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Blurry backgrounds are nothing new when it comes to photography. The technique of blurring the background to emphasize a subject in the foreground has been used by photographers for decades, and by painters and other visual artists for hundreds of years.Now thanks to the proliferation of digital cameras this phenomenon has exploded in recent times.

Many people like photos with a tack-sharpsubject and a smooth blurry background, and even though some might say it’s more of an over-... more

Getty, probably the largest image agency in the world, just picked a fight with the largest… well.. anything in the world – Google. In an open letter, Getty accuses google of depriving sites of their traffic by displaying high-res photo in their image search. And it does not stop there. Getty also filed a formal [...]

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After returning to live in Tokyo 2012, photographer Philipp Zechner notice a shift in the behaviour and attitudes of the people there. Gone was the optimism that had long ruled the country, replaced by fear and uncertainty for the future, and Philipp decided to document what he saw in a project titled Tokyo Radiant. This [...]

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If taking photos of speeding bullets is hard, imagine how hard it is to take photos of a nuclear bomb going off. (I mean aside the obvious issue of having yourself and the camera being completelydecimated if you were at any reasonable distance). I mean, if you developed a nuclear bomb, you wanna see how [...]

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Specializing in photography is all the rage right now. Being a specialist is synonymous to being an expert. Being an expert means you are more trustworthy, what you say and what you do carries more weight, and people can have deeper confidence in your knowledge.
A specialist focuses their ability on one area of photography, and concentrates growing their knowledge to a very detailed degree within that area. The words special and specific come from this word, and further drive... more

When it comes to art, I’m very much in the “but I know what I like” camp. I just don’t really do “art”, but I was immediately drawn to William Wegman’s work when I first discovered it a number of years ago. In this videofrom The Art of Photography’s Artist Series, Wegmantalks about his photography, [...]

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Recently Canon released their latest upgrade in the EOS line, the 80D. It’s a direct update of its predecessor the 70D but it competes well in many areas when compared to the older 5D Mark III, and the 7D Mark II bodies.

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I was super excited to hear a few weeks back that Lensbaby had a new lens in the works and even more excited when I heard it was going to be a lens with the swirly bokeh effect. In the past this swirly visual effect had been the money-train for Lomo and their Petzval lenses [...]

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In an age where iPhones are shooting stellar images and high quality DSLRs are coming down in price, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for food photographers to make a living as professionals. As a food photographer in Seattle, I’ve noticed that many of my clients have becomeopinionated about what makes a good photo, and in many cases are shooting right next to me... more

Lighting is often a serious point of conversation; soft, hard, broad, short, high and low key etc… it can really go on extensively, so when I saw this photographby Alexandre Watanabe I just had to get in touch to see how he did it! I mean, its just an egg, right? YetAlexandre lit it in [...]

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