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Whether it’s a big budget action movie or a regular location photo shoot, the wide shot can be used to add some drama and interest to your scene.Environment provides context.The exact opposite of the wide shot is the extreme close-up, which focuses in on the small details while still providing some of the same effects. [...]

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Are you the sort of person who thinks that digital photography is as unexciting as shaving? Then read on Chances are if youre younger than 30 you never got to use a serious film SLR camera before you started learning about digital photography, and that mightmean you find choosing or using a traditional film SLR [...]

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Whether professional or an amateur, most photographers who enjoy wildlife photography do it because we love being outside in nature, and we love to share our experiences of the worlds wild creatures. Carrying our cameras, and making images along the way, helps us to truly see and appreciate what nature has to offer.

But theres more to making a captivating wildlife photograph than simply having an animal in the frame. If you just snap a shot when an animal is in front of you, you... more

Photographing landscapes under moonlight can be tricky, there’s no doubt about it. You’re fumbling around in the dark trying to get everything ready to take the shot, and your exposures can often be so long that you might only get one or two chances to actually capture the scene you want. In this video, Karl [...]

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Designed by portrait photographer Joel Grimes, the new 24″ Rapid Box Beauty Dish from Westcott seems to tick all of the boxes when it comesto location photography. It’s small, lightweight, and can also double up as a regular 24″ round softbox by adding the diffuser panel on the front. Havinglightweight and portable kit is importantwhen [...]

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If you are a photographer on Instagram, you know that there are two major headaches when it comes to posting your photos: You can’t schedule Instagram posts. You have to upload images and write captions from a mobile device. If you are looking for a much more efficient way to manage your Instagram profile, you [...]

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I am a huge fan of color. I love bold colors to create a mood in my images, and often use the meaning behind colors to reinforce the message I want to convey.

Sometimes though, you want to get rid of the colors to draw the viewers attention to your compositional lines, to textures, or to make a contrast. To do so, you may want to turn a color picture to black and white, in order to see what works best.

I do not work so often with black and white, but I truly love it. There are... more

Adele might disagree with this one, but a team of researchers at the American Psychological Association have publisheda studyreportingthat taking photographs of an experience can actually increase the enjoyment of that experience. With several lab and field studies conducted, each of the over 2,000 participantswere either banned from using or allowed to use a camera [...]

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When it comes to photography, there are many out there who believe that size matters. For photography collector Jim Headley, it definitely seems true. Built to record space launches from a safe distance, this monster of a lens is a NASA-made Birns and Sawyer 1000mm f/4.5. It’s 25cm in diameter (10″), 1.3m long (4’6″) and [...]

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Panasonic have announced a new ultra fast, wide lens built for professional daily use. The Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 12mm f/1.4 ASPH lens for Micro Four Thirds cameras seemsbuilt to meet the needs of demanding photographers and filmmakers who need maximum resolution and low light performance. Giving the equivalent field of view as that of [...]

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