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Panoramic or ultra wide views of scenes are popular and work well for many different subjects.

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A lot of the time when we look at a well executed image we think about how it was lit. And a lot of times, the strobes and softboxes and other light modifiers photographers use have a huge impact on the final photo. But sometimes having a good natural light source and a good understanding [...]

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Sometimes using a format other than the standard proportions works better for an image. One of those times is shooting landscapes of sweeping wide vistas.

A great way to do that is to create a panoramic image. Here are a few photos that take advantage of that format to create stunning results.

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If historic images are your cup of tea, The New York Public Library (NYPL) has brewed you up enough to make the Sons of Liberty proud. Earlier this week, the NYPL announced its digitized, organized and released over 187,000 digital items into the public domain, many of them historic photographs from around the world. Part [...]

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Sometimes the best DIY hacks are the ones that involve the least amount of thought and money. This DIY iPhone to SLR lens adapter covers both of those, because it costs absolutely nothing and takes only 30 seconds to make. Created by DIY Photography reader Jake Burgess, this little contraption might not be the [...]

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An Indonesian monkey, a British photographer and a U.S. federal judge meet in San Francisco. It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but thats almost what happened this week when a federal court reviewed PETAs demand to award Naruto the copyright over the famous selfies he captured in 2011. Unfortunately for the macaque, who [...]

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Working as a photographer has plenty of advantages and you collect awesome experiences along the way, varying greatly depending on your niche. You might get to travel, attend music concerts or sport events, encounter amazing wildlife or meet amazing people. The problem is that at the end of the day, at one level or another, [...]

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For the past two years, Omaha-based photographer Jesse Attanasio has been driving across the United States to capture some of the most beautiful storms and scenery America has to offer. The result is Exhale, an incredibly beautiful 4K time-lapse that condenses into three minutes the imagery Attanasio has captured over the past two years. To [...]

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How to make sure that the camera is your tool, so taking photos can be your passion.

Spend 10 minutes with your camera every day

Have you ever found yourself standing in front of an awesome moment trying to decide which camera setting to choose?
Try the following tips for just 10 minutes a day with your camera, and soon enough you will forget its even there. The camera will become a natural extension of your eye and hand, and will not be an issue when you see a photo you... more

Sony E-mount users, prepare yourselves. Techart has developed a Leica M-mount to Sony E-mount autofocus adapter. As the below video details, the adapter automatically zooms in and out to nail the focal point, an unconventional method for an adapter, but one Techart isnt new to. Techart says development started a few years ago. After debating [...]

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