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We all love long exposures, well I personally do. They are a great way to create dynamism, movement, and add depth to your images.

In this tutorial, Ill show you two long exposure hacks that can be useful if your Neutral Density filters are not dark enough, if its too bright outside and you cannot get a long exposure, or if you simply dont have any ND filters. Dark ND filters can be... more

Hasselblad are about to make a big “game changing” announcement in a few days and boy have the rumours been flying. but one theory seems to be the most likely at the moment. Both Photo Rumors and Mirrorless Rumors are reporting that thelikelihoodthat this will be a new high end medium format mirrorless camera,containingthe same [...]

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It seems to be a thing these days for unknown brands to suddenly be jumping into the lens market with things we actually sometimes want and need in our photographic lives.Now, it’s Kerlee’s turn. The new Kerlee 35mm f/1.2 lens is being pushed as the “World’s First” such lens for full frame cameras, with versions [...]

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Today, a weekafter an exhibition titled Bourne and Shepherd: Figures in Time came to a close in the plush locality of south Delhi, Bourne and Shepherd, Asias first photography studio and the worlds longest functioning decided to shut shop in Kolkata after 176 years. The studio, was still functioning out of its original, regale building [...]

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It’s Father’s Day todayand accordingly, my email inbox has been deluged with gift ideas for fathers. Even if they are photographically inclined (you might not believe how many press releases I receive that aren’t even in my preferred ball-park) the chances are that they won’t present me with many opportunities to feature them. I was [...]

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As the sun sets on a citys skyline, thousands of lights come flooding the concrete jungle, turning every urban scene into a photographers paradise. Every corner around the city suddenly seems too irresistible not to be photographed.

Urban night shots is probably one of the most common photos taken at night. The way most people shoot cityscapes at night is to keep the camera still, press the trigger, and snap the shot. The result is often an uninspired image, with overexposed... more

A while back, Eujin Goh from Broncolor Singapore approached me and asked if I would like to collaborate using some Broncolor gear in a conceptual photoshoot that I could hammer out. I jumped at the chance and was thrilled to know that I would be using some of Broncolors latest tech the Siros L [...]

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Recently we launched 101 Landscape Lightroom Presets product. As part of the launch we put everyone who purchased a copy into the draw to win $1000 in camera gear. Those who purchased the bundle (101 Lightroom Presets and 101 Landscape Lightroom Presets) received 2 entries.

The winner of this competition isTerrence Jones

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I had to shoot in an environment without HSS (Didn’t have my Citi600 with me) and I didn’t have my Hoya ND16 filter with me either. Which meant that I couldn’t effectively overpower the ambient light coming off the stage to get rid of the blue on the model’s skin. This led me to trying [...]

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Prime lenses are best for creating portraits like this one, taken with the aperture set to f/1.2 to blur the background.

Are you thinking of buying a new lens for your camera? Stop, and read this article first.

One of the hardest things to achieve when buying new camera gear is clarity. Why do you need a new lens, how much should you spend, and where does it fit into the big picture of your gear acquisition? Once you are clear on these points, it makes the... more