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Shutter speed is one of the first elements of photography that you learn as a beginner. Learning how to control your cameras shutter speed to make sure your images are sharp and well exposed is Photography 101. Learning how to use shutter speedcreatively to manipulate the look and feel of an image is something else [...]

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Its release is very likely a few months off, but Canons upcoming 5D Mark IV is already getting a more definitive specs list. Sent in to Canon Rumors from a reliable tipster, the successor to Canons 5D Mark III camera looks to be quite the improvement with improved specs and details across the board. According [...]

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If youve been waiting to see what Leica has up its sleeve, the wait is over. New images and details have leaked showing off the yet-to-be-announced Leica M-D Typ 262, a digital rangefinder that lacks an LCD display on the rear of the camera. As can be seen in the images below, the 24-megapixel CMOS [...]

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Do you have an insatiable lust for the latest and greatest gear? If so, you probably have Gear Acquisition Syndrome, a made-up cheekily known as G.A.S. throughout the web. While its fun to play and experiment with the newest gear that gets released month after month, the reality is its not the gear that will [...]

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Originally from Ghana, photographer DextDee Livingstone had to travel all the way to China to discover his passion for shooting portraits, but we’re sure glad that he did. Now back in Ghana, DIYP got in touch with DextDee to find out more about him, and to get some insight into how one particularly striking portrait [...]

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When I first started taking on clients, as a new photographer I thought newborns would be my favorite. They seemed so easy, lying around, ready to be molded into any pose I desired, nothing to it. Fast forward five years and hundreds of dollars later, they are still my favorite, but Ive wasted a lot of money, sweat, and tears trying to figure out how to do it correctly. If you are just starting out, either with new clients, or your own baby, this article is for you, before you throw away a... more

To me, creativity is all about cross-pollination of ideas in novel ways. Idea sex I dont believe that there are any truly original ideas anymore. Rather, we take different ideas and let them have idea sex which leads to a totally new idea. This idea is a hybrid between the two ideas prior. Ive been [...]

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Photographing children is one of my favorite things to do, but at times it can also be one of the most difficult. Sometimes with kiddos, there is a very thin line between capturing memories that will last a lifetime, and capturing tears, tantrums, and meltdowns. After years of photographing nieces, nephews, friends, and my own girls, I’ve made a whole lot of mistakes. But, I’ve also picked up a few tips and tricks that help things go a little more smoothly when it comes to... more

ON1 is a name that seems to bepractically a household name these days, and ON1 Photo has become an essential tool in the post processing workflow to many photographers, but one thing it’s lacked is a quality RAW processor. Now that’s set to change with ON1 Photo RAW, which they’re describing as “the first all-new [...]

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Drones have become ridiculouslypopular in the last few years, of that there is no doubt, but sometimes you don’t need all the power and load capacities of huge drones like the new DJI Matrice 600, or even the relatively modest Phantom 4. Sometimes, you just need a camera that hovers and follows you around, whichis [...]

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