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Have you ever wondered how us, regular people would look in a High End fashion shoot or on the cover of Vogue? French stylist Nathalie Croquet and photographer Daniel Schweizer collaborated on SPOOF, a project to answer just this question. Nathalie aims to poke some holes at our modern trained brains wholook atfashion and advertising [...]

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Earlier this week theBrighton and Hove Pride parade was stopped due to a suspiciouspackage. You can understand the authorities for wanting to protect the 160,000 attendees and watches of the parade. At first it was suspected that a suspicious looking object was left in the parade route intentionally to disrupt it,and a bomb disposal unit [...]

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Why are kids so seemingly magical to adults? What is it about those young, wild, expressions in photographs that makes us love them so much? It’s their honesty and unwavering outlook on life.

Kids show their emotions freely, and share their feelings with genuine truthful expressions that we love to see. Whether they are excited or frustrated, they are always being honest and letting their personalities shine as they push their limits of learning in any new experience.

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Time lapse videos are incredible beasts, especially when coupled with dynamic angles and camera movement. However, purchasing a motion control rig for creating time lapse movies is not always ineveryone’s budget. But creating one typically is! In this detailed and uber-awesome tutorial, the geniuses at Make show us how to builda self-contained, motorized platform for [...]

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This week on PUTV, Corey has a tip on texture mapping in Photoshop. Pete gives a refresher course on using brushes and how helpful to your workflow they can be.

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Achieving a “film look” is something that most aspiring filmmakers strive to accomplish. We always want our work to appear as masterpieces, but sometimes we aren’t sure how to capture those little nuances that could help push it over the edge. The advent of dSLR video helped bring video production capabilities to the masses, but [...]

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How many times have you posted or shared a dramatic image only to have someone ask, “Did you Photoshop that?” First of all,let’s get one thing straight – Photoshop is not a verb! Photoshop hall of famer Vincent Versace put it this way:

“Photoshop is not a verb. It’s a noun. It is the means to an end, not the end itself.”

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If you are one ofthe few who are still printing pictures, you know that one of the most annoying things about actually printing is dealing with ink. I don’t just mean the outrageous ink prices, it also has to do with how you can’t print when one of the color cartridges ends.If you did not [...]

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As someone whocovers a lot of photoshop action (no pun intended) it was quite interesting for me to see this talk about the equivalent of what photoshop is to stills on cinema. CG (Computer Generated) effects. Pixel peepers and sharped eyed viewers are fast to catch on #failed photoshop disasters, but all and all I [...]

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If you always wanted your very own selfie in front of the Milky Way – its actually not that hard to do! Here’s what you need: DSLR camera with good high ISO performance. Fast, sharpwide angle lens. Tripod. Remote shutter release. A wide open really dark location. Lightroom or Photoshop for post-processing. Continue reading and [...]

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