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The Zeiss Batis range of lenses for Sony have proven to be extremely popular, especially as Sony has been slacking on producing their own until recently. With the new native Sony FE mount Sigma lenses on the way, though, that may change. Sigma will have quite a few more lenses, and Zeiss still has a […]

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Equipment cards for use in the studio or on-set can be expensive. REALLY expensive. Of course, those carts often need to hold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment. For a small studio or low budget set, though, you don’t need to go to such expense. There are many other alternatives out there that […]

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After Google abandoned Nik Collection, DxO jumped in and announced that they would develop it further. And at last, the Nik Collection 2018 is alive, updated and ready for download. As everyone assumed, its not free any longer. Until 1 July 2018, youll need to pay $50 for the latest version. As you might remember, […]

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The Basic Mechanics of Capturing Light

When the light of a scene enters the camera lens, it is dispersed over the surface of the cameras image sensor, a postage-size electrical circuit containing millions of individual light receptors. Each receptor measures the strength of the light striking it in a metric called lumens. Each receptor on this sensor records its light value as a color pixel.

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If you want to capture 360-degree photos or videos without getting a dedicated 360-degree camera, PanoClip offers you a solution. This $50 lens is attached to your iPhone. It lets front and rear camera join forces to shoot and stitch 360-degree content. PanoClip is compatible with iPhone 6 and up, including Plus models, and you […]

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Colour grading tends to specifically refer to the colouring of video and in photography, we often refer to this as colour toning, but whatever you’re happier calling it, this process of making a conscious decision to apply a specific colour-look to an image in post-production is an incredibly powerful tool. But although not particularly tricky […]

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Some photographers use lens compression to make the Moon look huge (this photo by Eric Par came to my mind). But with a giant telescopic lens, photographer Daniel Lpez made something spectacular. He filmed a short video of the moon setting behind Mount Teide, a volcano in the Canary Islands. And it seems so huge […]

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It’s the time of year, at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere where the days are long, and we’re starting to get that travel bug. The sun’s well and truly back, and we want to get out exploring with our cameras. To do this, especially if we want to shoot any long […]

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If your drones battery runs out while its flying above water, youre screwed, right? Well, a man named Dave Svorking managed to save his drone a split second before it hit the water surface. And the best of all is this spectacular rescue was captured by the drone and you can see it in […]

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Shopping for a tripod may be one of the most complicated endeavors a photographer can take on. Lights, lenses and other accessories are pretty easy. Most things on the market in these instances are relatively similar... more