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When Fujifilm announced they were discontinuing FP-100C peel-apart instant film, a lot of people were understandably a little saddened by the news. It ended with a claim of reduced sales, forcing the termination of production. But while it may not be Fujifilm that’s doing it, peel-apart instant film is coming back, thanks to ONE INSTANT. […]

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Photography and video seemto come with a never-ending need for extras and accessories. And after we’ve bought our cameras, lenses, lights and bags to put it all in, we still find ourselves needing extra things here and there. So, in this gift guide, we’re going to take a look at some of DIYP’s favourite and […]

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It’s been a long time coming, but Luminar 3 has officially been announced today. It ships out on December 18th and it comes with Libraries – that’s the name for their new digital asset management system. Luminar 3 is a major overhaul of the software and now allows you to organise and edit multiple images […]

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If you want people to take you seriously, whether it’s in a vlog or a simple video conference with a colleague or client, you need to have good lighting. As photographers or filmmakers we’re supposed to know this stuff. So, having bad lighting on ourselves doesn’t really set a great impression. In this video, Jay […]

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Water makes up the majority of the Earth, shaping the planet and its life in plenty of ways. When seen from above, waterways can create stunning images that tell stories of our home planet. Water.Shapes.Earth is a project by photographer Milan Radisics which turns the meandering waterways all over the world into amazing abstract images. […]

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The post Taking a Measured Approach to Learning Photography appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Kevin Landwer-Johan.

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As drones are becoming more accessible and popular, creatives keep finding new ways to incorporate them into their work. Film director and photographer Oliver Astrologo experimented with an LED light and a drone to create a trippy, captivating video. View this post on Instagram I love to experiment technologies to come up with new video […]

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Chinese company Xiaomi is working on an algorithm that will improve low-quality images. The company wants to compete with Apple regarding smartphone photography, and it has just published a new paper on the AI network called “DeepExposure. It uses machine learning to improve low-quality images by adding them detail while enhancing colors and brightness. The […]

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Did you know that using an electronic instead of a mechanical shutter can affect a background in your images? After a subscriber pointed it out to Manny Ortiz, he tested it on a Fuji and a Sony mirrorless camera. And indeed, it turned out that an electronic shutter may not be the best option when […]

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Nearly two months ago, we dove intothe Nikon Z7 and showed you what was happing inside all the way down to the sensor. Today, we did the same with the Z7s standard resolution counterpart, the Nikon Z6. At 25 megapixels and just under $2000 MSRP, the Z6 is encroaching on the Sony A7 IIIs turf. […]

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