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If you are still not on the Adobe subscription model maybe this is the deal that will flip you. Adobe usually bundles Photoshop CC + Lightroom in what they call a “Photography Plan”. This plan usually sells for $9.99/month (or119.88/year). Even if you are a student, the price stays the same. Now Amazon has a [...]

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We have all felt the frustration of editing an image either in Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), only to remember that we forgot to adjust the white balance, or tweak the sharpening after we’ve spent hours of editing the image in Photoshop. If this has happened to you, let me introduce to you to something called a Smart Object.

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I always find it interesting to read about the things cameras survive that the manufacturers could never have foreseen. X.Fire and ice, car crashes, months under the ocean, rocket engines, and even babies. Photographer Brian Maneelyrecently discovered just how tough andsealedhis Pentax K-5 IIswas. While photographing a wildfire, it wasdoused with pink fire retardant and [...]

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Seascape photography isn’t something that’s really been high on my list. I’ve lived near beaches almost all of my life, but they’ve been a bit toofeatureless for my photographic tastes. If you arelucky enough to live near a picturesque coastline, photographer Karl Taylor offerssome greattipsin his newvideo. Some of the tricksalso workaround lakes, rivers and [...]

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Raise your hand if you ever lost/bricked/killed an iPhone or an Android*. Raise your other hand if that phone has lots of photos that you will never see again. That could be quite sad, and I have a friend who lost their iPhone today, so instead of going all “I told you so” on him, [...]

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Canon filed a patent for a 28-560mm f/2.8-5.6L IS lens just a few short months ago. Now, they’ve taken out the image stabilisation and filed another. Many believed that the previous filing wasjust another patent that would never actually exist in the real world. This new filing suggests that it might happen after all. It’s [...]

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Bridge Camera is a general name for digital cameras that have some degree of manual control, a long range zoom lens and a viewfinder – but usually not interchangeable lenses. They are somewhere between a point and shoot camera, and a full DSLR.

Between those three shared properties there are many models to choose from. Use the following information to decide if there is a room for one in your kit, or if it is a good first camera to enter the world of photography.

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If youre like me, you might have a hard time staying inspired in your photography. Here are 7 tips which have personally helped me. 1. Shoot in boring places One of the problems I have is that I always blame the location of where I live from preventing me from making great photographs. For example, [...]

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Nikon’snew 105mm f/1.4E EDisn’t officially available until the end of the month. A few lucky peoplehave managed to get their hands on one, though.On that short list are photographersLindsay Silverman and Vincent Versace, who have both posted sample shots to social media. Ialways find it interesting to see what comes out aftera new lens is [...]

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One of the best ways to grow your photography is by working on a personal photography project. As a professional photographer, I am always working on personal projects. Its a way to keep myself inspired, and to feel challenged to grow. It’s also a great way to keep my portfolio fresh, try out new ideas, and grow my vision as a photographer.

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