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Despite being the rather good video-focused camera that it is, the Panasonic GH5 has been plagued with one big problem. Autofocus. While serious video professionals may say “Bah, who needs autofocus for video?!?!”, plenty of people still want good video AF performance. Many vloggers, for example, shoot with the GH5 and rely on the autofocus […]

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Remember when Huawei released the P9 and everybody got excited over its cameras because they had Leica written on them? And then there was the whole controversy over exactly how much involvement Leica had with their development? Well, it seems here we have another item bearing the Leica name with questionable origins. According to a […]

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In the era of the internet, its not at all uncommon to find your photos used by someone else without your permission. This happened to Edward Kelly of Marlton, New Jersey, who found his selfie used in an ad. On Pornhub. To make things even worse, it seems that the ad has been on the […]

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We are used to thinking about photography in terms of color or black and white, but before we arrived here, though, there were a series of processes that resulted in images being monochrome. In this tutorial, Ill show you how to get those looks so you can think outside the box and achieve different tonal effects that will make your photos unique.

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Originally made to help Joe McNally solve problems that would occasionally pop up on shoots, the Justin Clamp has become a popular addition to many photographer kit bags. It was created by Bogen/Manfrotto employee Justin Stailey from some standard off the shelf components. It served its function perfectly, so it became known as the Justin […]

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In this article, I’ll give the virtues and benefits of shooting simply, with only one light and a reflector.

Lighting is often perceived as a complicated beast, but does it have to be? Sure, in terms of technical aspects, there’s an awful lot to learn before you can truly master lighting. There are also plenty of techniques that involve numerous light sources at various power outputs, rigged together with any number of modifiers.

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Im once again truly humbled to see that my new short: Everest A Time Lapse Film II is captivating audiences around the world. As always, my goal is to bring to life the majestic beauty of the Himalayas and to inspire others to dream big, discover their passions and explore this beautiful planet we […]

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The very mention of working for free makes most photographers and filmmakers blow their top. But what if, in some cases, working for free can actually be good for your business? Aviv Vana of CineSummit discusses this topic and teaches you how to get more work by doing free work. Many creatives refuse to work […]

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Portrait photography gives us all different kinds of things. You connect with interesting people youd have never met otherwise. You capture memories of your kids that will last forever. And maybe you have some fun doing it. But maybe portrait photography isnt just about pictures — or the great experiences we have when making those […]

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A couple of days ago, a couple of leaked photos showed us the look of the latest lens from Samyang: 24mm f/2.8 AF lens for Sony EF mount. Now the lens is officially announced, along with some sample shots, so lets take a look. As we could have seen from the leaked photos, Samyangs new […]

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