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It looks like the entertainment and fashion industry will remember 2017 by numerous accusations of sexual harassment. After Terry Richardson, fashion photographer Bruce Weber has joined the group of the alleged sexual offenders. As The New York Post reports, model Jason Boyce has sued Weber for sexual harassment that he claims occurred in December 2014. […]

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When it comes to food photography, photo editing is at least half of the battle. Sure, there’s an art to styling and shooting food so that it looks yummy right out of the camera. But more often than not, it pays to spend a little time sprucing up that photo in post-production. There are lots of popular photo editing tools out there, but lately, I’ve been preferring Luminar byMacphun, soon to be Skylum.

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Photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz has shared his splendid work with us before. His signature technique is high-speed photography of models dressed in milk splashes. After Milky Pin-Ups, Splash Heroes and Fallen Angels, Jaroslav has created another stunning series for 2018 calendar and he shared the work with DIYP. This time, he blends pin-up style with the […]

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Photography at it’s core is an art form. As photographers, we sometimes get so caught up with the aesthetic or technical challenges of creating pretty pictures that we forget that art is supposed to challenge us intellectually, to help us see things in different ways, to inspire debate. Advertising photographer Tim Tadder’s recent project “Nothing […]

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Dodging and burning has become as commonplace to Photoshop as it was in the darkroom with film. But in Photoshop it can be a tedious process (even more so than it was in the darkroom). This quick technique from Anti Karppinen shows a very fast way to achieve a similar result in Photoshop. The basic […]

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Only a few short years ago, the idea of handheld photographs of the Milky Way would’ve been a thing of fantasy. Now, though, thanks to fast ultrawide glass and the super high ISO performance of today’s cameras, it’s a whole different story. This is proven by photographer Alyn Wallace. He shoots the Sigma 14mm f/1.8 […]

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Thunderstorms are awe-inspiring, whether you watch them live, in photos or in videos. But videographer and photographer Dustin Farrell has made a slow-motion video that makes thunderstorm more enchanting than ever. Dustin chased storms during the summer of 2017 and collected his best shots in a short film titled Transient. It shows lightning in slow […]

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Creating gorgeous photographs of moms with their kids can be a daunting task. But with a little planning, responding well to the family dynamic, and paying attention to whether or not youre selecting flattering angles you can create lovely portraits that theyll treasure for years.

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In a video production, it’s often the minor touches that have the most impact. They’re easy to miss, and most viewers probably couldn’t spot or pick them out for you. But they’re the things that can mean the difference between a viewer liking your video or finding it a bit amateur or annoying. In this […]

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Weve seen some of the algorithms that can enhance low-quality photos. The researchers from Oxford University and the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology in Moscow have developed a new approach for restoring damaged or low-quality images. Instead of training the neural network with thousands of photos, their system called Deep Image Prior works everything […]

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