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You have a night off and want to spend some time at home being creative? Gab Loste has an interesting idea for shooting night neon-themed portraits, but without leaving home. All you need is some free time and the stuff you most likely already have at home. It goes without saying that you will need […]

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Weve heard of drones that made it difficult for firefighters to put out fires. But on Tuesday, 6 March, a drone was responsible for causing a wildfire. Just outside of Flagstaff, Arizona, a drone burst in flames upon landing, causing 335 acres of forest to burn. The U.S. Forest Service published on their Facebook page […]

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Our main job as wedding photographers is to create beautiful images for our clients. But our job is also to provide a phenomenal customer service experience from beginning to end. Throughout the last decade as a wedding photographer, Ive developed this list of non-gear related items to bring along when you photograph a wedding.

Wedding Day EssentialsThe Wedding Timeline

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They say to never work with children or animals. Personally, though, I rather enjoy working with animals in the studio, and I know many photographers who adore working with children. Mixing the two, though, is often fraught with risk, especially for children who aren’t used to being around animals. This is whatphotographer Mercer Harris is […]

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When you arrive at a beautiful scene, open your camera bag, and reach in to pick out a lens for landscape photography, which one do you usually choose and why?

A mid-range focal length lens, say between 35mm and 70mm, is usually the one that gets picked the most because it is closest to what we see with our eyes. When we choose that lens, we come home with photos that look like what we saw and they feel natural.

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Up until a few months ago, my only experience with infrared photography was through the work of Minor White and a few other photographers that shoot masterful infrared photographs. Their images were dreamy scenes with glowing trees that completely transformed my idea of what made a beautiful picture.

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Film photography has been (re)gaining popularity over the past couple of years. However, the renowned film photography hype just isnt enough to keep some film types alive. According to the latest report from Japan Camera Hunter, the latest 35mm film to be discontinued is popular and super-cheap Agfa Vista. In his blog post, Bellamy Hunt […]

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In case you missed it, in an earlier article I introduced you to the 101s of Long Exposure Photography, provided a checklist of the essential equipment, and detailed the exact steps to follow so you can capture a long exposure photograph.

In this article, I will share a precise workflow that you can use to process your long exposure photographs.

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MacOS 10.13 High Sierra was released back in September 2017, but Wacom users who upgraded noticed that their tablets wouldnt work. Wacom has approached DIYP to let the community know about the latest news: they have released a further driver update that lets your tablet work with High Sierra MacOS system software. The software update […]

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Laura Marijn is a portrait photographer from Holland who also likes to create dramatic portraits and invent new exciting worlds for her clients through surreal Photoshop images. DIYP: Tell us a little of how you got into photography. LM: Before I did photography I was modeling for a while. One I day went with a […]

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