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If you are following DJI, this will not come as a shock for you, and it is pretty much the obvious evolution in the company’s road-map. Today DJI announced that they are taking the camera off the drone and putting it in your hands. They announced theDJI Osmo. The Osmo is an integrated device – [...]

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Let me ask you a simple question: Does your investment in social media generate business income? For most of the creative professionals I ask, the answer is either: “No, not really” or “I don’t know.” The more I invest in social media, the more I get the feeling that this social media thing is just [...]

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Three days ago the Federal Aviation Administration proposed an industry-record fine of $1.9 million against an aerial photography company claiming their drone broke the law and posed a safety threat. What the FAA isnt being as outspoken about is that on October 1, 2015 it missed a congressionally mandated deadline to set safety rules for [...]

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You’ll probably either love this guy’s sense of humor or hate it, but if you’ve ever to been to a concert, he makes a few points that will most likely resonate with you regardless of whether or not you appreciate his style. (I admit, I was turned off at first, but after about 20 seconds [...]

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Newborn photography is, in my opinion, one of the most rewarding (and difficult) branches that a photographer can get into. Ive shot numerous hectic weddings where I was physically exhausted afterwards, and had lifestyle sessions where nothing went right, but nothing has even come close to the process involved when taking photos of a precious newborn baby!

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A question I get asked a lot is, “What software for post processing would you recommend if you were starting out in photography today?”

Don’t know which photo editor to choose, here are some free options worth considering.

My go-to software for editing photos is Adobe Photoshop. This doesnt mean I am advocating that Photoshop is the only photo editor worth considering – far from it. I will be using Photoshop as a frame of reference only, and not as a... more

Just three days after California Governor rejected several drone-related bills, the Los Angeles Times reports that Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation intended to protect the rich and famous from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. Bill AB 856 expands privacy protections by changing the definition of a physical invasion of privacy to include a drone [...]

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It is never a good idea to say that the mega-pixel war is over, but it looks like we are having a rest ataround 40-50 MP with most pro cameras providing enough resolution. So why would one camera is better than the other? Actually, once we remove the ‘how does it feel for you‘ argument, [...]

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Over the years some of the most enticing projects here on the blog were projects that involved combining the real with the made up. Composites showing dreamy worlds and rotting buildings. Models located inside falling castles and magicians fire fighting dragons. In fact, we are pitched one or two compositing related projects each week. And [...]

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Every now and then a new technology comes that threatens to shake the existing paradigm of how photography is done. Mirrorless has done this to a certain extent, removing a significant element form the Camera’s body. But an even bigger step would be the move to computational photography. This is where several small optical and [...]

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