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Working as surf photographer that specializes in shooting some of the most frigid and icy waters on the planet is a mentally and physically demanding career. It’t the kind where you’re putting your life on the line on a regular basis and while it might be difficult and dangerous at times, it’s also incredibly alluring [...]

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There’s a saying among photographers, advice really, that one should always shoot what they love. After getting his start photographing extreme sports, French photographer Samsofy Pardugato decided to pay a little more attention to another of his hobbies–model making. Samsofy has combined his love of photography and legos, by creating a vast collection of “microcosms” in [...]

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Editor’s Note: This is part a series on macro photography this week. Look for a new one each day. The next newsletter will have them all if you miss any!

This week we’re focusing (pun intended) on one specialized area of photography, macro or close up photography. True macro photography means that you are close enough to reproduce... more

B&H has released a new, in-depth review of the legendary Canon EF 1200mm lens, and while you most likely won’t be able to afford the $180,000 price tag, it makes for a great read. Todd Vorenkamp was lucky enough to take the beast of a lens out for several shoots and survived to share some [...]

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When you are just starting out as a creative it can be pretty stressful and one of the main causes for that stress can be the shortage of money. Retoucher Pratik Naik of Solstice Retouch had a tough but very true message for ones looking to make it as full time creatives. Being a full time creative [...]

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Editor’s Note: This is part a series on macro photography this week. Look for a new one each day. The next newsletter will have them all if you miss any!

Macro photography is all about getting close and photographing small things. The tiny world of bugs and insects is perfect for macro photographers as there are always an abundance of... more

Just when you think you’ve seen every possible form of selfie comes along an elephant and shows that you ain’t seen nothing yet. Christian LeBlanc was feeding elephants in Thailand and when he ran out of food, the gentle giant took his GoPro instead. Luckily, the elephant aimed the camera at himself and his guest [...]

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So, with HDSLRs becoming so affordable, some interesting options come up, like sub $2K rig that can really shoot decent video. Two very popular options are the GH4 from Panasonic and the OM-D E-M5II from Olympus, each with its their pros and cons. One notable feature of the E-M5mkII is its 5 Axis stabilization. And if you are shooting lots [...]

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When I stumbled across a PetaPixel webpage using animated GIFs to show the layered photo composite work of Richard Roberts, I was immediately hooked on the idea of sharing layered work in this condensed educational fashion. In a mere 5 15 second glimpse, these animated GIFs are able to reveal the lengthy and complex creative process of an artist; not in a detailed way,... more

If the idea of playing Mother Nature excites you, youll love this simple technique for transforming an overcast day into a beautiful snow scene with powder-covered vegetation and falling flakes.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock (Image ID: 8436919 / Copyright: Jorge Casais)

Step 1: Open an Overcast Photo

Open an overcast photo with little or no detail in the sky.

Step 2: Add Ground Snow

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