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Not all lenses come with lens hoods, and that can mean you can suffer the effects of lens flare. This occurs when light is scattered across the glass elements of a lens, often caused by bright sunlight at a particular angle, and it produces coloured spots around your image. Lens hoods shade the lens, almost entirely stopping lens flare in the majority of situations.

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The first instant camera designed for Leica M lens. Instant M is a minimalist camera featuring a viewfinder display of 1:1 ratio to film. Stripped to the essence, it appeals to slow and thoughtful photography. Note: this project is not affiliated with Leica. Analog photography in a digital future Good photos have become commonplace. Smartphones […]

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Andy Warhol was an often controversial and divisive figure in the art world. But whether you love him, hate him, or are indifferent, his work is certainly interesting, even if only for the response it elicits. Personally, I find his photography particularly intriguing. The Cantor Arts Centre and Stanford Libraries today have announced that they’ve […]

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After announcing 3D photos and VR memories back in May, Facebook is now rolling out the feature that can turn your 2D photos into 3D. The new feature will work both in the News Feed and VR. The technology captures the distance between the subject and the background, so it brings scenes of 2D photos […]

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NASAs Apollo Program was an audacious mission to send astronauts to the moon a national goal set by President John F. Kennedys in a bold speech in 1961 that was an ongoing part of the Cold War. NASAs use of photography aboard spacecraft originated during the Mercury Program when John Glenn carried two cameras […]

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While artists use drones to capture epic photos and videos, there are people who, sadly, misuse these gadgets for criminal actions. But it was drone footage that recently put two drug dealers behind the bars. They accidentally filmed themselves while packing drugs. When they tried to smuggle them over the prison wall, the drone crashed […]

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It’s all getting a bit ridiculous now. When Lenovo teased quad cameras, I had to laugh a bit. It all just seemed a bit excessive. Even three cameras in a phone felt like a bit much. Two’s cool, sure, it offers some neat computational photography options that a single camera does not. But beyond that, […]

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Although it sounds like a highly technical term, ‘reverse engineering’ is something youve done many times. Any time youve asked questions like What camera did you take that with?, What settings did you use? or Where was this taken?, youve been trying to reverse engineer a photograph.

Weve all looked at a photo and tried to figure out how it was created. I do it every day. Whether youre conscious of it or not, when you see a photo you admire you try to analyze it.... more

If you shoot often enough, at some point you’re probably going to get caught in the rain when you want to keep on shooting. If your gear’s weather sealed, you might be ok just as you are, but if you shoot Sony you’ll probably want to cover up a little. There are, of course, actual […]

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One of the most frequently asked questions I get is how I shoot long-exposure photos from the cockpit and how they end up sharp, despite flying at roughly 950kmh / 500kts through the air. I will try to answer that question in more detail, going through the process and challenges step by step. Hopefully it […]

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