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This is an incredibly geeky topic, but it’s a subject I find absolutely fascinating.It involves how flashes communicate with the camera and reverse engineering the “language” they use to talk with each other. In this video,Roger Nieh of Science’n’metakes a look at the Canon flash protocol using an oscilloscope to eavesdrop on that communication. What […]

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This week your photography challenge is one that can be difficult to find in today’s busy and hectic world – peace! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to photograph something that represents what it means to be peaceful to you.

The perfect mirror image in the water says peaceful to me!

Does this look peaceful to you? Sure does to me.

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Sometimes, when we’re out with our cameras, the light is a little lower than we’d like and we need to ramp up our ISO to compensate. But raising the ISO introduces noise. Potentially a whole lot of noise. And while you can never really get the image to look as good as it would have […]

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The U.S. Postal Service has recently been ordered to pay $3.5M for a pretty strange case of copyright infringement. They have mistakenly used a photo of the wrong Statue of Liberty on a stamp. Instead of using a photo of the original statue, the U.S. Post used a photo of Robert Davidson’s Las Vegas replica, […]

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If you’ve ever used studio lights or been in the market to buy some you may have heard the term “watt seconds” (Ws) used in conjunction with strobes. But what the heck does it mean? How do you know if you should buy a 500Ws light or one with more?

In this video, Mark Wallace from Adorama TV explains an often confusing term – watt seconds – and answers the question, “How many watt seconds do I need?”

What are watt seconds?


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When we think of shooting landscapes, typically it’s with pretty wide lenses. Most landscape photographers I know rarely shoot with anything that isn’t at least as wide as a 24mm on a full frame body. But does that mean you have to only shoot landscapes with a wide angle lens? In this video, Toma Bonciu […]

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When editing portraits, especially in beauty photography, theres a lot of work to do. But Unmesh Dinda of PiXimperfect will show you a quick editing process that makes a lot of difference. In this tutorial, he takes a minute to demonstrate how you can add shine and depth to hair with a pretty simple technique. […]

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This week Business Insider ran a story that covered images taken by astreet photographer, of peoples private phone messages.That photographer was the highly respectedJeff Mermelstein, someone who has a long list of celebrated work. Whilst all images were taken in public places, they do contain a level information that the subjects may not want the […]

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Judging from patents for a new mount and 16-28mm f/2.8 lens, a new Canon full frame mirrorless camera is in the works. But according to the latest reports, Canon will not launch just one, but two full frame mirrorless cameras in the middle of 2019. Earlier this year, Canons manager confirmed that the company will […]

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Photography is all about light. The same scene with the same composition can look completely boring under one set of lighting conditions and very dramatic under different conditions. Good light makes the difference.

But does that imply there is also such a thing as bad light? I don’t think there is such a thing. The key is to understand what kinds of images to make under the lighting conditions you are presented with when you are photographing.

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