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Here is a quick and snazzy tip on adding some cool retro and vintage frame overlays to your photographs, including polaroids and borders, using Alien Skin Exposure X. It’s easy as pie, and takes seconds! Unlike Photoshop, adding frames in Exposure X does not require masking, or the use of layers.

But first… why add frames?
  1. You may be going for a certain look and want your images to stand out.
  2. You may want to use your images in scrapbooks and blogs that... more

Being a sports photographer, covering thingsranging from soccer (football) and rugby, to horse racing, I often have the Canon 400mm f/2.8L IS II USM on one of my camera bodies. Its this lens focal length and fast aperture that is most helpful.I love this lens for its image quality and... more

Photography is as much a study of the creative, as it is a study of the technical. Often, knowing all the technical ins and outs of your camera, still does not guarantee a stellar image – an image that evokes emotion, onethat makes you stop in your tracks and take a second look. Such images are created by thinking outside the box, by experimenting with new techniquesand ideas that may seem crazy, ridiculous, or even somewhat unbelievable! Lucky for us, we photographers are known to be... more

Up close and personal, wildfires are tragic and terrifying. But if you can step away from the chaos and capture things from a wider perspective, they can become a thing of beauty. No one knows this better than filmmaker Jeff Frost, who has spent the past three years capturing dozens of wildfires across the Golden [...]

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In my career as a sports photographer, Ive been hit by all sorts of objects: balls, helmets, sticks, pucks and even a mouthguard or two. One thing I havent been hit with and hope to never be hit with is a shot put. Unfortunately, a photographer shooting the World Indoor Athletics Championships in [...]

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Lighting a portrait can be as simple or intricate as you want it to be. More often than not though, the concept of less is more rings true. To show off just how much can be done with only a small bit of gear, photographer Wayne Johns has shared a helpful tutorial on behalf of [...]

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This week on dPS we are all about special effects. Check out the others that have already been published here:

This week on dPS we are all about special effects. Check out the others that have already been published here:

More often than not, rainbows appear as a row of colorful arches in the sky. Its a different story though when youre looking at it from the perspective of a peregrinea view ever so wonderfully captured by an Irish drone operator last week. The rainbow seen in the video was captured in Cookstown, Ireland and [...]

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In Melbourne there is an intersection that’s iconic for taking light trails phtos. It is the corner of Flinders Street and Swanston Street, in front of Flinders Street Station.

Light Trails in front of Flinders Street Station. There are 23 images in this stacked light trail.

It isnt a hard image to take, you just need a camera and a tripod. To get a really good photo, you want to pick a time when there is going to be a lot of traffic. You want the... more