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When most of us are testing out new lenses, it’s often a very subjective thing. And our testing exercises are rarely very scientific. In fact, we may not even notice some issues until we’ve had a lens for a few months. Then, one day, the problem pops up, clear as day.For cinematographers that rely on […]

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Sony shooters know that the battery on their cameras doesn’t last as with some other camera brands. This is especially the case with the mirrorless cameras, considering that they are smaller in size than the batteries for DSLRs. In this video, Chris Gampat gives you some advice how to get the most out of your […]

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Have you ever thought food photos can be racist? Neither have I. But Portland-based food photographer Celeste Noche declares Instagram food photography to be exactly this – racist. In the podcast on The Racist Sandwich, she addresses the issues of racism, as well as gender and class division in Instagram food photography. As a Filipino, […]

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While some of the rules regarding drone flight around the world might seem a little extreme, some make absolute sense. One such law in many countries is that of flying over groups of people. Especially groups of people who aren’t directly involved with the flight. You might remember one drone pilot who disobeyed this rule […]

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The theory

Bokeh (pronounced b??k?) is a Japanese term that translates to blur in English. Bokeh is used by photographers to describe the quality of the unfocused or blurry parts of a photograph. Every photograph has a depth of field – the area of a photograph that is in focus.

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For as long as Ive been photographing, Ive always had a soft spot for gear and the technical side of photography. In the beginning, I was obsessed with getting the best camera I could afford, which ironically was a refurbished entry-level Nikon DSLR not exactly the pinnacle of camera technology at the time. For […]

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The Best Film Editing category is probably not what comes to our mind first when we think of the Academy Awards. However, two-thirds of Best picture winners also win Best Film Editing award. This video from Bill Rweher reveals three most common editing techniques you’ll find in the Oscar-winning movies. And when you look back […]

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Whenever I see people posting questions about how to photograph people wearing glasses, they usually receive the same response. “Don’t, have them take their glasses off”. This is usually followed by some silly statement about it being impossible to avoid glare and reflections on glasses. Well, it’s not impossible. It’s actually pretty straightforward. As photographer […]

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If you shoot models on location against ablue sky, you may wish to enhance the sky brightness and tones. If you do it by darkening the sky using Luminosity, it can result in the appearance of a white outline around your model. Emma Grigoryanfrom Fstoppers shared with us a simple way to get rid of […]

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The response to the Supergirl image I posted on social media a few days back has been amazing. DIY Photography contacted me and asked me to do a write-up for their readers. The shoot For every project I do, I create mood board with inspiration and reference images for the subject. This mood board is […]

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