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A huge thank you to everyone who entered our recent contest to win one of 10 copies of Corel’s AfterShot Pro 3 Photo Editor Software. This was an After themed competition, and so many of you shared your beautiful photographs, that we encourage everyone to go back and scroll through the comments section to... more

Stabilization gimbals are a big thing now (My guess is that they be the most commoditized item at the upcoming photokina show). I mean you can get a decent gimbal for as low as $200 for an action cam/phone or $700 for a mirrorless camera. Those used to cost thousands just 3 or fouryears ago. [...]

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Here is a nice concept for product photography. If you are familiar with table-top, you will love this table-bottom concept. This oneis coming fromCaleb Pike of DSLR Video Shooter, and is extremely clever. Unlike the usual light tents which use a cut out box, Caleb uses the space under a simple, $8IKEA LACK table. The [...]

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Tips for seeing and photographing the Northern Lights:

Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, might be one of the most fascinating phenomena to photograph during the night. Watching the sky turn green, blue, pink and even red, is something that will change you forever. After seeing The Lady in Green countless times, I still find myself shouting in awe when shes elegantly dancing in the sky.

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remember that monkey who took a selfie and then PETA claimed itowned the copyrights for that selfie? And remember that the federal court ruled that the monkey can’t be the ownerof thephotos? Well, you know the saying: It ain’t over till the fat monkey sings. And indeed it seems that PETA just appealed the decision [...]

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Another week, another quick tutorial. This week I am going to show you how to turn skin pale in Photoshop. The image I will be using to showcase this is one of my older edits. It is a dark art image, but this effect could be used the same on any image, for example a [...]

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I recently had the opportunity to review the Syrp Genie Mini Panning Motion Control System for time lapse and live action video ($249 from B&H, Amazon). If you’re looking for an economical way to add clean, smooth motion to your time lapse or live action video clips, the Syrp Genie Mini is a great place [...]

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There has been, and likely always will be, a lingering debate among professional photographers and amateur photo enthusiasts, about whether or not a third party lens can be every bit as good as the native glass produced by your camera’s manufacturer.

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There is a mindset that a lot of photographers seem to have around anything but manual mode is cheating. Not only does this frustrate me as a statement, but it’s just bad advice, that hinders the photographic progress of others. I would argue that there’s no cheating in photography, and thatusing your camera in fully manual modes actually makes itharder to achieve the photo you’re looking for – so let’s take a look at why semi-automatic modes are a good... more

Photography is awash with rules, from the inverse square rule to the Sunny 16 rule; and nestling among the composition rules in the golden ratio. But what exactly is it? And what makes it compositionally valuable? The golden ratio is a mathematical principle that you might also hear referred to as the golden mean, the [...]

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