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The launch of SpaceXs Falcon Heavy has caused plenty of reactions all over the world. The epic launch has made many of us stand in awe and the photos gave us goosebumps. But, just like all major events, this one has also made many people inspired for creating memes and parodies. My Facebook feed has […]

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Its been almost two years since Getty Images filed a lawsuit against Google. But today, Getty has announced that the two companies have reached an agreement. As a result, Google will soon change the Image Search so its more protective of Getty contributors copyright. In an email recently sent to their contributors, Getty Images notifies […]

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Look down! All the way to your feet. This week it’s time to get low-down and shoot some images of feet. It can be your feet doing something interesting, or other people’s feet, or even animal feet (paws). Include faces if you want – but make sure the true subjects (the feet) really standout.

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Im sure youve seen many photographers trying to emulate the film look in their digital photos. There are different techniques to achieve it, but youll often hear that the film look is a lie and only actual film can give you this effect. Photographers Jay P. Morgan and Kenneth Merrill have decided to do a […]

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NBC Olympics, a division of NBC Sports Group, is producing, programming and promoting NBC Universal’s Olympic coverage. For the Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea, the production has chosen to cover the event with Canons cameras and lenses. Chip Adams of NBC Olympics says that the Olympics production can be tough on equipment and especially […]

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Fuji Rumours are reporting that they’ve received what appear to be the first images of the fabled Fujifilm X-H1. A camera that seems to be a little more video oriented than Fuji’s previous cameras, offering even more than the X-Pro2’s new firmware update.There havebeen rumours of such a camera floating around for a long time […]

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Well, that was quick. It was only yesterday that word leaked that Sigma had a 14mm f/2.8 pro zoom in the works. There weren’t even any leaked photos. But now, it’s official Sigma has announced the new 14mm f/2.8 DF HSM Art series ultra wide angle zoom lens. Although how long you may have to […]

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Since I started teaching photography I’ve had the opportunity to teach a few kids as well as adults. Some special parents were able to see that their child had an interest in photography and a gift for doing it as well, and they encouraged them to pursue it. I gladly jumped on that bandwagon and supported them as well.

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Some of you might think this is some magic bullet post processing trick to remove reverb from audio files. But it’s not. No, the only way you’re going to be able to get rid of that echo in your sound is to solve the issue at the source. That means treating the room to eliminate […]

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You may be familiar with the increasingly popular scam targeting photographers. Scammers use Facebook Marketplace, pay through Venmo, and cancel the payment after youve already handed over the gear. Photographer Jennifer Khordi was scammed this way and had her $3,800 worth Nikon D810A stolen. But, thanks to the community and photographer Eli Wohl, the scammer […]

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