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There is quite a debate going in the photographic community, which one is more comfy: back packs or shoulder bags. This has been going on every since I can remember andtalking strictly from a functional perspective I can see pluses and minuses for both. (if you base your decision on style, which is perfectly ok, [...]

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We joke about selfies as often as news and other content allows us. Unfortunately, not all selfie news is humorous though. Late last week, an Indian teen passed away after accidentally shooting himself while trying to take a selfie with a handgun. On Friday, April 29th, Fifteen-year-old Ramandeep Singh was taking a selfie his fathers [...]

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Author note: This article contains a fair bit of profanity. Rather than censoring it, we’ll let you read it in its entirety and proceed with caution. Detroit rapper Danny Brown has come under fire lately after a not-so-friendly encounter with a photographer. First seen on the subreddit r/hiphopheads, the story begins at a concert of [...]

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In this article, I share with you the start of my post-processing workflow for pretty much all of the photos I take. I’m mostly using Lightroom for 90% of my post-processing and very rarely do I go into Photoshop for some extra stuff.

Before we begin I must confess that I’m no post-processing master, nor do I know Lightroom inside and out, and I definitely don’t know Photoshop inside and out. But, as I learned, and I hope you will too, it turns out you don’t... more

What is the best way to test out a brand new triggering system? Shooting cameras, of course. But not in the way you might be thinking. For his latest video for The Camera Store TV, Chris Niccolls takes the brand new Cognisys StopShot for a spin by literally shooting cameras and other gear using a [...]

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Blurry backgrounds are nothing new when it comes to photography. The technique of blurring the background to emphasize a subject in the foreground has been used by photographers for decades, and by painters and other visual artists for hundreds of years.Now thanks to the proliferation of digital cameras this phenomenon has exploded in recent times.

Many people like photos with a tack-sharpsubject and a smooth blurry background, and even though some might say it’s more of an over-... more

Getty, probably the largest image agency in the world, just picked a fight with the largest… well.. anything in the world – Google. In an open letter, Getty accuses google of depriving sites of their traffic by displaying high-res photo in their image search. And it does not stop there. Getty also filed a formal [...]

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After returning to live in Tokyo 2012, photographer Philipp Zechner notice a shift in the behaviour and attitudes of the people there. Gone was the optimism that had long ruled the country, replaced by fear and uncertainty for the future, and Philipp decided to document what he saw in a project titled Tokyo Radiant. This [...]

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If taking photos of speeding bullets is hard, imagine how hard it is to take photos of a nuclear bomb going off. (I mean aside the obvious issue of having yourself and the camera being completelydecimated if you were at any reasonable distance). I mean, if you developed a nuclear bomb, you wanna see how [...]

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Specializing in photography is all the rage right now. Being a specialist is synonymous to being an expert. Being an expert means you are more trustworthy, what you say and what you do carries more weight, and people can have deeper confidence in your knowledge.
A specialist focuses their ability on one area of photography, and concentrates growing their knowledge to a very detailed degree within that area. The words special and specific come from this word, and further drive... more