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Photographing children is one of my favorite things to do, but at times it can also be one of the most difficult. Sometimes with kiddos, there is a very thin line between capturing memories that will last a lifetime, and capturing tears, tantrums, and meltdowns. After years of photographing nieces, nephews, friends, and my own girls, I’ve made a whole lot of mistakes. But, I’ve also picked up a few tips and tricks that help things go a little more smoothly when it comes to... more

ON1 is a name that seems to bepractically a household name these days, and ON1 Photo has become an essential tool in the post processing workflow to many photographers, but one thing it’s lacked is a quality RAW processor. Now that’s set to change with ON1 Photo RAW, which they’re describing as “the first all-new [...]

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Drones have become ridiculouslypopular in the last few years, of that there is no doubt, but sometimes you don’t need all the power and load capacities of huge drones like the new DJI Matrice 600, or even the relatively modest Phantom 4. Sometimes, you just need a camera that hovers and follows you around, whichis [...]

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Asa commercial portrait photographer specialising in sports, this project is a little different to the regular subjects that Levon Biss is used to shooting, but keen to make a personalproject that he could pursue in his spare time whichdidn’t take up much space, insects became the perfect answer and that project became Microsculpture. Originally starting [...]

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Tutorials dont need to be long and in-depth to get the point across. A prime example of that is the latest video from Daniel Norton on behalf of Adorama Pro. In the 85-second video, Norton shows how a simple two-light setup can be used to create strong, dynamic portraits. Specifically, Norton shows off how a [...]

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Earlier this year, Kodak showed the world that it has no plans of burying its storied history as a manufacturer of cinematic film. In addition to releasing a Super 8 camera, they also managed to get six major studios to purchase enough filmstock to help Kodak keep its plant operating. It appears though that their [...]

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File this under non-essential-but-interesting news. Reports are coming out that Instagram is potentially looking at implementing a black and white design throughout the entirety of their application. First reported by Anton Abramov via The Verge, a series of screenshots captured show off a monochromatic interface throughout the entirety of the Instagram iOS app. As expected, [...]

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People are my favorite subject to photograph, and one of my favorite ways to capture them is through lifestyle photography. I love documenting a day in the life of a family, student, or child. I love making beautiful photos out of real life happenings; the everyday stuff that we forget to treasure. Some moments are perfect and gorgeous, and other moments are more ordinary, and sometimes even unattractive; but I love every one of those moments, and I find joy in looking for the beauty... more

What you see above is not a 3D model made on a computer. It is a composition captured and created by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter that depicts the earth rising over the surface of the moon. Launched on June 18th, 2009, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) had a primary mission of mapping out the topography [...]

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The world can be a pretty strange and surreal place as it is, but for those times whenit’s not quite weird enough, we can always rely on photographers and image manipulatorslike Ted Chin to show us thingswe couldn’t possibly imagine. After finding Ted’s work on Instagram, where he has over 21,000 followers, DIYPgot in touch [...]

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