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Light rays are a difficult phenomenon to come by. Not only do you have to have the sun perfectly placed along the horizon, the atmosphere around you must also be filled with fog, dust or other particles to capture the light as its passing through. Thankfully, for those times when you have the perfect shot, [...]

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Its not uncommon for couples to incorporate certain objects, people or locations in their wedding photographs, as many times they, either as individuals or as a couple, have a connection with a special something. What is uncommon is for that place to be fast food restaurant KFC. But thats exactly what happened duringthe wedding of [...]

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I photographed Luke Deslandes with a homemade modifier and a lighting kit that can be created for less than $200

One of my favourite TV series from the 90s was MacGyver, an action-adventure series about a US government secret agent with a fabulous mullet, who improvised and built complicated devices from household objects such as rubber bands, paper clips, pens and a Swiss Army knife.

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GoPros stock might not be in the best of shape, and their product lineup might take a massive cut, but that doesnt mean they cant continue to have fun with their highly-regarded action cams. This year, GoPro cameras will be placed inside the base of the iconic gramophone award given out at the Grammys. Appropriately [...]

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Look through the viewfinder of any DSLR camera and you will see several dots, or squares, that represent individual points at which the camera is capable of focusing. The purpose of these focusing points may seem fairly obvious, but not all of them are created equal. When you press the shutter button (or back button) halfway, some of these points will light up, indicating that... more

This technique is inspired by what was possible way back using film,by exposing the same position of the roll for several times. Doing this, enabled re-exposing the dark parts of a film to a new light. (assuming they were dark and unexposed on the first exposure). Of course doing this well, required lots of film [...]

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If youre a fan of Sony cameras and have a love for retro gear, Redrock Micro has introduced a new product that might just pique your interest. Its called the RetroFlex-S and its a retro-inspired video rig designed to turn Sony A5000-series cameras into a handheld shooting machines. Inspired by Super8 of days long past, [...]

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Gigapixels are a great way of experiencing a place remotely or reliving a moment, and the Super Bowl is the perfect venue for this awesome photographic technique. James Blakeway of Blakeway Worldwide Panoramas was lucky enough to be able to create one of these massive images before the Denver Broncos took on the Carolina Panthers, [...]

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SLR Magic has announced a brand new set of anamorphic cinema lenses. Known for manufacturing affordable optics for filmmakers, SLR Magics new ANAMORPHOT-CINE lens lineup is comprised of a 35mm T/2.4, the 50mm T/2.8 and the 70mm T/4, all of which are built on the PL mount, but can be adjusted for Canon EF, Micro [...]

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If youve ever dreamed of working for Sports Illustrated and photographing the MLB World Series, keep dreaming; its not likely to happen. But, a lens currently on sale over at eBay will make a small part of your dream come true. The rare Carl Zeiss 1000mm f/5.6 Mirotar lens has been used solely by SI [...]

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