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When it comes to beginner photographers, one of the first major goals is often to get off Auto.Doing so really is an important step to using your camera to the best of its capabilities. However, the concern that I hear most often from beginners in terms of stepping away from auto mode, is that it takes so long to get their shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white... more

When it comes to LED lights and light panels you usuallyget what you pay for. Durability, battery efficiency,CRIandcolor consistency are just some of thefactors which are going to contribute towardthe price of commercial LED lighting solutions, which is often very high (although,there are exceptions). But what can you do if you just want to have [...]

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Last week, Instagram announced a new feature that allows users to log into multiple accounts at the same time. As part of this, users were able to receive notifications from all accounts they were logged in to. There seems to be a problem though. According to the team at Android Central, its possible to receive [...]

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When the world says one needs to get immersed in their craft to become the best, I dont think this is what theyre talking about. While we dont have any details on the couple or photographer in this video, what we do know is that a photographer managed to give himself and his camera gear [...]

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You don’t have to shoot in Manual mode to take complete control over the exposure process.

When you use shooting modes other than Manual, the camera will set at least one of the three exposure controls (shutter speed, aperture, and/or ISO) for you. However, your camera provides you with an override called exposure compensation. It gives you the ability to change the camera’s exposure values from something other than what the camera automatically sets for you. In this... more

Valentine was yesterday and we thought we will give you some post-holiday roses. Of course those are “photography roses” made with high speed photography by Alex Koloskov and his team at Photigy. We were wondering how those images came to be and had a chat with Alex. Alex tells DIYP that there are two main [...]

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The photography industry is one that requires the best of everyone. We have to constantly be producing quality at the drop of a hat. Amid being so busy, a few key couples have found a way to maintain a beautiful relationship and thrive together. I wondered what life was like for these really prominent power [...]

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Our fabrics package is often used to extend dresses and other clothing. It is a collection of fabrics we created using big soft fabrics and awind machine to give them a flying soft look that can be integrated with dresses. Here is a quick show of one way it can be used. There are over [...]

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Getting your photographs onto a stock agency can be difficult. Most have very strict technical guideline,s and very tough editing procedures. However, following these 7 tips could increase your chances of getting accepted and help you sell your images with stock photography agencies.

1 – Do Your Research

Stock agencies vary greatly in what they specialize in, and the type of images they are looking for. Some image libraries desire more lifestyle photographs, whereas others... more

Why you need to calibrate your monitor

If there one thing thats certain about photos on the internet, its that nobody is seeing exactly the same thing as you. In general, most screens are too bright, and have whatever default color the monitor happens to ship with. Some are great, others not so much. As the monitor gets older, these colors change too. Its more of an issue with older bulb light monitors, and less so with LED, but still these colors change over time.

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