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Modeling is not easy. I am not being a cynic here. Done right it can be a very demanding job and has much more to do than just ‘looking pretty’. There is posing involved, understanding lighting, makeup, and hard physical work. This has always been the case. But looking at the job from the pink [...]

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While GoPro supplies great footage it is often unusable without some sort of stabilization. Sometimes stabilization is made in post, with some cost in image quality, but we are seeing more and more options for stabilizing footage while shooting. This is whatAeon wants to do for your GoPro – “CreateSmooth, Cinematic Videos“. The Aeon has [...]

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The most recent update to the rumored specs for Nikons upcoming flagship DSLR, expected to be named the D5, confirms most previously mentioned specs, includes more info regarding the 4K video capabilities, mentions full HD slow motion and a possible decrease in the expected number of autofocus points. Despite the possible decrease from previously rumored [...]

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I stated pretty innocently with my first camera, and then slowly but surely I became a camera and lens addict, throwing money out of the window. The result after all of these years is wasted money and all the stuff I got never made me happier besides the initial high. When others make mistakes one [...]

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If you’re like me, your social media and news feeds were chock full of some great (and some not so great) shots of last night’s supermoon/total solar eclipse. Sadly for me, we had some pretty terrible weather and clouds that made my eclipse gazing plans non-existent–and I really had my heart set on trying to [...]

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“Travel is the best teacher.”

Have you ever heard this saying? As a photographer, travel teaches you more than you could ever imagine. Itrequires a lot of preparation and attention to details. Yet, it also requires you to be open, ready for the unexpected, and willing to take risks sometimes to get the best shots!

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Last year we shared some photos that compared the camera quality of every iPhone ever made. The comparison shots were taken by Camera+ co-founder, Lisa Bettany, and being the mobile photography enthusiast she is, Bettany has updated her collection of iPhone comparison shots to include the newly announced iPhone 6s. As you’ve probably heard, the [...]

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Have you ever been somewhere with a great view and taken a picture with your widest lens, but wished you had an even wider one that could capture the whole scene?

That is how panoramic photography was born in the 1840s when the pioneer photographers started using Daguerreotype plates pieced together to form very wide-angle scenes.


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Here is a simple recipe you can use to add colour and subtle narrative to your images. It will delight your clients and help your images stand out from the crowd. A lot of the time we see coloured gels used in photography to create very bold statements, this is often achieved with hard lighting [...]

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Over the last year it seemed that GoPro are upping their positioningand slowly crawling into the pricier side of the action camera range. (going up to $500 with theHERO4Black). Now the company is bringing it down a notch with an addition of a new Camera – theHero+. If the name sounds familiar, it is because [...]

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