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In my last article about choosing the best lens for street and travel photography, you may have noticed that all the photos used to illustrate it, were in the square format. Thats not a coincidence. I recently discovered that I really like this aspect ratio for street photography. Its made a big improvement to my photos, and I thought it would be interesting to go a little... more

If youre looking to get into filmmaking, there are plenty of tips and tricks to learn that will make your life a lot easier and make your footage stand out from the get-go. Here to provide just three of the most basic tips is Jonas from Rob & Jonas Filmmaking Tips. In the five-and-a-half-minute video, [...]

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One of the key selling points of any destination is the local food. It plays such an important part in our experience of a new place, and as a result should be a must, on any travel shot list. However, capturing good photographs of food can be incredibly difficult. Professional food photographers will work with stylists to prepare the food, and light it carefully in a studio to ensure it looks natural. As a travel photographer, you dont have the luxury of this, but there are still ways to... more

There is a new lens player in town – IRIX, looks like they are there to compete with Rokinon, Sigma and other prime lens makers. Their first lens is a 15mm f/2.4 full frame prime, and it looks delicious. We had a chat with the European branch of IRIX a few days ago in the [...]

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If youre looking for your weekly dose of inspiration, we have it for you. This time, it comes in the form of a TED video wherein conservation photographer Thomas Paschak shares his story of what it is that drives him to capture the work he does and how he hopes to make a difference through [...]

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Sometimes, the complexity of simplicity makes us fail to preserve the fundament of all we are and all we represent. This is the opening line for the description of SINGULARITY, a mesmerizing macro video by award-winning photographer Roman De Giuli. And while it might seem contrived, it couldnt be more true. Thats because this psychedelic [...]

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Stanley Kubrick is one of the most iconic directors to ever grace the film industry. His unusual shots and techniques might seem unorthodox, but theyre what made him who he is. As a tribute to just one of Kubricks many distinct compositions and shooting techniques, Spanish filmmaker Jorge Luengo Ruiz has put together a supercut [...]

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Other than for special effect, photographers generally do not want out-of-focus images. But sometimes, regardless of which camera settings are used, not every detail of an image can be captured tack sharp. Depth of field (DOF) can be so shallow, that interesting aspects of the photos are without sharpness. Setting to a smaller aperture may be used to increase DOF, but moving the aperture farther from a lenss sweet spot introduces lens diffraction into the image, again resulting in some... more

As photographers, we often have to do outdoor portraits. And if we are lighting, that means hauling a lot of gear, fighting a lot of sun and dealing with the wind. But lately I've been working to pare the gear pack down to something that is reasonable in terms of cost, size and weight.

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Have you ever looked at those great water droplet or splash images and found yourself scratching your head wondering how did they do that?

Well, those great images are usually done in studios, with electronically programmable eyedroppers, and motion triggers that fire the camera at an exact split second, allowing the photographer to freeze motion on that exact perfect moment. All that specialized gear makes all this process controllable, but if you own a camera and an external... more