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If you frequent DIY Photography, the name Eric Kim should be familiar to you. An international street photographer and teacher, Kim knows a thing or two about capturing photos on the street, whether hes using a small, analogue Leica or lugging around a DSLR. Today, hes decided to share a few of his street photography [...]

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Many photographers, especially when starting out, have a difficult time understanding depth of field. I also hear quite often that photographers are waiting for nice weather to get out and shoot. So, here’s a fun exercise you can do at home, in any weather, that will help you understand the finer aspects of depth of field.

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The humble popup flash. Let’s face it, we hate it. You might be able touse it for a little fill now and again, but as a main light source itgives hard shadows, often harsh specular highlights, and is generallythe last type of lightingyou would ever considerusing, but for those times when you have nothing else [...]

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Recently I was wandering around that Facebook thing because it is the ultimate procrastination tool. I can’t say I remember what I was putting off, but I’m so glad I was. Through a series of countless random clicks on god knows what links, I wound up on an event page with an open invitation to [...]

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Often a great photo relies on a combination of factors coming together to produce the final result. On a few rare occasions, all of these elements present themselves in perfect harmony by chance. However, the majority of the time as a photographer, you have to research, plan, and put a lot of effort into capturing a photograph that has these elements in it.


#1 – The Subject

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  I wanted to do abeauty/cinemagraphproject for a long while. About two years ago, I saw the site Their fashion cinemagraphs were extremely tastefully done. I really enjoyed viewing the images. These images really consumed my mind for a while. I’ve been looking for a photographer to collaborate with and create images in the [...]

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With Adobe’s long standing global domination and the current buzz around Affinity’s recent announcement of impending Windows versions of their software, it’s easy to forget that there is another application out there that can satisfy the needs of a good number of photographers, especially those who run Linux. That application is GIMP. One of the [...]

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I love my Nikon 14-24mm lens but it has one drawback; you can’t put filters on it. Not that one needs to use a huge selection of filters on ultra-wides but if you’re doing certain kinds of photography being able to use an ultra-wide combined with ND filters makes the composition or time lapse more [...]

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When it comes to ridiculously cheapbutvery useful lenses, you’d be hard pushed to beat 40+ year old Russian technology, and this suggestionfrom Mathieu Sternis no exception. We’ve shown you a few repurposed lenses in the past, but this one’s a little more readily available and quite a bit less expensive. Tornfrom the clutches of aSmena [...]

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If youre anything like me, you likely have a dozen or more empty film canisters scattered about your drawers. While theres no shortage of DIY projects you can make using them, heres one you might not have come across before. Instructables user mxx has shared how you can easily turn 35mm film canisters into a [...]

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