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I think I found my new family photography travel bag. Oh, you know what this is, even if you’ve never heard that term before. It’s that bag that you use to carry a camera when you are traveling with the family. And this bag has to be special for several reasons which I’ll outline below. [...]

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If you are new to Lightroom, the first thing you need to do after installing the software, opening it up, and taking a look around is import some photos.

As Lightroom is a database you cant open photos in it the same way you can in Photoshop – instead, you have to import your photos before you can view, or process them. The import process adds photos to the Lightroom Catalog (Adobes name... more

Here is a clever way to attach a GoProto justabout anything. The best thing, it will cost you almost nothing. VideographerDustin McLean found out that you don’t need a fancy branded $50 clamp mount for a GoPro, you can actually build a good one yourself for about $20. If you have your GoPro connected to [...]

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One of the best, and easiest ways, to modify your studio lighting is to use a soft box. There’s nothing like a soft box when it comes to providing soft, diffused light, for any style of photography. But among the chief concerns of soft boxes is their size, especially when shooting on location. Enter, Westcott!

The legendary lighting brand, probably best known for their solid Apollo Orb soft boxes, has a slimmed down lighting solution known as the Westcott Rapid Box series.... more

Whenever you’re photographing huge, wild animals, there’s always potential for danger. As a wildlife photographer, you should be prepare yourself the best you can, so you know how to respond in the event something does go “off script”. In the event of an elephant charge, the young tourist in the video below can show you [...]

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Color is a great tool in the art of composition. Using strong colors like red can make for powerful images, when done well.

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The filmmakers over at RYOT have just released a short mini-documentary that was shot entirely on the iPhone 6s Plus, which is some of the first footage we’re seeing made with Apple’s latest smartphone model. David Darg & Bryn Mooser, the filmmakers from RYOT, took their 6s Plus to Haiti, where they made a vibrant [...]

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You know that ever since places stated to ban selfie stickswe are left with very little options on location for a selfie. You are almost confined to taking selfies solely at home. Luckily this new selfie spoon stick (which is partially a publicity stunt fromcinnamon toast crunch) will let you take a selfie while you [...]

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Fall in the northern hemisphere can be very colorful and bright. Red is everywhere, look around you. Using this color in composition can be tricky. Here are 27 images that do it successfully:

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Donald Trump is many thing, but gentle-tempered is probably not one of them. On hisWednesday speechin a South Carolina ballroom AP photographer Mic Smith took a photo of the ballroom looking half empty with all the back chairs being unoccupied. That photo was used by news outlets like the NYTimes andbusinessinsider to suggest that Trump [...]

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