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Panasonic, today, are alsoannouncinga new Leica 200mm f/2.8 lens for Micro Four Thirdscameras. Panasonic say it offers the “sharpest-ever corner to corner image quality in Lumix history”. They also say that it’s designed with high speed and low weight in mind for handheld shooting. With the launch of a new superfast 60fps camera, a new […]

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Its always an interesting experience to see things from a different perspective. So far, Lithuanian photographer Andrius Burba has shown us animals from below, which is definitely not the most common way of photographing them. But the latest series of his Underlook Project doesnt include cats or dogs. This time, he decided to give it […]

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So what exactly is shutter speed? In its simplest form, shutter speed refers to the length of time that your camera sensor is exposed to light (the shutter stays open) while taking a photo. A faster shutter speed thus lets in less light and a slower shutter speed lets in more light.

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The Panasonic Lumix G9 is now official, and it’s a little beast. While Panasonic have become a favourite for video shooters, stills photographers tend to favour Olympus when it comes to Micro Four Thirds. It’s clear, though, that Panasonic have aimed the new G9 squarely at photographers, and demanding ones at that. The G9 shoots […]

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I more than often hear landscape photographers complaining about bad weather and then say its chugging down. Honestly, I dont know what theyre talking about. I thrive in stormy weather. Rain, strong winds, and what can sometimes be a bit of a problem, low hanging clouds yes its next to nearly impossible to keep […]

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Whether or not you like Salvador Dalis work, its hardly possible you havent seen one of the most famous photos of him: Dali Atomicus. Its on the TIMEs list of 100 most influential photos of all time. It was a result of collaboration between Salvador Dali and photographer Philippe Halsman and it was captured in […]

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I’m a creative minded person and feel very frustrated when the creativity strikes and I have nothing to photograph. This was the main reason I started making these cardboard models. I thought of all the everyday home items that could be used for creating figures. I found the boxes we used when we moved into […]

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It looks like GoPro might actually be experiencing something of a turnaround in their fortune. They’ve just released the Third Quarter 2017 financial report. After a pretty disastrous couple of years, their most recent quarter turned a profit, its first quarter to do so since Q3 2015. In an attempt to turn the company around, […]

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As photographers, some pieces of advice are universal; the same can also be said for some camera gear. The 70-200mm lens is a staple for a reason, found in pretty much every pros camera bag around the world, they are trusted on location from portrait studios to the heart of the Amazon.

So here is why you need one in your kit.

Optical Performance

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High on a ridge in the Brooks Range of Northern Alaska, I had an epiphany. It had to do with photography, sort of. Really, it had to do with the world in which we live. You see, I was climbing this steep slope on a little-forgotten drainage in the western portion Gates of the Arctic National Park. There was no sign that anyone had been this way before, and really, there was no reason that anyone would have.

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