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iPhone 7 Plus owners you know you were missing all the cool little iPhone lenses. Of course you were. Old Smartphone lenses must look like Greek mythcyclopes for you now. How can you fit a single clip on lens on a dual lens phone? This is changing as gear makers are now making dual-lens optics […]

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We’ve noticed on our current reader survey (if you haven’t filled it out already, please do so here) that many of you are using Photoshop Elements. So I rounded up some video tutorials to help you use Elements (15 or any older version) to help you make corrections and enhancements to your images.

#1 How to brighten and improve a dull photo

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Modern cameras, from phones to high-end DSLRs, are designed to make decisions for us. And for the most part, they do a pretty darn good job of it. Slap your SLR into AUTO mode and more often than not youll get images that are sharp with decent exposure. If you are just looking to document your world, then go for it, snap away. The drawback is that images taken in AUTO tend to look similar to one another, with auniform depth of field and exposure. If you want to move beyond the automatic... more

For all the space-loving guys out there, NASA has brought the Universe closer to us than ever. They wanted to provide the public with the fun, yet educational materials that will help us explore both the universe and our home planet. So, they launched the official GIPHY and Pinterest pages to bring the universe closer […]

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The perceived devil horns grabbed the headlines, but the real story behind the deep symbolism embedded within Time Magazine’s 2016 person of the year cover featuring Donald Trump is much more interesting. Nadav Kander is a brilliant photographer and the impression of Donald Trump that you get from his photograph is unmistakable – following in […]

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On those short winter days when the roads are covered in snow, I take photos of my kids and their cousins to preserve the magic of this wonderful season. Both indoors and outdoors, during short days and long winter evenings, I capture the feeling of anticipation and nostalgia. With those photos I try to recall […]

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Things that fly or defy gravity have always fascinated humans. These 20 images of airborne objects capture flight perfectly.

By Susanne Nilsson

Weekly Photography Challenge – Flight

What sorts of subjects can you think of that take flight, or glide through the air? How about these:

It almost feels like GoPro have gone into some kind of self-destructive downward spiral. Since hitting their peak near the end of 2014, GoPro’s share prices have taken plunge after plunge. They received a little bump with the announcement of the Karma, which immediately dropped back down after the recall was announced. Now, it seems, […]

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Its hard to believe that a massive military truck can be turned into something beautiful. But, thanks to a documentary photographer Kurt Moser, this is going to happen. The Ural- 375, which was once a Russian military truck, will get a completely new and unique role – and a more peaceful one. Thanks to a […]

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Hello! My name is Kristina Makeeva, I’m aphotographer from Moscow. I would like to show you how beautiful our city is before the New Year. When people ask me what is the best time for a visit to Moscow, I always say that it’s winter. In Moscow winters are cold, of course, but this time […]

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