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With Bowens out of the way, the path is now clear for Godox to take on Profoto, and it appears they’re starting to do exactly that. Today we see a new head appear on the Adorama and Pixapro websites for the Godox AD200 which looks very similar to the head on the Profoto A1 speedlight. […]

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For most aspiring photographers, theres a turning point when they consider whether it is worth quitting their day job and entering the exciting, but scary, world of being a full-time professional photographer, or not. Its not an easy decision. In this video, Jeff Rojas shares three things that you should have in your mindset before […]

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I have been a commercial and wedding photographer for over 13 years. And from the beginning, I have been using Canon DSLR cameras and a variety of auto-focus lenses for the Canon EF system. Switching to another camera system/brand did cross my mind because I made a substantial investment into lenses for the Canon system. […]

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Moment, the company most famous for its smartphone lenses has started branching out into smartphone software. Their newly launched app, MomentPro, is now available for both Android and iOS. It’s focused on givingthe user more choice, offering complete manual control over exposure, focus and white balance, as well as a couple of other neat tricks. […]

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Weve seen a couple of encounters of photographers and bears so far. This video from RM Videos shows a polar bear that got too close to a photographer and did it more than once more than once. But the photographer kept his cool stood up to the animal each time, and then casually went on […]

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Abstract photography, otherwise known as non-objective, conceptual, or experimental photography, is a tricky subject. According to Wikipedia, abstract photography is “a means of depicting a visual image that does not have an immediate association with the object world and has been crafted through the use of photographic equipment processes or materials”.

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Shark Week is just around the corner, but it seems one lady decided to get into the spirit of things a little early. The BBC reports that “Instagram model” Katarina Zarutskie was on vacation in the Bahamas with her boyfriend and his family. Naturally, she wanted to make the most of the beautiful environment for […]

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Creating cinemagraphs and animated images from stills has become something of a trend in the last few years. Yes, the idea has been around for a while, and some techniques can even be used to fake camera moves. While doing it in After Effects can be a bit of a challenge, Corel’s new PhotoMirage software […]

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Don’t make these5 crucial mistakes when photographing clients!

Over the years I have read dozens of articles explaining tips, tricks, and things to keep in mind for successful photo sessions. As I was wrapping up a family shoot recently I started to think about the situation from the opposite end of the spectrum. Kind of as a way of giving some advice to my younger self or other photographers who might still be honing their craft.

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It looks like one chapter for Nikon mirrorless cameras has ended, and the other is about to begin. Nikon 1, the first line of mirrorless cameras from the company, has just been discontinued. Back in August 2017, Nikon stopped producing the cameras from this lineup, and there were no subsequent models announced. And now its […]

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