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In 2013 my most popular article (by some distance) was the story of how my most successful image was plagiarised in a rather unusual way; a photographer had recreated the image from scratch. It seemed to me to be a bit of a grey area and I was unsure where I stood legally. The photographer [...]

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Estimating, along with cold-calling, is probably one of my most difficult tasks as a photographic businessperson. There are so many variables that can potentially come into play that it can be downright maddening. Add to that the fact that sometimes clients feel an estimate is a bit more fluid than is reality, and it can [...]

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A while back I stumbled on the light painting work of Jan Leonardo Wöllert, and was immediately taken. By now, you probably know all about light painting, but if not, it is the art of using bright objects to “paint” imagery in total darkness. As light hits the sensor it ‘paints’ the final image. JanLeonardo [...]

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Andrew’s newest ebook Mastering Composition is now on special for a limited time only at Snapndeals.

Gestalt theory evolved in the 1920’s to explain some of the ways in which people perceive the world around them. The basic idea is that, when faced with a visually chaotic scene, the human mind simplifies it into more... more

Breaking Royal protocol, a professional photographer was not called in to take the first official photos of one-month-old Princess Charlotte who’s fourth in line to the British throne. Being a keen photographer, the proud mother and Duchess of Cambridge decided to take the photos herself. While the strict great grandmother Queen Elizabeth (Mark?) II might [...]

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Having a nice backdrop for your product shots really add interest to your product. I still prefer keeping it simple by using my trusty Granite Tile and my DIY Wood Table but I wanted to see what other everyday items I can use for backdrops in my photography. The general setup: I wanted to make this tutorial [...]

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You know it happens! Your cables are not long enough and you have to connect two of them together to complete those last few centimeters. If you want to secure the cable you are probably making a small knot where the cables connect to keep the cable connected if someone tags it. If done wrong, this [...]

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Creating a photography portfolio can be a daunting experience. As a rule, photographers have basic or no knowledge of design at all. Moreover, creating a site with the pictures in focus can be a tricky task.

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We always talk about powering cameras (and gear in general) as a big thing. I got to fly an Inspire 1 for an upcoming tutorial and was shocked at how much of our production hustle had to do with managing batteries. I am quite confident that battery and power management will be the next step in [...]

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What’s the best way to promote your 24 karat gold flagship phone? Photograph it with your best competitor’s phone and send to media. Or at least this is what HTC must be thinking. HTC released a premium version of their HTC One M9 made from 24K gold. As far as we know there is no way to obtain [...]

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