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Much like the Blue Angels of the United States Navy and Marine Corps, the Royal Air Forces (RAF) Red Arrows is an acrobatic aircraft team that wows audiences across the UK with their impressive maneuvers and daredevil antics. This past Friday, the RAF Red Arrows had to shut down a training session though when individuals [...]

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Favorite editing tools for street photography

I admit it, I take too many photos.I know it, and I have too many images to deal with, and unless I am getting paid to finish them and send them out to a client, they may never get processed.Are you in the same boat?Do you too have some images that have just been sitting there in your digital desk drawer?

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Here is something that should concern all creatives, and it is the bad side of intellectual property. Apparently, you are allowed to trademark just about any phrase you can think of. In turn, this means that if someone else is using that phrase in their video (or even video title), it can be shut down. [...]

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Shooting Manually

Full manual. Two words. Ten letters. Yet those words can be some of the most discouraging for new photographers to ingest. There has long been a perceived over complication concerning shooting in Manual Mode. Personally, I always leave my camera set to manual. Granted, I dont shoot many fast-paced sporting events that require speedy autofocus, or many situations where there is constantly fluctuating light. Still, the idea of controlling the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and... more

Time to dust up on your Color Balance Adjustment Layer.Heres a quick Photoshop trick that will add some more magic (or magical fire and ice) to your composites. This technique works wonders using dust particles shot against a back background. You can shoot this yourself or use a pre-made dust resource if you don’t have [...]

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Last week, we shared the news that GoPro is planning on cutting back its workforce after shares dropped to an all-time low. Now, weve learned that GoPro has yet another monkey on its back in the form of a lawsuit from investors. The lawsuit, filed by Gainey McKenna & Egleston in California, claims GoPro management [...]

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Events such as Ferguson led to increased usage of body cameras in police departments across the U.S., but as the cameras popularity soars so do the questions about who owns the footage and how much of it should be made available to the public. As Arstechnica reports, one question hasnt been discussed as often [...]

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If you think its challenging getting quality footage from smartphones, you might as well not even bother attempting this feat. LA-based YouTube crew Mommy Comedy has created a feature film using only a Toyota Prius back-up camera as the recording tool. This six-and-a-half minute video gives us a tongue-in-cheek behind-the-scenes look at what it took [...]

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iPhones might not be the video camera choice of professionals, but if you want a quick behind-the-scenes video or prefer to pack light, the 4K capable iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are wonderful tools. To improve the footage from the smartphones, two of the most simple things you can do are add external audio recording [...]

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Creative storytelling in pictures need not be daunting nor time-consuming. You can easily set up something really simple at home to take pictures of and at the same time make new memories with your kids.

The actual shoot must be kept really short, so as not to exasperate your kids too much, especially if they are very young, and therefore have relatively short attention spans. The real work is in the planning and thinking ahead.

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