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The guys over at the Cooperative for Photography (COOPH) have some good quick tips from Thomas Leuthard for you. If you are planning on doing some street photography this summer, joining a photo walk, or even doing travel photography – apply this tips to those genres and have some fun. Let’s see the tips:

My faves are:

  • #2 control your camera remotely: I never even thought of that but will work great with my Fuji X-T1
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Shooting buildings can be tricky. The main reason is that they are tall, and you need to get far away from them if you want to fit them into the frame. If you are shooting in the city, you don’t have the luxury of getting really far away, the best you may be able to do is get farther down the street. What you have to do then, is tilt your camera upwards to get the whole building in, and that’s when it happens – perspective distortion.

City... more

Fiddling around with little zippers on bags can be a pain, especially when you’ve your camera in one hand, with a bag clenched between your knees trying to unzip it with your free hand. Caleb Pike of DSLR Video Shooter has a super cheap solution that not only helps to make this problem go a [...]

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Bridge the gap – see how these photographers photographed some pretty unique bridges.

By Peter McConnochie

Weekly Photography Challenge –Bridges

There are two most obvious ways to photograph a bridge – from the side, or on it – as you can see by the two different angles of... more

Sigma have today confirmedthe final pricing and availability of the Sigma sd Quattro camera and EF-630 flash unitsannounced in February, along with a new bundle that includes the sd Quattro and Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC HSM Art Lens. The Sigma sd Quattro is a mirrorless camera with an APS-C Foveon sensor, which Sigma claim as [...]

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Ansel Adams wasone of those people that becomesmore and more fascinatingthe more you learnabout him. Each bit of information you gained made you want to learn even more about either the man himself or photography in general. In a video recently uploaded to Advancing Your Photography’s YouTube channel, hostMark Silber interviews hisson, Michael Adams, and [...]

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The term bridge has several meanings. The literal one which is a structure that spans across something, usually over a waterway. The other is of a connection between two things, or a transition from one to the other. Of course there is also the bridge of a ship where the captain takes the helm, bridge of your nose, and a bridge or passage in a musical composition.

Here are several images that interpret that term – bridge:

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I find long exposures to be great fun, especially once you start really stopping down the light and extending that shutter to ridiculous lengths. The costs of getting started, however, can add up very quickly. In Mathieu Stern’s latest video, which features long exposure photographer Thibault Roland,we are shown how we can get started very [...]

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Nikon have released a somewhatsubstantial V1.10 firmware update for the Nikon D5, addressing many issues that have been reported by customers. The biggest being the record time limit for shooting video. Electronic vibration reduction has also been added whenshooting movies, while stills shooters receive a few very welcome additions for shooting through the viewfinder. A [...]

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Recording audio off the camera is as vital to filmmakers as getting the flash off the hotshoe is to photographers. Just as there are different options with off-camera flash, there are also a number of different microphone options when it comes to off-camera audio. In this video from Adorama TV, David Day walks us through [...]

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