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I recently decided to finally get on the Instagram bandwagon (shameless plug: follow me @jpdanko) and I came across what apparently is the widespread practice of “hub” users taking other user’s images and reposting them to their own feed as a “feature” photo (please forgive my wide eyed innocence…). At a glance, this practice essentially seems to [...]

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Nikon’s dedicated astrophotography camera isn’t planned to start shipping until next week, but Swedish astrophotographer Göran Strand was lucky enough to get his hands on a D810A for a review. The review includes high ISO noise comparisons between the D800E, D810, D810A and D3s, and covers some of the camera’s new astro-oriented features. Göran also [...]

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30 years ago, we used slides, prints and albums to share photos with family and friends.  Now, between Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Google+ and 500px, you have more options than ever to share your photos.  The problem is, how do you connect to this much larger audience?

Sharing a story alongside your photo will help you connect with your followers, and often turn a great photo into something spectacular.

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I seldom review gadgets these days, but sometimes something is so useful that it's worth telling people about. Such is the case with the SD card-enabled Western Digital My Passport Wireless hard drive.Read more »

Ben Von Wong is a great friend. No, we may have never spoken or emailed or seen each other in person, but in my mind we go way back. (There’s a lot of people I know in my imagination…I’m quite the popular fellow, my therapist says.) Yet, even better than a friend, Ben makes an [...]

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Today we did some analysis of the Best Selling DSLR Lenses with our readers among dPS readers – based upon purchases made in the last 3 months.*

As usual this list is dominated by Canon and Nikon lenses so we’ve again broken those two brands out into two separate lists of lenses and then have put the other best selling lenses from other brands into a third list.

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“This is like a small personal thing, I was hoping for favor job” “This could be really good for your career” “I might be really successful one day” “Maybe I’ll need another job and I’ll call you first” “I’m sorry I’m not some wealthy hedge fund manager with all this disposable income” If you’re a [...]

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We can all agree that there are many things in life that can kill you, such as nuclear radiation, stepping into oncoming traffic, and a jealous girlfriend. Oh, and lions…especially if you’re stupid. (Or maybe just careless; we aren’t passing judgement.) If I’m driving through a wildlife park and the rules state that my windows [...]

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Sony’s online store probably received a record-breaking amount of visits yesterday after word broke out that several cameras and lenses were listed for as low as $200. Expecting the orders to be cancelled, many people placed them anyway in hope that the company will honor the listed prices and absorb the price difference. In a [...]

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Dear Craigslist Photographer, Can I share something with you that both makes me laugh and want to go all Chuck Norris on a stuffed animal at the same time?  Okay, I’ll take your hesitancy as an opportunity to just say what I have to say:  Either you are just creepy, or your PR agency is [...]

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