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If youre just starting out as a filmmaker and looking into buying gear, it may seem overwhelming. So much to buy, so many options and it can all be pretty expensive. But Matti Haapojas latest video is here to make the decisions easier and help you get your first kit. He suggests the first […]

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Art has arguably been around almost as long as humans have. The moment we learned to mark something for others to see and interpret, the moment art was born. Thankfully for us photographers, we neednt go quite that far back to begin learning from the history of art, in fact we only need go as […]

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Since Instagram is all about visual content, it wasnt easily accessible to visually impaired users. But this is about to change: Instagram is introducing two new features that will help the visually impaired to use the app. According to a blog post announcing the new features, there are 285 million visually impaired people in the […]

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You might thinkthat it looks like DJI just announced what is essentially their Mavic gimbal on a stick. And you’d be right, it does look a bit like that. But there’s a bit more to it than that. Yes, it’s a tiny 3-axis motorised gimbal, but this is no ordinary stick. This is the new […]

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The post 7 Things I’ve Learnt About Photography From Pablo Picasso appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Anthony Epes.

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Swedish photographer Erik Johansson is known for his dreamy and surreal images. This time, he decided to depict the change between day and night. As always, the artist of great imagination took a lot of time and effort to turn his idea into a photo, and in this video, he takes you behind the scenes […]

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Photo by: Greg Gelsinger

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The Rule of Thirds is the first composition rule most of us have learned when we started doing photography. There are times when it works, of course but sometimes, centering your subject is a much better choice, yet many photographers tend to avoid it. In this video, HazeKware of Hk Visuals discusses when centering […]

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One of the big draws of Lightroom for many users is its ability to use presets. And there are a million of them out there. Free and paid Lightroom preset packs are everywhere you look these days. But there are very few available for Capture One. It’s those purchased presets that puta lot of photographers […]

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Award-winning Chinese photographer Lu Guang has gone missing earlier this month. His wife Xu Xiaoli says that she last heard from him on 3 November, and she claims that he was taken away by national security officers. BBC reports that Mr. Lu was invited to Xinjiang region in China to attend several photography events. He […]

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