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There is no doubting that analogue photography is on the up or at least, it did hit rock bottom and it has bounced. But is gravity going to take hold; is it on the verge of failure again? Or is it about to break through into the mainstream again like vinyl records have? Moreover, […]

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I did photos for a high school senior recently who remarked that many of her friends were having their class pictures taken by one of the teachers at school. We chatted about this as I snapped away with my full-frame Nikon D750 and accompanying 70-200mm f/2.8 lens, a setup that delivers good results but often gets quite heavy and cumbersome after a long photo session.

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Theres something special about photos of water droplets. I personally like the element of surprise, because you cant predict the exact shape youre going to get. You can create fantastic photos using only water and some color, and photographer Adam Karnacz shares an in-depth tutorial for making them. Hell guide you through all the steps, […]

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On Friday, 10 November, the passengers at Orlando International Airport were in a panic after hearing what appeared to be a loud gunshot. As it turned out it was actually a camera lithium ion battery that overheated and exploded in a passengers bag. After an investigation, the Orlando Police Department announced there was no […]

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It might seem like one of the simplest parts of photography: leveling your horizon. Most photographers want their horizons to be straight, of course, but this isnt an area of photography that gets too much attention. And why would it? Leveling the horizon is a very easy task right? In practice, though, it requires […]

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You may remember Swedish photographer Erik Johansson for his popular mirrored lake project or Full Moon Service. He has created another fantastic conceptual image named All Above the Sky, and he has shared some details about the creation of this image with DIYP. As Erik tells DIYP, All Above the Sky is a project that […]

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Most photographers have a favorite lens (you can read about mine here), maybe even two or three. But do you know how to get the best out of that lens? Ive used lots of lenses over the years. As a result, I know that it takes time to get to know a lens, and longer still to master it. These tips will help you work your way through that process.

1. Use the lens exclusively for a month

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Do you often see faces in inanimate objects? Maybe an old man in a fluffy cloud or a toothy grin smiling back at you from the rear of a car? Most people have never heard of pareidolia but almost everyone has experienced it. Pareidolia is a physiological phenomenon where the mind perceives an image or sound where none actually exist. Although it can cause people to see Jesus on a flour tortilla or form... more

Illuminati is a triangle that measures light and color and transmits them to a smartphone.We stopped by the Illuminati booth at Photo Plus Expo 2017, and had a chat with the founder – Mike Okincha. According to Mike,Illuminati will be shipped to backer in a week or so, and available in stores for the holidays […]

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The Gnarbox (pronounces narbox) comes with an impressivepromise. It will provide editing, backup, and preview for your videos (and stills) with no laptop while you are on the go. We chatted with Will Africano, COO and co-founder of the Gnar box at Photo Plus Expo and got a glimpse of the device. If the Gnar […]

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