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You know those photos where you throw flour or pigmentsat models? I know you do, because we just featured some the other day. While those are a lot of fun to make, dealing with flour on the floor is definitely not an easy task. Benjamin von Wong who did this a few years back said [...]

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Weve covered this topic before, but its always worth a second mention. RAW photos. Specifically, why photographers dont share RAW images with clients. In one of her latest videos, photographer Jessica Kobeissi shares a collection of anecdotes and analogies explaining why its beyond reason to expect photographers to hand over their RAW files. Rather than [...]

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While Peyton Manning will be remembered as the star of last nights unforgettable Super Bowl 50, Tim Cook has been receiving a fair share of attention after sharing a photo from the game. Unlike the Broncos quarterback, however, Apples CEO probably wont want to remember this event, as the snide comments poured in criticizing his [...]

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In the photography domain, macro photography is defined as the art of magnification of subjects. It is a very interesting form of photography, which seems to have an application in almost every genre.

For wedding photographers, it’sa great way to highlight wedding details like rings, the invitation suite, certain aspects of the bridal bouquets, and boutonnires. For nature photographers, it is a great way to get up close and personal with many interesting subjects like bugs... more

If you are a photographer who takes pictures day in and day out, perhaps because it is your livelihood or you are a keen hobbyist, there are times when you may want to digress from the day to day, and do something new on your day off. You can do this purely for the fun of it, or to set yourself some new learning challenges. This is a good practice to implement regularly because it pushes you to think outside the box, hone your skills, enlarge your vision, and challenge your creativity.

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One of the most amazing things in this age we are leaving in is the availability of information. What used to be highly regarded trade secrets is now instantly available as a tutorial on youtube. Sadly, this creates a whole new issue of knowing how to separate the good from the crap. YoutuberSugar Zaza shares [...]

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One of my ABSOLUTE favorite things to do in Photoshop is to play with lighting effects. Whether that be to makesomething glow, create a spotlight sort of effect, or set my hands on fire, I’m always so impressed with the many ways Photoshop allows you to alter lighting. Because of the skills I’ve gathered for [...]

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When I started to use artificial lighting, The Inverse Square Law was my nemesis. Not only it is not intuitive, but it is also not linear, and visualizing how a strobe distance from a subject will impact the photo is not trivial to say the least. PhotographerDerrick Bias shared a few priceless photos that show [...]

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I’ve just made a new photography website for my fashion, portrait, and event photography. This meant researching the different options currently available (as of December 2015) for creating photography websites. So whether you’ve just gotten your first camera, or are a seasoned pro looking to update yourphotography website, here are some options to consider.

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If you are doing a lot of run and gun, you may be recording sound directly to your camera. Now, without going into the question if this is a good practice or not, most DSLRs will limit you to one stereo channel with a 3.5mm mic plug. But, there is a way around it, and [...]

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