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Just a quick heads-up that I'll be teaching a small-class lighting workshop in Washington, DC this June 7th. It is part of the Focus on the Story International Photo Festival being held June 7-10.

This class is small a maximum of 16 people and we will be shooting all day. It is designed for people who are... more

Motion control has so many applications for both photographers as well as filmmakers. From creating 360 stitched stills with your DSLR to moving timelapse and video sequences. There are a lot of complete solutions out there for this, and there are also many plans out there for completely scratch built DIY projects. But there’s very […]

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Mahmoud Abou Zeid, an Egyptian photojournalist also known as Shawkan, is facing a death sentence in Cairo, Egypt. He was arrested in connection with an anti-government protest back in August 2013, and prosecutors requested a death sentence for him on 3 March 2018. As Reporters Without Borders write, Shawkan is one of more than 700 […]

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This week it’s time to dig out all your old stuff, or get out and look for some antiques. Things that are aged andbeautiful – look for old buildings, your old shoes, rotting wood of an old window, antique cars, clocks, books, etc., yes even people. Remember these old things have great value, especially our senior citizens – so photograph them with the respect they deserve.

Textured wall of an old building in Havana, Cuba.

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Theres something incredibly adorable about animals discovering cameras. Okay, its a bit less adorable when PETA gets involved, but thats another story. After polar bears and chimps, take a look what it looks like when two penguins figure out the camera thats filming them and decide to take a closer look. As Washington Post reports, […]

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Since its announcement at WPPI recently, the Sony A7III has been the hot topic around the camera body water cooler. A lot of people had a something to say in the day or two that followed after having tried it for a little while. But now we’re starting to see some proper hands-onreviews with tests […]

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Over the last few years here at dPS, weve run some incredibly popular competitions with one of our partners the New York Institute of Photography to give away some of their great online photography courses to lucky dPS readers.

Photo by Finnur Tomason, NYIP Graduate.

Due to popular demand were doing it again this week.

For this competition, NYIP will name 3... more

If you’re in the photography business you’ve likely heard some pretty outrageous comments made by clients. In these three videos let’s have a humorous look at things clients say to photographers. Remember this is all in fun, and we, as photographers, value our loyal clients fiercely. Right?!

Things Clients Say

I this first video by Queen Photographers we see some of the most common phrases and things heard by photographers. Some just make our eyes roll. Have you heard... more

Sometimes it takes only a day or two to return stolen camera gear to its owners. But other times, it takes a bit longer. Ten years longer. A decade after her DSLR was stolen from her apartment in downtown Winnipeg, marine biologist Kristin Westdal got it back. And the funny thing is she is […]

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Thanks to social media, we have seen particular locations across the world grow insanely popular. Sadly, this same popularity has also made these locations prone to damage, or even being destroyed by visitors. This sad video from vlogbrothers shows just how dangerous it can be to share photos of your favorite place with the entire […]

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