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Things seem to be happening all at once for Nikon at the moment, with several announcements, and one rumour. First up, for those that have been lucky enough to receive their Nikon D500 body already, the Nikon MB-D17grip is now available to order from Amazon, offeringa verywelcome weight balance for those shooting longer lenses, as [...]

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This is one of those debates that’s been around for as long as I can remember. It’s like Nikon vs. Canon, iPhone vs. Android, Ketchup vs. Mayo, and everybody’s going to have their own needs and opinions. There’s generally no right answer in any of these debates, unless you have a specific need that forces [...]

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Over the years, weve shared more than a handful of tutorials on how to make your very own pinhole camera. What we havent shared is how to make the actual pinhole itself. You know, the most vital part to actually capturing the image. Today, that changes though with a helpful video from Chris McNulty, the [...]

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If you think that 400mm f/2.8 is looking expensive in your B&H cart, you might want to think again. Earlier this week, a 50mm f/8 lens used by NASA in its Apollo moon missions sold for just under half a million dollars. NASA has always had access to some of the best camera gear on [...]

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According to a report by SonyAlpha Rumors, a code-savvy individual managed to get around the 30-minute recording limit and unlock the language menu of Sony A-series cameras by reverse-engineering the cameras firmware. Under the username ma1co, who is known for hacking Sony equipment in the past, the individual posted the full hack on the Personal [...]

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The Raspberry Pi Foundation have today announced that they are introducing a new 8MP camera board to replace their popular 5MP OmniVision based camera board. The new camera, based around a Sony IMX219 8MP sensor, is available at the same low price of $25 in both regular colour as well as infrared versions. With the [...]

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In a recentarticlecalled:Getting Started with Layer Masks in Photoshop a Beginners Tutorial, I showed you the basics of layer masks and why they are such powerful tools. Layer masksare essentially what gives Photoshop layers much of their power. They allow you to tell Photoshop exactly where you want your changesapplied, and to what degree.

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If youve ever attempted to hang a series of prints on your wall, you know how difficult it can be to properly align the frames. Even with a steady hand, a laser level and a couple of hours to get it done, its darn near impossible to line up everything due to the inconsistencies between [...]

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Inspiration, much like emotion, happens to be one of those things we can often get lost within and struggle to recall without the helpful nudge of others around us. The problem with this when it comes to creating new work, is that it relies on you to remain as current or observant as possible in [...]

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Brought world’s consciousnessin a massive way in 2014, thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge, ALS is not a nice thing to have to live with. Having had a good friend suffer with ALS for several years before she passed away, I’ve seen the effects it can have first hand, not only on those who have [...]

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