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As a lot of you may know, I like to use the occasional gel in my shots to add a bit of interest. Sometimes these gels are rich and vibrant colours that drench an image in saturation and other times I just want to add a little something extra colour-wise without overpowering the whole image [...]

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Over the past five years or so, HDR (high dynamic range) has become a huge part of my photography.

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The future is starting to look like a very scary place, and it’s not due to Skynet, but ASUS, with the announcement of Zenbo, a tiny robot assistant. Introducedat the 2016 Computex Taipei consumer electronics show, ASUSpresented a working model which rolled around on the stage, responding to commands. If you only want to waste [...]

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In an April 2016 interview, Mark Zuckerberg told Buzzfeed News, I wouldnt be surprised if you fast-forward five years and most of the content that people see on Facebook and are sharing on a day-to-day basis is video. Given the proliferation of video features available on millions of smartphones from image stabilization to incredible [...]

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C-Stands have been a staple support system in thephotography and filmindustries for longer than many of us can remember, but there’s more to this seemingly simple tool than one might assume at first glance. This video fromJay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens shows us everything there is to know about these humble yet veryversatile [...]

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One of my favorite subjects to photograph is wildlife, so when asked to review the Sigma 150-600mm lens, I was excited about the opportunity to see how its results compared to my... more

I have to admit, when I first started my photography business I didnt think it was going to be that difficult. I thought Id get a camera, take some photos, put some stuff out on Facebook and people would start hiring me. They would give me money, I would give them photos done deal! [...]

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GoPro cameras seem to get mounted everywhere these days, but what do you do when you simply want to attach one to the strap of your backpack and give yourself a bodycam? For those that don’t already own something likethe excellentPeak Design P.O.V. action camera mount and want to get up and running quickly, this [...]

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I just finished up a handful of promotional shots with actor Levi Fiehler and it went well. One of our shots was an odd editorial photo with a him sitting next to a head in a box.. because hey, why not?! I used a hand painted backdrop and a faux wood floor and I lit [...]

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Sometimes bringing a toy to life is just a matter of setting it in the right environment. For me this was the case when shooting Fate Zero Saberand her Motored Cuirassier. While this shot may seem fancy, it was actually taken in corridor just outside my home. I did ran into some difficulties especially getting [...]

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