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This funky little “lens” is actually not a lens, but a specialty camera vacuumcalled the Fujin Mark II. The device uses anelectric fan which the manufacturer says, “can easily remove the type of dust, dirt, and sand that could not be removed before.” All you have to do is mount the lens on your camera, [...]

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When I first started out in photography I had a tough time wrapping my head around one of its most fundamental concepts: exposure. I learned everything I could about things like aperture, light, shutter speed, highlights, shadows and dynamic range, but all these wereplanets orbiting a central sun calledexposure and I couldn’t nail down exactly what that meant. I heard terms like “expose for the highlights” and “try to get a good exposure” sandwiched... more

About a week ago, Sony announced that the A7RII and the A7SII will gain theability to record uncompressed14-bit RAW still images. This is a change vs. the previous ability to record only compressed RAW files at 14 bits. DPreview did a thorough analysis on the difference between those two options and sure enough there are [...]

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When you want to shoot a piece of jewelry or a beer can or a wine bottle or just about any product there is a good chance you will be using a table top. Table top, as the name implies, is a flat top that you can put stuff on. We’ve shown various table tops [...]

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People fascinate me. I love the diversity in personality and expressions, and I love using my camera to capture all those personalities! People are by far my favorite subject to have in front of my camera.

If you are new to photography and getting frustrated that you aren’t creating portraits like you hoped, I’m here to help! Let’s go through six tips to get started with portraits. You’ll be a pro before you know it.

1. Get yourself a 50mm lens

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What if Sony’s camera has so much more power internally than what they expose? We have seen Canon cameras gettinga performance boost via hacked custom firmware – Magic Lantern, so the idea is not unthinkable. Now, youtube userNabil Fathi claims to have hacked the Sony A7S to record 4K internally, along with providing higher bitrate [...]

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A lucky woman from San Diego received her iPhone 6s almost five days before the official launch date, possibly making her the first person in the world to get it. Visual designer Adrienne Alpern was pleasantly surprised by the early delivery and shared some photos and 4K video for the rest of us to see [...]

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Remember the macaque monkey who snapped a few selfies that went wildly viral back in 2011? While photographer David Slater and Wikipedia argued about whether or not the photographer owned the copyrights, and the U.S. Copyright Office also chimed in, theres now a third party involved – with an entirely new claim. PETA (People for [...]

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ART21 and artist, Lucas Blalock, recently paired up to make this short little clip about the Blalock’s unusual Photoshop skills (some of which are implied in the equally interesting edit of the video itself.)With his work, Blalock aims todemonstrate the downfalls of Photoshop, primarily when the software is used to alter the captured reality beyond [...]

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Have you ever wondered how you can get more gear onto a plane without paying an excess baggage fee?
We found this interesting video from photographer Peter Leong, a wedding photographer in Japan who travels regularly for overseas weddings, describing how he carries camera gear on board.

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