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When we featured Imagination we were intrigued by the bullet timesequences that the short movie featured. I askedMarc Donahue from PermaGrin how those shots were accomplished and luckily for us, Marcshared this info. The magic behindthose timeslice sequences was a combination of using 20 Gopros mounted on a curved rail, somespecial triggering cable from Cam-do [...]

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Truth be told, there’s a lot of vintage glass out there that’s leaps and bounds better than some of the more modern lenses we see on the market. Because they’re old and typically require some kind of mounting adapter to fit newer cameras, vintage lenses just don’t see much love nowadays; however, that doesn’t mean [...]

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Are you interested in trying newborn photography, but just aren’t sure where to start in terms of posing? Have you ever looked at a newborn photo and been totally unsure how the photographer set it up?

In this article, I’ll walk you through three easy newborn posing setups.We’ll start with pull-backs (behind the scenes shots) of each posing setup, along with brief instructions as to how you can recreate it at home. Then I’ll show you what the final images... more

New Zealand based astrophotographer Mark Gee (previously, and here) has quite a creative take on the Super Moon we had last week. I mean, we all shot the Super Moon (didn’t we) but Mark documented the shooting of the Super Moon with a few of his photographer friends, taking the whole thing to a new [...]

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Sadly, you may one day grow out of your cell phone camera.

So youve decided its time to buy a real camera? Maybe the cell phone camera just isnt cutting it anymore, or you read an inspiring travel blog bragging about how they quit their day job, and now roam the planet selling snapshots they take along the way.

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Every photographer knows what its like to get an idea for a photograph and then struggle to figure out how to execute the shot thats in their head. In this case, the idea belonged to photographer Andy Van den Eynde who imagined a heroic band of torch-bearing Gauls venturing into the Belgian forest on a [...]

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21-year-old mother of two captured selfies showing her boyfriend aiming a gun at her head and posted them on Snapchat. Just a few hours later she was found dead in her apartment with a gunshot wound on the side of her head. Weve recently encountered several fatal selfies involving guns, but this might be the [...]

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There are images that immediately come to mind if someone mentions them. For instance, the image of the man being shot in the head during the Vietnam War, or the girl running naked down the road (also in Vietnam) after being burned by a napalm bomb. I dont want to use the word iconic, but they are well-known, and very emotive images. The Vietnam War was like no other, and these images helpedto show the devastation.

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  Last year I had a shootwhere I made this wooden table for food photography. This year the client contacted me again for another shoot. While on our way to theinitial brief meeting I was thinking what I can do for this shoot to make it special. Thenit hit me, I would light this shoot [...]

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At first it had been a dream to travel to Asia for a long time already, even before I discovered photography. I am now 22 years old and I finished my bachelors in psychology. However, along the way I found out that I really wanted to pursue photography, but nonetheless psychology still gave me some [...]

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