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After many rumored specs and leaked images, Ricoh has officially announced the Pentax K1, a full-frame flagship DSLR that packs in a unique set of features for Pentax users. At the heart of the camera is a 36.4-megapixel CMOS sensor, which lacks the traditional anti-aliasing filter to improve sharpness. To counteract the moir that sometimes [...]

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Having recently stumbled across the workof Scientist and Fine Art PhotographerDr Eran GilatI immediately fell in love with it. Some may find his subject matter a little bit weird or creepy, but it definitely hits the spot for me from both aesthetic and technical standpoints. Perhaps that’sbecause it’s a little bit weird and creepy, but [...]

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Color is something that’s on my mind a lot throughout the shoot process. It’s something to consider whenplanning,shooting ordoing post work. This video from motion graphics artistRhea Lelina Manglapusdoes a decent job at making color theory both fun to watch and pretty easy to grasp. Starting with the basics, Rhea takes us on a journey [...]

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Did you ever think that you could build a motorized camera slider from the junk laying around in your garage? Well, the folks at Make: have you covered. We’ve covered some very cheap DIY camera sliders builds in the past, but if a $50 DIY slideror even a $20 DIY slider is still beyond your [...]

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Every once in a while we will see an epic photoshop fail making its way into the front page. Heck, evenVictorias Secret had a Photoshop bloop a while back. Now, Snickers is building on those fails in a new adfeatured in Sport Illustrated. Sports Illustrated back cover does not target the general public, they do [...]

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If you are a parent, you probably pull out your camera to take photos of the big moments in your childs life. You have almost certainly captured her first taste of solid food, his first steps, and her first day of school. You probably also have a handful of photos from family vacations, and you may even have an annual portrait for the end-of-year holiday card.

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Open up any photography magazine or website, and I promise there will be at least one article, and a half dozen ads, discussing image sharpness and how to get it through technique or gear. Dont get me wrong, sharpness is great. When Im shooting a classic landscape or portrait, if the image is a hair out of focus, it goes in the trash. But, at times, blur is exactly what you want, and occasionally, its exactly what your sharpness-obsessed brain needs. All you need, is a camera that... more

Two words can make or break a man. That is the lesson learned in a wonderfully inspiring video, titled Im Possible, from renowned illustrator-turned-photographer, Jeremy Cowart. Those words were I cant. And, one day after another, those five letters were removed from his vocabulary, with the help of his parents and ever-inspiring mentors along the [...]

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When the clouds evaporateand your DVD, Blu-Ray and hard drive backups are no longer readable, what are you going to do about accessingyour data? Valuable personal imagesmight be gone forever (of course, that’s also a good argument for printing your photos), or perhapsyou shoot for a living, and keep a permanent archive of all your [...]

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Following from last year’sannouncement that they were raising 440 billion yen (nearly $4 billion) to furtherdevelopment and production of new sensor technology, Sony have started to reveal the fruits of their labor with the announcement of theirnewIMX318 sensor. Aimed squarely at the mobile devices market and with a pixel size of only1.0m, they’re able to [...]

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