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Samsung are looking to massively upgrade the storage capacity of next generation mobile devices. The company have now announced a new 512GB storage chip. Theysay that this it the first 512GB embedded flash storage solution for use in mobile devices. It offers “unparalleled storage capacity and outstanding performance for upcoming flagship smartphones and tablets”. It’s […]

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Despite 54% of all photos uploaded to Flickr being shot with iPhones, those at the top of the pile seem to be shot by DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. Flickr has determined its users’ top 25 photos of 2017, based on various metrics. Number of views, shares, and favourites created a shortlist which was then checked […]

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When “Portrait Mode” was first introduced with the iPhone 7+ it was met with mixed reaction. Some people loved it, thought it was a fantastic feat of software engineering. Others hated it, either they felt threatened by it (yes, really) or just didn’t think it looked believable enough. Neither side is particularly wrong, though. It […]

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Different lenses produce a different look and effect in your images. Wide-angle lenses add depth and dimension to your images and give them a sense of three-dimensionality. They can be used to add humor and add interest as well. But, you must use a wide-angle lens properly.

Weekly Photography Challenge – Wide-Angle

The key to using a wide-angle lens is to get close to your subject. Really close! Not so close that you can’t focus, but close enough to make the subject... more

Most of us who order online have had shipping disasters at some point. Either the product shows up with bits missing, or it doesn’t show up at all. But what if you ordered a $3,200 camera like the new Sony A7RIII, and instead of receiving one, you received two? Well, that’s exactly what happened to […]

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Star Wars is one of the most well known and popular movies ever. Although, I recently did a poll of my friends on Facebook and it surprised me just how many have never seen it (what’s wrong with you people?). But, the success of the movies and the franchise as a whole was not guaranteed. […]

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Here is another fun video from the team over at COOPH. This time they’re playing with ordinary household items found in your kitchen.

Here are 8 DIY photography hacks you can do at home

Watch as they play with some eggs, kitchen utensils, have fun with a cheese grater, make a DIY softbox for a flash, play with reflective surfaces, flour, and some fruit!

Get cracking (pun intended) and see what you can come up with trying these tips out.

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Gobos can be wonderful things. They’re essentially stencils or templates that go between the light and your subject. They’re designed to help shape the light and project patterns. But you don’t have to cut them out of card yourself. You can use pretty much anything to cast a shadow on your subject or the backdrop. […]

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To Adobe or not to Adobe. That is the question many photographers are asking with the spate of new image processing programs vying to kill Photoshop. I tested more than ten contenders as alternatives to Adobes image processing software, evaluating them for the specialized task of editing demanding nightscape images taken under the Milky Way, […]

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If you do any photography for clients, either on a regular basis or whenever work comes your way, there can be a tendency to be somewhat creative when answering questions about your skills, abilities, and expectations. You might be asked to shoot a wedding when you don’t necessarily have the gear or experience to do what the client expects. Or someone might ask you to take product photos when your background is in portraits.

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