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Manfrotto recently releasedtwo new videoheads, theNitrotech N8, and theNitrotech N12. Those are high-load video heads which support 0-8kg and 4-12kg respectively. What is interesting about those heads is their counterbalance mechanism. Unlike lower-end heads, these heads have a nitrogen gas piston for counterbalance. We looked at theNitrotech N8 and it supports quite a load (up […]

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Proper color grading is one of the important elements of your videos. It affects the mood of the scenes, and it can affect the viewers emotions. Proper color grading takes some time to master, and Matti Haapoja from TravelFeels points out to five mistakes you should aim to avoid during this process. They are common […]

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I recently embarked on a project of creating black and white images for an upcoming exhibit at an art gallery. The images have been shot, now the only question that remains is how will I handle the post-processing. In years past I’ve relied heavily on Lightroom and also Nik Silver Efex (yep remember that program). I have found, however, that the black and white conversions and looks created by the Nik Collection are starting to get a little dated.

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People have been waiting a long time for this one. Originally announced way back in Aprilfor release in June, the YI 360 VR has faced some delays. This was primarily down to the fact that YI felt they could get a little more performance out of the camera. Now, though, the YI 360 VR finally […]

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Grazia UK magazine has recently issued a cover featuring Lupita Nyongo. However, her hair was so severely photoshopped, that the actress spoke out on social networks. She claims that her hair was edited out and made smoother to fit a more Eurocentric notion of what beautiful hair looks like. As a result, Grazia UK and […]

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Ive wondered for a long time what it means to be an ethical landscape photographer. Sure, this field isnt known for its wide-reaching moral dilemmas or particularly sticky situations, but the question still deserves attention. As landscape photographers, we arein a rare position to show the Earths most amazing places to an audience of countless […]

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I love Sigma, they brought quite a few innovations to the photographyworld:updatablelenses, ceramic filters, the Quattrocamera family, and probably a few more that I am not currently recalling. With the amazing tech behind theFoveonsensor, and seven cinelenses announced in the lastyear, I was really curious to learn what are Sigma’s plans in the videosegment. We […]

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It’s rare that I actually see new ways to utilise a tripod. When these videos pop up, they’re invariably just a rehashing of somebody else’s tips and tricks. It’s not that I think I’ve seen or know them all already, but it’s just rare that I see something new. Maybe you have seen or even […]

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Drone timelapse has started to become quite a popular thing lately. But it’s only very recently that people seem to be really experimenting with it. The short film, Low Earth Orbit, from Hong Kong basedVisual Suspect really kicks things up a few notches. It was shot over Folegrandos Island in Greece, using a mix of […]

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Did you know your laundry is toxic? Tests show that billions of people drink water with plastic fibers, and we can blame our washing machines for it. Photographer Benjamin Von Wong decided to point out to this issue in his usual way by creating an epic photo project. He aims at raising awareness and […]

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