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EarthCam started webcasting the activity at Ground Zero just days after the September 11 terrorist attacks, and has since been capturing high resolution images for this start-to-finish time lapse of One World Trade Center being built. According to EarthCam “Hundreds of thousands of high definition images were captured over the past 11 years and hand-edited [...]

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Enrique Iglesias has taught us all a valuable lesson: Don’t grab drones out of mid-air unless you’re up for a trip to the emergency room. While performing Saturday in Tijuana, Mexico, the singer reached up and grabbed a drone mid-flight, which the performer commonly uses during shows to take photos of the crowd. According to [...]

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  Usually, I prefer to get stuff in camera (even if it means light painting my subject). But sometimes Lighting or space limitations will make getting the picture in-camera hard or simply not worth the effort. When such situation strikes go for a composite. If you only have little gear, this technique will also help you get a [...]

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Initial reports stated Sony’s online store has the a7R listed for just $199.99 instead of $2,299.99, leading people to believe that someone had made a mistake. A deeper look, however, reveals that several other products, including the a77II were listed for ridiculously low prices. With so many product prices being slashed, it seems increasingly likely [...]

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Getting accepted as a stock photographer can be a difficult and frustrating process. Especially when your best photos get rejected by photo reviewers. After helping many photographers trying to become accepted as Shutterstock contributors, I have discovered how the process can instead become a fun and educational experience.

Why become a stock photographer?

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In my own classes, workshops and tours I tell my students that it is not the camera that makes good photos it’s the photographer. This video series by DigitalRev TV takes that statement to the next level with their Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera Challenge.

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In addition to its upcoming drone, GoPro has announced it is working on a dedicated spherical mount that will hold six of its Hero cameras and allow recording footage for virtual reality and augmented reality systems. GoPro is also looking to simplify the working process and is developing software that will automatically sync videos from [...]

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It is this time of the year again and Nikon is the first one to push the SALE button. (Usually they are a day or two behind canon, but this year they were first). Nikon’s model is one where if you buy a body you get a small rebate and for bundling a lens and [...]

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In an earlier article (The Future of Photography Websites – Understanding and Adapting to Trends) on this topic, you can read about a couple of major trends in the web-design industry (as they relate to photo websites). Here’s a quick review:

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Dear potential client, I have no crystal ball, yet, I know you will be calling me this week for information about what I do. You might have seen one of my displays or my website or, hopefully, was referred by a friend. And you will have liked what you saw-otherwise, you wouldn’t be calling me. [...]

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