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A while back we shared an amazing photograph of a dancer on a lake from Eric Pare and a Robert Cornelius. This photo is a similar (yet totally different) take on the same idea. Photoshop artist Roderique Arisiaman used a pre-made set of light painting streaks to create this photo and was kind enough to [...]

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If you photograph people or even furry animals, then at some point you’re probably going to have to make some kind of hair selection that lets you cut your subject out from its background. While cutting out hard edged shapes like body parts covered in skin or clothes are often fairly straightforward, hair can still [...]

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Google, the company that wants to catalogue and index the entire planet has expanded its viewinto the world of fine art paintings from the lights of Monet and Van Gogh with their new Gigapixel Art Camera. More akin to a large format scanning back than the sensor inside your DSLR, this camera certainly isn’t intended [...]

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Which filter should you use – if any – for Landscape Photography? It’s a question we hear all the time and one we’ve written about in our archives (we’ll link to some of our posts below) but today we came across this short video from Joshua Cripps where he tackles the question and shows some shots of images taken with the filters – to show what impact they have.

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In my recent article “Delete Your Sh!t: Why You Should Trash Most of Your Photos” I made a case to encourage photographers to permanently delete a large majority of their image files in order to minimize their data storage requirements (among the other benefits of a smaller catalog). However, there seems to be an ongoing [...]

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What is a catch light, and why you should have it in your portraits?

A very popular technique in portraiture – a catch light is a spark of light in your subject’s eyes. This spark will help you to draw your viewer’s attention to your subject’s eyes, making them full of life and, well, sparkling.

For this portrait, I made recently in Cienfuegos, Cuba, I used the light from the setting sun to create a catch light, even without having the subject... more

Stop motion and timelapse enthusiast,Hugo Cornellier reposts and updates his selfie timelapse every year or so, each time adding another 12 months’ worth of images onto the stack. This time around, he’s decided to ramp up the production value and stabilise all of the shots giving a much smoother and cleaner video, and he’s going [...]

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Hong Kong is incredible mix of old and new. The opportunity to take stunning shots is there and is just waiting for the right creative vision to bring it to life. And Brandon Li has vision oozing our of his ears. Hong Kong Strong is a 7 minutes journey into the city. And it takes [...]

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Murad and Nataly Osmann’s #followmeto project has become wildly popular all over Instagram, causing many to follow suit with images of their own, adding to the ever growing hashtag, and even garnering the attention of National Geographic. While the Osmann’s journey plays like pure fantasy to most of the world, Taiwan couple Forrest Lu and [...]

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3D LUTs, or Look-up Tables, are nothing new. They’ve been common in the digital film industry for a good while, but it seems only recentlythat they’re starting to be embraced by individualfilmmakers and photographers. But what are 3D Luts? Put simply, they’re a tonemap. They take the hue, saturation and brightness (hence “3D”) values of [...]

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