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To me, black and white photography is one of the most mesmerizing art forms ever created and has the ability to draw a viewer into a scene like few others.  Swedish photographer Pekka Järventaus capitalizes on its detailed nuances in “Prowling with Lions,” an ongoing photography project focused solely around the lions of Africa.  Unlike some photographers [...]

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Street photography is a popular genre which many photographers enjoy, just for the sake of doing photography. You can find many articles on it here on dPS. Let’s look at a few street photography images from around the world and see if we can’t find similarities, as well as differences between them all.

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I think you would be pretty hard-pressed to find anyone who isn’t afraid of something. For some, it’s heights; for others, it’s death…or dogs. For me, it’s fungi. I hate fungi…and spores…and weird, tiny shapes…and clusters… Granted, I love edible mushrooms more than anyone I know, it’s just all the other variations that creep me [...]

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When I first saw the evocative work of Bulgarian photographer Ivaylo Petrov in his series “Portraits of Shame,” I was immediately captivated.  The series is a collection of images depicting Bulgarian athletes inside their training center in Vidin.  The most startling aspect of the project, as I came to learn, is that these are not creative images in [...]

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If we look at the progression of motion pictures over the last 100 years, it’s almost like night and day. (Then again, the same could be said for the last century of computer technology as well.) As we previously reported, Google is staying its course for diabolical virtual reality domination. Now, taking it one step [...]

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The GoPro camera is virtually synonymous with action sports, and those with both legitimate and nefarious purposes have adapted it for a whole variety of uses.  Now that functionality is expanding thanks to the Seawolf, a new underwater remote operated vehicle that’s designed with GoPro integration in mind.  In other words:  a friggin’ GoPro submarine! Unveiled by TTRobotix at [...]

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Some people love drones, others hate them. Hate them so much in fact that they can’t help themselves when they see one. The guys over at Lucky 7 Drones say they were busy shooting instructional videos on the DJI Phantom 3 when an intoxicated, half-naked neighbor decided to put an end to their day. “If [...]

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Do you scout for potential photography locations online through sites like Flickr, Panoramio or 500px?

Of course you do! It’s easy, you get hundreds of photographs to look at of any given location, and you might even get some great ideas that you hadn’t thought about for subject matter or composition. So why am I asking you this question?

Well here’s another question for you…

Have you ever thought about the downsides of online photo scouting?

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You see it all the time in quirky behind-the-scenes videos and outtake reels, but slating, the practice of slapping down the arm on that cool little clapper thing at the beginning of a video shot, is more of an art form that most people realize. And, when I say art form, I mean this in [...]

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For the street photographer, shooting a perfect silhouette is a very gratifying moment. Just like anything else in street photography, not every subject makes for an interesting silhouette photograph. Here are a few tips to help you capture an interesting silhouette on your next photo walk.

Some elements, such as bicycles, make for more interesting silhouettes.

1. Set your camera for success

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