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You know how sometimes you take such an amazing photo that you have to share immediately, just to later realize that you have an ever more awesome version of it? Thats pretty much the case here with NASAs insane surface photo of Pluto, taken by the interplanetary space probe New Horizons. NASA released the first [...]

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Jay P. Morgan and the Slanted Lens team whipped up this fun little tutorial on how to use a BB gun to (literally) shoot the bulbs, and shoot them with your camera as they explode. Morgan uses Miops brand triggers to help capture the bulb explode at just the right time, which he’ll talk more [...]

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Brazillian photographer, Vitor Shietti, has been working with light painting and incorporating it into the natural surrounding. Schietti takes to both the countryside and the city to capture his images, which complement things such as bodies of water and trees in a pretty interesting way. At times the light painting resembles a dense spiderweb entombing [...]

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Madelyn Milton, a doctoral student from Minneapolis, was out last year with her friends when an argument with a taxi driver over the fare led to police being called. The young women decided to record police sergeant Tyrone Barze, and when Madelyn stood up for her right to record him she ended lying unconscious and [...]

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500px and Google recently announced an agreement that will see a curated selection of the 500px photography collection available to Google Chromecast users for display on their HD TVs. Here is how500pxdescribes the service: As one of the first external Chromecast photography partners, 500px integration will bring our community into 20 million+ Chromecast users homes [...]

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In this article I will talk about travel photography and how you can take great imagesof everything when you travel. Im not talking about camping out at sunrise with bags full of lenses and filters to take epic landscape photographs; Im talking about taking really nice shots of EVERYTHING! The food, people, details and landscapes combined – and all without turning your holiday into a photo shoot. With some simple tips you can come home with an album full of memories that stretches... more

DIYP friend Paul Adshead (@PaulAdshead) just sent us this cool tip for lighting macro shots and small objects, and we just had to share it with you. I’ve found that using an adjustable sat nav holder AND an iPhoneas a light source make a great combination for close up lightingor medium fill. The suction mount [...]

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When looking at something as cognitive human beings, we naturally get a response. These responses could be emotional, physical, intellectual, etc. There is a whole range of how we respond. This range of reactions is essential for the photographer, no matter if you are shooting wedding photos professionally, landscapes for a hobby, or street photos as a traveler. Just as there is a range of photographic intentions there are ranges of how we interpret what we see. So, how do you see, and what... more

Many of the timelapses and hyperlapses we share pride themselves on creating amazing footage with little budget (little being a relative term of course). But what if the budget to produce a timelapse was huge? I mean, talented people + little money = awesome results. What would talented people + lots resources create? The answer [...]

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A while back I saw the Light Blaster in a online shopping site, I liked the effect and that Inspire me to build a Light Blaster on my own. My first order of business was to look for something that would serve as the body of the unit. I needed a material that is strong [...]

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