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Following in the footsteps of Sony’s RX1, Leica is about to release its own fixed-lens full frame camera. Leica fans have been expecting the camera ever since it was registered by a Taiwanese agency back in March, and the first image and full specs have finally leaked. Those wanting official information will have to wait [...]

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According to market research company NPD Group, the overall revenue from mirrorless cameras has grown by 16.5% over the past year while DSLR sales have dropped by ~15%. Sony was the main benefactor, or stimulant, with an impactful 66% boost in its mirrorless camera sales. “Growth in the mirrorless segment shows this new technology and [...]

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Howard Ashton-Jones is the official photographer to Scottish Gymnastics, but likes to take time out on personal projects to experiment and get creative. Last week his new image shot with a Light Blaster went viral, trending on 500px, Model Mayhem, etc. Howard reminds us all the importance of personal projects and shows us how he [...]

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As I have been filming more and more video I have been really struggling with ways to improve the audio quality of my footage. It seemed that no matter what I did, or what gear I was using, I always ended up with a massive amount of noise in my audio. This led to more [...]

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Modern armies have endless amounts or rules and regulations set in place, some more out there than others, but most have been implemented following a rather bad situation. One of the very basic rules is that army info stays in the army; you don’t share it, especially when it comes to operational information. Once upon [...]

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If there’s one thing that all of us have encountered at one point or another it is going through the frames from a shoot and realizing that we forgot something important or could have done things a little differently. When I first read the title of this video my mind automatically went in a completely [...]

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(Disclaimer: This blog post is a little different for me because it has a bad word in it. Several of them, actually. I used little ***’s instead of actually saying the word, but even so, my friend, Kevin, said it was edgy for me. I don’t want to be edgy. I don’t want people to read [...]

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Nothing catches the eye of a potential home buyer or design client quite like a beautiful set of photos. Whether it’s for real estate agents, designers, or homeowners, expectations are high, and restrictions are often many. It’s not uncommon to have to deal with extremely short notice, very short windows of time in which to work, or to be asked for almost immediate turnaround. We, as photographers, become torn between meeting all the needs while still producing work we are proud of…... more

Have you suffered crushing disappointment from never realizing your dreams of becoming a camera maker? I haven’t, but, hey…it’s your story; write it any way you choose. However, if you have always wanted to construct your own camera on the cheap, Pixel Análogo has come to your rescue. They detail (in Spanish) how to construct [...]

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I still remember the very first 360-degree photograph I ever saw.  I believe it was around the turn of the century on a Grolier Encyclopedia CD-ROM (for you youngsters, that’s what progressive folks had before Wikipedia).  I can’t recall where the image was from, exactly, but I do recall that it was some large plaza in [...]

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