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Fall in the northern hemisphere can be very colorful and bright. Red is everywhere, look around you. Using this color in composition can be tricky. Here are 27 images that do it successfully:

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Donald Trump is many thing, but gentle-tempered is probably not one of them. On hisWednesday speechin a South Carolina ballroom AP photographer Mic Smith took a photo of the ballroom looking half empty with all the back chairs being unoccupied. That photo was used by news outlets like the NYTimes andbusinessinsider to suggest that Trump [...]

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  Five years ago, Takashi Yasui’s niece was born. It was with this new arrival, Yasui would discover a passion for photography. What started out as a way to capture his beloved family, began evolving into a serious hobby. Now, Yasui works as a freelance photographer based out of Kyoto, Osaka, Japan–and his portfolio has [...]

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If you are an avid reader of this site, most likely you are a photography enthusiast wanting to learn more and advance your craft. If you really care about doing so, it is time to stop taking snapshots and start making photographs to become a better photographer.

Taking versus making can be a question of semantics; thats why I prefer to call it snapshot versus photograph. But beyond semantics, in my humble opinion, you graduate as a photographer the moment you start making photos... more

Here’s some exciting potential for the astrophotography and/or science enthusiasts out there. NASA has announced they have been experimenting with different types of Schlieren based photography techniques to help them photograph things we typically can’t see, such as air density gradients and, in this case, supersonic schockwaves left behind by a moving aircarft. “Researchers at [...]

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An Illinois woman, who was arrested and charges were filed against her after she recorded police officers on her friends property without their consent, decided to fight back and stand up for her rights. Ironically enough the officers themselves were not given permission to enter the property in the first place. Additionally, the Illinois Eavesdropping [...]

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Lightrooms Book module lets you create photo books to publish using Blurbs print on demand printing service.

Since the first version was released over eight years ago,Lightroom has become the go-to software for many photographers, both hobbyist and professional. But if youre new to Lightroom... more

For the season finale, Pete and Corey do a combined mega tip on designing and creating a cool HUD effect.

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Have you ever wondered how you compare to other news photographers? Perhaps youve felt that youre earning less than your colleagues or that your occupation is especially dangerous? A new study on the state of photojournalistic practice, conducted by the University of Stirling and the University of Oxfords Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism [...]

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As a small business owner, you probably already use Dropbox as part of your daily workflow. However, in this post I am going to share five tips to use Dropbox for small business that you might not have already thought of. Dropbox Options for Small Business In case you don’t already use Dropbox, Dropbox works [...]

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