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In December, I went along to my friend Pauls leaving do. He was departing the UK to live with his family in the US, and was spending his last few weeks visiting friends in Britain and Europe before the big move. This was the turn of his London friends to get together and toast his [...]

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Its not uncommon for us to come across a story about a celebrity getting upset that their stomach, hips, legs or even arms were unrealistically edited in an image via post-production. What is uncommon is to come across an incident where its the subjects face that received an unrealistic make-over in Photoshop. But thats exactly [...]

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What do you do when your photographic endeavors go from exciting and passionate to stale and stagnant? If youre anything like photographer Sean Tucker, you pack up your gear, hop in your car and take some time to simply find yourself in a new, challenging photography environment. #instagram #usedarkroom #snapseed #photography #landscape #snow #Snowdonia #rocky [...]

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Have you ever felt likethe inspiration well is runningdry ?

You carry your camera with you everywhere you go, day in and day out, but you just dont see Kodak moments any more?If you know that feeling, than you must have been around shutters and lenses for some time now, and can’t wait to see something new.

Wait no more! here are some ideas that will inspire you, and help you get rolling again.

1 – Understanding the box in order to think out of it

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Sure, its wonderful to own top of the line Nikkor and Canon glass. But incredible engineering and precise alignments of optical components arent always needed. Sometimes you just need to have fun. And for those moments, cheap toy camera lenses are a wonderful opportunity to explore the playful and unknown. In his most recent video, [...]

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When it comes to giving us amazing views of the earth and space,few do it better than NASA, and this one’s going to take some effort to beat. NASA seem to have well and truly boarded and taken residence on the 4K bandwagon, and with footage like this, it’s easy to see why. Having never [...]

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Carleton E. Watkins was born on November 11, 1829, the eldest of eight children. At the age of 22, Watkins moved to San Franciso and discovered his love of photography. Ten years later, Watkins made a decision that not only changed his career, but perhaps the whole future of the the American wilderness. Traveling to [...]

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Detroit-born rapper Danny Brown recently caused a ruckus when he posted an image taken in Melbourne by Michelle Grace Hunder to Instagram without permission. The photo had been taken at a music festival for Howl & Echoes, a Sydney-based online music site. Last night @xdannyxbrownx played a show in Melbourne and I took photos for [...]

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Whether you have been creating photographs for years, or only for few weeks, your goals and dreams are to create great photographs that everyone will admire. You may notice this is not an easy task, and I’m sure that most of the time you experience more disappointments than successes. But don’t worry, I have for you six essential steps that will help you speed up the process, and give you confidence on your journey to these elusive great photographs.

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After Streisand, Beyonce, Kanye and countless others, you’d think theywould learn. The more you want something removed from the Internet, the more likely it is that everybody’s going to see it. Our latest “victim” of what has become known as The Streisand Effect is Peter Dutton, Immigration Minister for Australia. Fairfax Media photographer,AlexEllinghausen caught this [...]

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