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Last year we shared some photos that compared the camera quality of every iPhone ever made. The comparison shots were taken by Camera+ co-founder, Lisa Bettany, and being the mobile photography enthusiast she is, Bettany has updated her collection of iPhone comparison shots to include the newly announced iPhone 6s. As you’ve probably heard, the [...]

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Have you ever been somewhere with a great view and taken a picture with your widest lens, but wished you had an even wider one that could capture the whole scene?

That is how panoramic photography was born in the 1840s when the pioneer photographers started using Daguerreotype plates pieced together to form very wide-angle scenes.


This panoramic image showing San Francisco from Rincon Hill was photographed by Martin Behrmanx in 1851. It is believed that the... more

Here is a simple recipe you can use to add colour and subtle narrative to your images. It will delight your clients and help your images stand out from the crowd. A lot of the time we see coloured gels used in photography to create very bold statements, this is often achieved with hard lighting [...]

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Over the last year it seemed that GoPro are upping their positioningand slowly crawling into the pricier side of the action camera range. (going up to $500 with theHERO4Black). Now the company is bringing it down a notch with an addition of a new Camera – theHero+. If the name sounds familiar, it is because [...]

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According to the latest rumors the app Nikon and Apple were said to be developing will be used to update camera firmware, sync custom settings and add features via the cameras WiFi. This app could be related to the firmware download program we were expecting and might be released with the upcoming D5 (and hopefully [...]

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Here is a technique I did not think I will ever be covering on the blog, using smoke bombs. In fact I did not even know that there is such a thing as smoke bombs until I stumbled on the photography ofJovana Rikalo. Serbian photographerJovana Rikalouses smoke bombs to create some unexpected effects in her [...]

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Every year around this time of the year we a supermoon (what are you doing tonight?). VideographerDan Marker-Moore does not miss the opportunity to make it into something special. Two years ago Dan started this project. Shooting11 photos over28 minutes (sans 1 second) Dan created a spectacular array of visuals. This just goes to show [...]

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Youve been bitten by the photography bug its not an actual insect, but you know what I mean.

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Years ago I shot an image for a competition that I was sure was a highly original piece of genius. Only to find out when looking at other entries, there seemed to be rather a lot of other highly original geniuses with exactly the same idea.

To get further in competitions I realized I had to start thinking outside the box. So I developed a strategy for getting a bit more original with my photography. Here are some tips you may find helpful for... more

Tonight we will witness a rare astronomical phenomena called“supermoon” total lunar eclipse. This happens when a lunar eclipse happens in conjunction with the event of a super moon – The time when the moon is closest to earth and thus looks the biggest. (Next time this will happen is on2033). To really take it over [...]

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