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We all have favorites; colors, cars, movies, and dogs. For one reason or another, they grow on you and the more you’re exposed to it, the more partial you become.

When it comes to photographers, we have favorites too. Brands, camera bodies, software, and of course, lenses. I’m no different.

Over the years many lenses have passed through my hands. I have also had experience with a slew of other lenses through newspaper jobs and loaners from friends; everything from... more

What is the Brenizer Method?

The Brenizer Method is named after wedding photographer, Ryan Brenizer. He didn’t invent the method but instead made it popular by using it with his wedding clients, and teaching others how to do it as well. For those who have been around photography for a while, you will recognize the process. Photographers have been stitching images together to create... more

With the amount of time people are spending in front of their televisions reaching new highs, this powerful portrait series by Australian photographer, Donna Stevens helps us take a step back from the habit and see the mindlessness from a different perspective.  “TV is just one of the ever present Black Mirrors through which we [...]

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The sport of horse riding and showing can be very rewarding and beneficial to a young child. However, capturing those memories to print and share with family and friends can be a challenge for parents. Basic horse knowledge is helpful not only in keeping your child and their horse safe, but others around them as well. The following are a few dos and don’ts to get you started successfully, and safely, photographing your child at horse shows.

#1 Avoid the use of flash

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One of the things I love about photography is how it can lead you to places and situations you’d never imagine possible. Pete Leong’s photoshoot is a perfect example of this. Pete is an Australian wedding photographer who lives in Okinawa, Japan and takes pleasure in shooting water sports and seascapes when he’s not shooting [...]

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In this previous post I shared a bunch of street photography images. But not just any old random ones. They are images that were taken all around the world, but yet still have a common thread, a connection. They included:

  • Photographers shooting other photographers
  • Subways, taxis and transportation
  • Markets and vendors
  • And buskers or street... more

To me, black and white photography is one of the most mesmerizing art forms ever created and has the ability to draw a viewer into a scene like few others.  Swedish photographer Pekka Järventaus capitalizes on its detailed nuances in “Prowling with Lions,” an ongoing photography project focused solely around the lions of Africa.  Unlike some photographers [...]

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Street photography is a popular genre which many photographers enjoy, just for the sake of doing photography. You can find many articles on it here on dPS. Let’s look at a few street photography images from around the world and see if we can’t find similarities, as well as differences between them all.

I got carried away selecting images for this collection because I found the inter-connections intriguing and it... more

I think you would be pretty hard-pressed to find anyone who isn’t afraid of something. For some, it’s heights; for others, it’s death…or dogs. For me, it’s fungi. I hate fungi…and spores…and weird, tiny shapes…and clusters… Granted, I love edible mushrooms more than anyone I know, it’s just all the other variations that creep me [...]

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When I first saw the evocative work of Bulgarian photographer Ivaylo Petrov in his series “Portraits of Shame,” I was immediately captivated.  The series is a collection of images depicting Bulgarian athletes inside their training center in Vidin.  The most startling aspect of the project, as I came to learn, is that these are not creative images in [...]

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