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The latest Star Wars movie and Quentin Tarantinos The Hateful Eight played a major role in the recent comeback of 70mm film and its gorgeous qualities. Photographer Andrew Walker was a projectionist on the 70mm roadshow for the latter and created this time lapse of the celluloid film being projected, showing the behind-the-scenes experience is [...]

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The debate over which system is better, DSLR or mirrorless, is on its way to becoming as heated as Canon vs Nikon. As mirrorless systems improve and catch up to DSLR cameras, or in some aspects outdo them, the decision which to get isnt as easy as it used to be. One of the main [...]

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The less mess you have on the desk, the easier it is to focus on the task at hand, be it organizing, editing or sharing your work. Between various hard drive options, memory card readers and other peripherals needed, its far too easy to amass a rats nest of cords. To fix that, DSLR Video [...]

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When Chris Sebastian contacted me about creating cover art for his debut album The Good Old Days, I initially wasnt sure how the scenario would work. Chris was in Sydney, I was in Melbourne, and his photoshoot was happening in Sydney within the week. I admit, Im a bit of a control freak In order [...]

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In addition to four new cameras yesterday, Fujifilm unveiled a massive new telephoto zoom lens, the XF 100400mm f/4.55.6 R LM OIS WR. The unveiling of this lens was no surprise, as its been on their roadmap for quite some time. But nonetheless, its a very welcomed addition to their X-mount lenses. Constructed of 21 [...]

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Each week we try and come up with something interesting and different for the weekly photography challenge here on dPS. The images I shared earlier of: 25 Floaty Images of Lightweight Objectsmight give you a hint! If you haven’t already seen them, take a look.

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We know that you are itching to know what kind of things we have in each and every package. I mean, it is one thing seeing the samples on the web, and another thing to experience a fabric file at 36MP resolution or a gorgeousdecay back-plate shot with a medium format camera. This is why [...]

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Some things really do float on air. How do you capture that in an image of things which are lightweight, and make the object look delicateand airy?

Let’s see how these photographers did it:

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If you ever had an entire shoot returned to you by a graphic department for “those are not the colors of our products”, you know that a calibrated monitor can really ease things for you. This is why we teamed up with Datacolor to give away a Spyder5Pro($189 Retail Value) (we will choose a random [...]

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When we were asked to produce some creative product shots for a new client, I thought Challenge accepted! The product was an awesome high end cross country trainer with incredible grip on various surfaces and was to be photographer while not been worn. I wanted to show multiple surfaces, but from a different perspective so [...]

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