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A few days ago, some photos leaked out of a new strobe claiming to be the Godox AD400Pro. It seems the photos were accurate, as Godox announced the strobe earlier through their Facebook page. Following on from the AD600Pro design, the AD400Pro is about as we expected it to be, but now the details are […]

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The wedding day should be a day to remember, and photos and videos of the event are there to preserve the happy memories. However, some memories arent full of love and joy, such as the moment when this couple nearly escaped being hit by a huge tree branch. Luckily, no one got hurt, and Freddy […]

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With the article below dont want to ruin someones life and business. Or stop them from pursuing their passion, dreams or whatever theyre after. I want to speak about it, as my frustrations with unprofessional wedding insiders has been slowly building up in the last few months. Wedding professionals that base their recommendations to their […]

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DJI Mavic II has been rumored for a while, and DJI recently announced an event in New York where they would present the drone to the public. However, a photo of the new DJI Mavic Pro II has leaked online, and it suggests that the drone will have 360-degree obstacle avoidance and a removable gimbal. […]

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The LaCie DJI CoPilot BOSS is a portable hard drive with an internal battery and added interfaces. The interfaces include an SD card slot, USB-C and USB-A connectors, and a custom cable for connecting the device to a phone or tablet.

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Sigma has been crashing the competition with its Global vision line up. Combination of no compromise image quality and fair price is creating havoc in Canon and Nikon tents. And the recent launch of Sony E mount lenses will surely disturb Sonys first party glass business. (will also drive Sonys mirrorless business by providing true […]

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How does the budding flower photographer go about selecting subjects and choosing compositions? In this article, I will give a detailed answer to this question. First, I will discuss the different types of flower photography subjects. Then I will give guidelines for creating stunning compositions.

All throughout this article, I will emphasize producing clean, dynamic images.


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In this article, you’ll get some tips on how to survive photo sessions with difficult children.

When you imagine photographing your clients family session, you envision taking beautiful photographs in a pretty location and getting all of those great photos that will make your clients happy. However, you never imagine walking into a session only to find that the child, or children, are protesting, throwing tantrums, or simply not willing to cooperate.

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Do you shoot RAW but then open it without processing? When you take a photo in RAW format, regardless of the name each brand gives to it, what youre doing is saving a bunch of data without processing it inside your camera. This way you have more information to work with during your post-production stage.

But having too much of something can sometimes seem daunting when you dont know how to approach it and as a result be a limiting factor instead of opening up your possibilities.

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Thinking of a name for a child can be a pretty difficult task if you ask me. Famous NBA player Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesha got a son on Monday, and they chose a name that can be interested to many of you photographers out there. Even though they are not into photography, they […]

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