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One of the joys of photography is sharing it with the world. Once upon a time, a photography portfolio was a collection of prints, but digital photography and the internet have changed everything. Photography portfolios these days come in many forms, and they are almost exclusively online.

So, do you need a portfolio, and how do you decide where to proudly display your photos for the world to see?

Why You Need a Photography Portfolio

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If you are a landscape photographer, you might already be using various lens filters to get desired colors and saturation in your images. What if you do not own these filters or forget tocarry them along? There is a tool in Adobe Lightroom can help you.

The HSL (Hue, Saturation, and Luminance) tool is a savior for all photographers, especially those shooting landscapes. This is because the HSL tool allows you to adjust the hue, saturation, and luminance in your photos very efficiently... more

  FujiRumors received an event invitation in Australia on May 26 that includes “a unique photo opportunity and an exclusive first touch and try of a yet to be announced Fuji release.”Since the Fujifilm Instax SQ6 has already been leaked, the website speculates that the new release would actually be the X-T100.   Rumors regarding […]

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First, full disclosure: I know a few of the team at ThinkTankPhoto and I really like them, theyre a really nice group of people. So you may think its because I really like the people that I like their bags so much. Except I really like my dentist but I dont like what he does […]

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If you’ve always wanted an easier way to sell your artwork online, then 8×10 could be the app you’re looking for. By connecting to Instagram, your followers can now purchase limited edition framed prints through your posts. It doesn’t matter if you’re a painter, graphics designer, or a photographer, as long as your image looks […]

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Apple has just been awarded a new patent that depicts views from the iPhone’s dual cameras showing up on the screen at the same time. Called the “Digital Viewfinder User Interface for Multiple Cameras,” it would allow the user to control the two cameras individually. A similar patent was filed by Apple in 2015 but […]

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We’ve all experienced how sensationalism can sometimes mire legitimate news stories, and we have plenty of examples out there. Just yesterday, there was a news segment on Today that showed just how easy it is for people to spy on you in your own house using “peeping drones.” Although the reporter offers some legitimate points, […]

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Youll often hear that its important to find your unique style if you want to be a successful photographer or filmmaker. But Matti Haapoja argues that being completely unique is impossible. In spite of it, he believes you can still develop your own style and be a successful creative. Sounds odd, doesnt it? Well, it […]

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Whether it’s spring where you live or fall, it’s always a good time for a picnic!And what better way to cap it off than by taking some photos as well for this week’s photography challenge.

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Sigma’s new 70mm f/2.8 DG Macro Art lens got a lot of people excited. At least, a lot of Canon, Sony and Sigma shooters. Finally, a macro lens with the build and optical quality of the other Art series lenses. And it was one of the lenses coming in a new native Sony E-Mount. Finally, […]

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