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As the saying goes – when it rains, it pours. The first leaked photos of the D5 appeared less than two days ago and additional photos have already surfaced, shedding more light on Nikons next flagship DSLR camera. The sensors megapixel count was one of the two major unknowns about the camera and the latest [...]

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The long-anticipated Nikon D5 flagship camera has finally shown itself in the first leaked photos, posted by Nikon Rumors. Since most of the recent rumored specs are very similar to the originally rumored specs, the most interesting aspect of the photos might be the fact that attached to it a Sigma lens. Its one thing [...]

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A few decades ago the Heinz company ran a series of commercials featuring people patiently waiting for their ketchup to be poured from glass bottles, each ending with the tagline, “The best things come to those who wait.” Even though these ads seem kind of silly now, they do have a lesson for photographers: sometimes it pays to be patient, especially when sharing photos with your clients.

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Taking a good portrait is hard enough, but taking one hanging from a cliff with model is balancing on the edge of another cliff is a whole new ball game. Photography duoJay Philbrick and his wifeVicki are known for their devil daring (yet utterly safe) extreme photoshoot where they put models on cliff-edges, in side [...]

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In the days before digital imaging, if you truly wanted to elevate your photography to the level of art, you learned how to process your images in the darkroom. You learned dodging, burning, masking, sandwiching negatives, flashing and fogging – all designed to get the most out of your images, and deliver your artistic vision to your viewers.

The finished image after Photoshop, using the tools discussed below.

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So you just picked up your first camera and youre ready to become the next Henri Cartier-Bresson? Perhaps youre planning to leave the world of still photography and follow in Lee Friedlanders footsteps? Before taking the plunge, you might want to watch Digital Rev TVs take on street photography expectations vs reality. Many people think [...]

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Late on a winter evening, I was photographing atop a ridge in Colorados Front Range. I had been working on some landscape shots, but with the light fading from the sky, the thought of beer and food was beginning to overwhelm my desire to stay out. The colors were shifting to the deep tones of blue hour, and the light was long gone from the hills. About to give up and head home, I spotted a lone juniper... more

As a freelance photographer, my office while on assignment is, more often than not, whatever I can carry on my back. Everything from my multiple pieces of DSLR camera gear and laptop, plus its accessories, must fit in a bag (or two) to be ready to whip out at a moment’s notice. This presents a constant dilemma of figuring out the most efficient, yet safe, way to carry and store very expensive electronics while on the go. At this point, there are a myriad of DSLR laptop bags out there,... more