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IndieGoGo campaigns are on a roll. Earlier this week, we shared with you Mokacam, a 4K camera that claims to be the worlds smallest. Now, theres Luna, an immersive video camera that similarly claims to be The Worlds Smallest 360 Camera. As the desire to capture virtual reality (VR) content continues, Memora Inc wants to [...]

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So far, weve shared our Gift Guides for cameras and lenses. Now, were on to the next tool any photographer needs in his/her arsenal lighting. Of course, light is available all around us in the form of the sun, but sometimes you need to slightly alter that light or entirely provide your own. Below [...]

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There is no greater teacher inlife than time and experience. If I could go back in time and teach myself some photography lessons, high on my list would be OCF – off-camera flash. Back when I was starting out in photography, I used to dread using my flash. In fact, I think for the first two years of my photography career, I did not even own one. If a client would enquire abouta family photoshoot, I would promptly reply back saying I am strictly a natural light photographer and the best... more

For those of you late to the party, the Orbis Ring Flash Adpater is a passive, add-on light shaping device that turns your speedlight into a ring flash. There are others, but for a slew of reasons the Orbis has long been my favorite of the lot.

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As soon as weoptically tested the Canon 35mm f/1.4 Mk II lens we couldn’t wait to tear into one for a couple of reasons. One was that Canon has been making a lot of interesting advances in lens mechanics lately, so we’re always excited to look inside their new lenses. Another was that Canon claimed [...]

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USA Todays Bob Deutsch talks about the Ying and Yang of assignments that were part of covering Pope Francis recent visit to the U.S. From having the best spot New York to the absolute worst in Philadelphia, Bob shares some interesting behind-the-scenes information regarding press spots, getting the job done, planning your shoots and how [...]

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Photographing any sort of live performance, either indoor or outdoor, can be incredibly challenging. Not only will you have to be aware of the rules, but if photography is permitted, you are often restricted to your seat which will make moving around difficult. However, arguably the most challenging aspect of photographing performances is when they are indoors, in low light conditions... more

This season on Photoshop User TV, The guys have changed up the format of the show to bring you quicktips. Corey has a tip on creating abstract 3D elements.

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Whether one is trying to photograph far away objects with a massive telephoto lens or using a microscope to document the tiny creatures that surround us, the rule is simple – if you can see it, you can photograph it. It turns out, however, that objects dont need to be visible to the lens in [...]

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2015 was definitely a year of video for everyone, especially with Sony and Canon releasing the A7RII and 5D SR which made (semi)pro video available at a pretty low price point (assuming you consider 3K low). If you think that 3k is too high, here issomeperspective for you. The other side of the production continuumhas [...]

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