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It’s a funny thing, how these little things in life lead us to places. When I left china at the end of 2013, I forgot to exchange some of my Yuan bills (Chinese local currency). When I was traveling in China, we used to call them “Mao bills”… 20 mao, 50 mao, 100 mao due [...]

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Have you ever found yourself in the following situation? You are researching wedding photographers, either as a prospective client or as a photographer scoping out the competition, and encounter the following: A photographer proudly claiming to be selected as one of the top photographers in their region A wedding magazine declaring the best wedding photographers in [...]

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‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’. Try telling that to the kids who were shaking bills out of trees yesterday after a mysterious drone operator dropped one Dollar bills on a crowd attending an event at Great Rapid’s Rosa Parks Circle. According to reports the drone dropped between $50-100 in total, all in one Dollar bills, [...]

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In the past, we’ve featured some great posts about making sure you capture those epic lightning strikes that frolic through the sky like hyperactive children – like this one. (It’s okay…I’ll wait while you check it out. Maybe grab some KFC on your way back?) Photographer and photo-hacker (can we just shorten it to “phacker,” [...]

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You want your photos to be as sharp as possible. Of course, there is no substitute for good technique in the capture phase, but you would like to add something in the post-processing to make the pictures clearer and sharper. You may already be adding sharpening, but how to add that extra crispness to make your pictures pop? The answer is clarity. This article will show you how to add that to your photos.

What Exactly Is Clarity?

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There are few things that get me more excited than radio technology (…at least for the time being; I will probably find another obsession in a month or two). Add to that off-grid power and photography, and you’ve got my attention. This creative setup uses a Raspberry Pi, some extra wires, a BaoFeng UHF/VHF handheld [...]

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While telescopes do a great job gathering light and obtaining images of ridiculously distant objects, even the largest and most advanced units are assumed to be unable to detect certain faint structures due scattered light which may be hiding them. An awkward looking, multi-lens array was built to solve the problem – the Dragonfly Telephoto [...]

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DON’T PANIC! Not a lot of things in life were more fun that the Towel Day photo contest we ran with Peli. Without further ado, here are the two winners. Each will receive a Peli 1510 Case (Galaxy Class). Selection of winners was made by Peli and Dave Kai Piper.: Jim Moody’s Idiots guide to the kitchen Łukasz [...]

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So many things can go wrong when you’re working on a set, especially when there are more people involved; the make-up artist can call in sick, your assistant might oversleep and there’s a risk the stylist might get lost on the way to your studio, just to name a few. I’ve heard of all these, [...]

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Last week, Photography Is Not A Crime published an article about a Shreveport, Louisiana videographer who was detained by authorities for flying a drone over a local VA hospital while on assignment for a local newspaper. This brought screams of “tyrants” and “carry a gun” from Internet commenters, as most logical people in today’s screwed-up [...]

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