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Perched on a sand bank in Tomales Bay, CA, the ship nicknamed the “S.S. Point Reyes” has sat for a great number of years, left to rot and decay naturally. The exact number of years it’s been there is something of a local secret, adding to the mystery of the wreck, which has beena significant [...]

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Sigma has officially lifted the veil on two new Global Vision lenses, the 50100mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art and 30mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary. In addition to two new pieces of glass, Sigma has unexpectedly announced the MC11, a lens mount converter for attaching Sigma glass to Sony E-mount cameras. 50100mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art [...]

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While the Nikon COOLPIX P900 has ruled the roost when it comes to superzoom capabilities, Canons SX50 shows its no chump when getting in close. Below is a video posted to YouTube by TheSleeb. In it, we catch a ridiculous glimpse at just how powerful Canons superzoom compact can be when using its 200x digital [...]

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A few years ago, the Strobist movement went crazy, and that was when a lot of people discovered high-speed flash sync for the first time. To those of us who are used to seeing a ‘sync speed’ of a maximum of 1/60 on a camera, high-speed syncing was absolutely magical… But have you ever stopped [...]

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Despite what people may think, travel photography is like any other business. It has its high and low points, and just like any other business, it requires the same level of professionalism, administration, and marketing to become successful. Although it can look pretty glamorous from the outside, the life of a travel photographer is pretty lonely, and involves a lot of very early mornings and late night,s with little time to relax. For me though, it is the most interesting branch of... more

Controversy aside, the World Press Photo Awards gave us an incredible collection of images from photojournalists around the globe. What you see above is an infographic that breaks down the details of what cameras were used to take the winning shots for this years contest. Created by Quesabesde, the infographic was made using EXIF data [...]

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Last week, Adobe accidentally leaked the details for its upcoming 2.0 update for Android. Now, its officially out and ready to be downloaded by Android users across the globe. Inside the new update a plethora of new features, tools and visual adjustments to help improve the capture, edits and sharing of photos while on the [...]

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Looking more like a giant eyeball than a camera, Samsung have today entered into the 360 degree arenawith the announcement of the Samsung Gear 360camera. Two lenses seems to be becomingthe standard when it comes to 360 degree cameras, as opposed to bolting half a dozen cameras on a rig, and we’ve seen this already [...]

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If you’re like most photographers you use your camera to capture a moment; you see an interesting subject, so you photograph it to the best of your ability. But a worthwhile experiment is to try staging a photo. Rather than waiting for all the elements to perfectly arrange themselves, take control and create the moment yourself.

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The lens leaks and announcements are coming through thick and fast at the moment, aren’t they? You might’ve noticed Tamron’s teaser image floating around lately suggesting that some new lenses might be coming, butnow Tamronofficially joins Sigma, Sony, Samyang, SLR Magic, Canon, andothers launchingnew glass in2016 with the announcement of two new lenses. Tamron SP [...]

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