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Bad audio is something that’s plagued action cameras since their inception. Some of them don’t do too terrible, and a few even let you plug in external mics. But action camera sound does generally tend to feel like an afterthought. Zoom have come up with a novel way of solving this issue. Instead of trying […]

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Minnesota has some of the most amazing landscape. Easily as beautiful as anything else the USA has to offer. Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota encompasses more than 340 square miles. It’s a watery wonderland accessible almost exclusively by boat. In this timelapse from More Than Just Parks, we get taken on a tour of Voyageurs […]

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What is photomicroscopy

There is a whole world right under your eyes where everyday and unique objects take on a fascinating new appearance. This world is microscopic and even though it is right in front of you, the tiny scale makes it difficult to see the incredible detail.

Photomicroscopy in its simplest form is high magnification photography, which in practice involves the use of a microscope to magnify images followed by using a camera for image capture. With the advent of eBayand... more

Initially announced a few months ago, Affinity Photo for Windows has been anxiously awaited. Today, it’s finally here in the form of a completely free public beta. Hailed as the only real potential competitor to Photoshop, Affinity Photo’s Windows debut opens it up to a much wider audience. With the current cost of “free” lasting […]

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Nikon have today announced the successor to their entry level Nikon D5500. That comes in the form of the not surprisingly named D5600. While the two don’t differ greatly, there are a couple of significant changes. The first being that Bluetooth has been added. This brings the D5x00 range in line with Nikon’s new SnapBridge […]

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Over the last week we’ve published posts revealing the most popular DSLRs and Compact System cameras among our readers (based upon what they’ve been buying in the last 3 months).

Today we’re looking at the best selling and most popular DSLR Lenses*.

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So elections have you down. Dont be sad, it is a windfall for anybody needing construction material for your camera storage options. Recently some folks came up with a more modular idea to fill your Pelican style cases. Essentially, they are correlated plastic with some foam glued to them using some bent wire to fit […]

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Tito Ferradans here for a lengthy video involving some serious modding and unique looks. Summer is here and DIY projects are up. A few weeks ago I was blown away by a few photos posted by one Victor Danell with a modified Helios 44. His process was to polish the glass elements with a strong […]

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I like shooting with older, more limited cameras. There’s less for me to think about, it’s more relaxing. I get more selective in my shots when it costs money every time I hit the shutter. But it does make you think just how far the cameras in our hands have changed today from what they […]

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As a budding photographer, one of the biggest questions that will eventually come to mind is, “What should I wear to a photo shoot? Is there a photographer’s dress code?” The answer varies widely depending on the type of photo shoot you’re conducting, the specific client you’re working with, your overall style and brand as a photographer, and the culture of the region where you’re shooting.

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