from Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun reveals that the company is creating its own camera department to compete with other major manufacturers. The CEO apparently considers photography one of the most important features of modern smartphones, and building a better camera will help the company elevate the quality of their phones even more. […]

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Timelapses have become so common now that they’re almost clich. Like every other type of photography or filmmaking, they’ve gotten to the point where creating something, anythingis quite easy. But making ones that really stand out is the challenge. Hyperlapse is like Timelapse on steroids. Not only are you speeding up time, but you’re moving […]

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With more DSLR and mirrorless owners turning to video, the topic of camera monitors comes up fairly frequently. As a result, there’s a lot of choice out there now when it comes to camera monitors. They come with a whole host of different features, too. Some of those features are more beneficial to certain types […]

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In this “Show Me Your Nerd” video produced by Gizmodo, we’ll get tomeetDavid Silver, a manwho’s been enamored by cameras sincehe was a young boy. Firstinspired to collect when his father gave him his grandfather’s 3A Folding Pocket Kodak, he has since amassed a wide range of vintage cameras. Let’s check out some of his […]

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Weve all been there; in anew country, a new city or just a new part of your local town. Camera in hand, you shoot and shoot and shoot as your memory card never seems to fill up. Its thrilling and you dont want to waste a moment because there is so much to capture.But what if putting your camera down, even just for 20 minutes, can help you take better photos?

I dont mean leave it unattended. But I do mean put it away or leave it behind as you go for a walk in your new environment.

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The Nose on El Capitan is arguably one of the most famous routes in rock climbing. First climbed in 1957 in 45 days, it remains a formidable stomping ground for climbers who want to become legends. In October 2017, Brad Gobright and Jim Reynolds climbed it in 2 hours, 19 minutes, and 44 seconds, breaking […]

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It was only February when it was announced that Fujifilm would be acquiring American-owned Xerox in a $6.1 billion deal. It seems that now, though, that deal is not going to happen, thanks to a couple of “activist investors”, reports the BBC. Carl Icahn and Darwin Deason own, between them, 15% of Xerox and had […]

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Game Boy camera was launched twenty years ago, and technology has advanced immensely since then. Nevertheless, experimenting with this toy camera in the modern era is still kind of fun. Photographer Tim Binnion recently brought his to 2018 Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai, China. He captured the Formula 1 race with the 0.016-megapixel camera, and […]

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In any art form, we have those who seem to transcend the medium itself. Those who by their very accomplishments earn the respect and admiration of those who view their work. We call these esteemed individuals Masters. In photography, there great names that we hold high because their photographs move us on some emotional, nearly spiritual plain. We see these people as masters of photography not simply because of their level of technical skill but how their application of those skills makes us... more

In this article, we’ll take a look at optical versus electronic viewfinders so you can get a better understanding of the differences and strengths and weaknesses of each.

Coke versus Pepsi, Star Wars versus Star Trek, football versus futbol. The world is full of great rivalries, and photography is no exception. Aside from simple brand loyalty and lens preference, there are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of other tools, features, and options that photographers to argue about. One of... more