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Our fabrics package is often used to extend dresses and other clothing. It is a collection of fabrics we created using big soft fabrics and awind machine to give them a flying soft look that can be integrated with dresses. Here is a quick show of one way it can be used. There are over [...]

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Getting your photographs onto a stock agency can be difficult. Most have very strict technical guideline,s and very tough editing procedures. However, following these 7 tips could increase your chances of getting accepted and help you sell your images with stock photography agencies.

1 – Do Your Research

Stock agencies vary greatly in what they specialize in, and the type of images they are looking for. Some image libraries desire more lifestyle photographs, whereas others... more

Why you need to calibrate your monitor

If there one thing thats certain about photos on the internet, its that nobody is seeing exactly the same thing as you. In general, most screens are too bright, and have whatever default color the monitor happens to ship with. Some are great, others not so much. As the monitor gets older, these colors change too. Its more of an issue with older bulb light monitors, and less so with LED, but still these colors change over time.

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Its been over a year since we shared the first rumors that Pentax was hard at work creating a full frame DSLR. Finally though, it appears as the though Pentax K1 is ready to be unveiled, as new promotional images, specs and availability informationhave come to light. According to a report from Japanese site digicame-info, [...]

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Six years ago, NASA launched its Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), a mission and accompanying module designed to monitor the sun in an attempt to better understand its electromagnetic behavior and the various phenomena it impacts. A major component of this was to capture consistent images using extreme ultraviolet imaging, a technic used due to its [...]

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Some would argue that, these days, it’s just as important to backup our mobile (camera) devices for the very reason we backup our regular digital photographs. Here’s my take on doing just that with my review of the My CloudMirror.

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For some of us, the beach is a way of life. Whether it’s barefoot strolls at sunset, surfing in the big waves, or simply relaxing in the sun, the beach can be a magical place that is food for the soul.

Capturing it in a photograph though, can be a completely different story!

Suddenly you notice things that weren’t so apparent before you took your camera out: super bright harsh light, and photos that look boring and that don’t convey the feelings you experienced... more

Uh oh. Adobe Creative Cloud users who rely on cloud syncing service Backblaze right want to keep an eye out on their information. Reports have come up showing that a recently-released update to Creative Cloud can delete data without any sign of malfunction. Adobe has since stopped pushing the update to users, but if youve [...]

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Its been done once, but as with almost any world record, its inevitable it will be done time and time again, with each new attempt more grandiose than the last. Were talking light painting orbs. Last time we covered the Guinness World Record for most light orbs in an image it was from the The [...]

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GoPro cameras have allowed the world to capture incredible footage, many times from perspectives we otherwise wouldve never been able to see. Its not just humans though who are capable of using the cameras. Milo, a sea lion at the Aquarium of the Pacific has his very own GoPro selfie stick that he uses to [...]

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