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When looking at something as cognitive human beings, we naturally get a response. These responses could be emotional, physical, intellectual, etc. There is a whole range of how we respond. This range of reactions is essential for the photographer, no matter if you are shooting wedding photos professionally, landscapes for a hobby, or street photos as a traveler. Just as there is a range of photographic intentions there are ranges of how we interpret what we see. So, how do you see, and what... more

Many of the timelapses and hyperlapses we share pride themselves on creating amazing footage with little budget (little being a relative term of course). But what if the budget to produce a timelapse was huge? I mean, talented people + little money = awesome results. What would talented people + lots resources create? The answer [...]

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A while back I saw the Light Blaster in a online shopping site, I liked the effect and that Inspire me to build a Light Blaster on my own. My first order of business was to look for something that would serve as the body of the unit. I needed a material that is strong [...]

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When you pitch your photography portfolio to potential clients, it is extremely important to show only what they are looking for. But how do you know what an Art Director actually wants to see? It is verydifficult to self-critique your own work, and even harder to put together a comprehensive portfolio – so when I [...]

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Travel website, Busbud, has been up to some interesting research–they’ve been scouring Instagram for the most ‘grammed locations in both the United States and Canada. In many instances, you’ll probably be able to guess the most photographed places, but there are some surprises hidden in there, too. For example, Washington D.C.’s hot photo spot is [...]

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Do you commit mistakes in photography?

I bet you do. I have made mistakes. As a matter of fact I have committed many. But we all learn from our mistakes.What you dont have to necessarily do is to re-invent the wheel. Instead of learning about these common mistakes the hard way, why not learn from other’s mistakes?That sounds awesome, doesnt it?

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Pro tip: if you decide to rob a bank, dont celebrate it by posting photos of the money on social media. It seems pretty obvious, but a couple from Ohio did just that several days after robbing a bank near Columbus. A tip through Central Ohio Crime Stoppers eventually led police to the couple, John [...]

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If youre a Dropbox user, you probably have your Dropbox folder installed at the default location on your systems drive the Main (C:) drive (under My Documents in you are on windows). If you have upgraded to Dropbox Pro with 1 TB of storage space sooner or later youre probably going to run [...]

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I always love playing with light, creating new techniques or finding a new gadget to help my images stand out from the crowd. I also love creating mood and texture with my light. So I would like to share with you two pieces of kit that are always at hand in my studio when I [...]

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The Lightroom Catalog is a database containing all the relevant information that Lightroom needs about your photos in order to process your images and sit at the centre of your workflow.

Lightroom is a digital asset management (DAM) tool you can use it to organize and search your photos, as well as process them. This is the main difference between Lightroom and Photoshop, which is a... more