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When it comes to adventure-oriented photography bags, it doesnt get much tougher than f-stop, a bag manufacturing company that has put a great deal of effort into its growing Mountain Series lineup of camera bags. One of the largest bags in their Mountain Series lineup is the Sukha. Today Im going to break down every [...]

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Where I live, it gets cold. Not your Brrr, I need to put on a sweater kind of cold, but genuine, bone-chilling, spit-freezes-before-it hits-the-ground, kind of cold. Here in Fairbanks, Alaska, winter temperatures regularly drop far into the negatives, and yearly we suffer through snaps that send the mercury plummeting to -40F (-40C).

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Some might argue that retouching photos is part of the jobs. Others would say that its an entirely different trade altogether. Regardless of your opinion on the matter though, it appears the art of retouching has officially made its way to the online marketplace of eBay. You did in fact read that correctly. For just [...]

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It might not be Adobes most widely used program for photo management, but Adobe Bridge plays a vital role in many photographers workflow, mine included. Today, Adobe has unveiled version 6.2 of Adobe Bridge CC, a substantial update that brings a plethora of new features to the table. First up is the addition of an [...]

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Get Viktor’s Lightroom Rapid Editing System for Travel Photography Course 50% off now at SnapnDeals for a limited time only – February 9th-23rd, 2016.

A few years ago, just as I returned with 5,000 brand new photos from a driving trip to California, Utah and Nevada, I realized that I needed a completely new editing workflow. Two months later, I was not... more

Shortly after its announcement I read a review of the Nikon P900 super-zoom bridge camera, where the author excitedly said it can be used to shoot objects as far as ten miles away. Judging by this photo of the International Space Station, captured by Naftali Maimon, Im happy to say the P900s 83x 2000mm-equivalent zoom [...]

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Even if youre a film photographer, its likely that at some point you will need to digitize your negatives. While Scanning is the optimal solution in terms of resolution and quality, its also possible to use a digital camera to take a picture of the negative, effectively giving you a true digital negative to work [...]

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From messenger bags to suitcases, camera bags today come in just about every shape and form. After spending years tinkering mainly withbackpacks and belt packs, I decided to try out a relatively new type of camera bag: the Think Tank TurnStyle sling bag. With its unique body-... more

This is probably the best wall you are going to see in the next few years, and you can’t unsee it, so be prepared for some major drooling. PhotographerMarco Marques build a custom display unit to show off his old camera collection. The collection shows 45 cameras (the 3 empty shelves have been filled) and [...]

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Hey, just a really quick gloss over the basics of how to create three dimensional space in your composites. I’m going to show you how to take your image from a boring 2D image like this, and turn it into a totally awesome 3D one like this (slide to see the impact of going the [...]

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