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The question of whether to shoot street and travel photos in black or white or color is an eternal one that isnt going to go away. But one of the interesting things about digital photography is that it lets you decide whether to process a photo in black and white or color after the photo has been taken. Unlike film photography, theres no need to commit to one or the other until you open the photo in... more

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest When you start thinking about social networks, your head starts to spin. There are so many of them, and its not easy to decide which ones you should use as a photographer. Using them all takes a lot of time. Its sometimes hard to distinguish what makes the use for business […]

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I still remember clutching a pair of Nikon D100 bodies back in 2004 when Nikon announced the insanely high resolution 12MP D2x. It seemed so wild back then when other high end bodies were still only 4-8MP. People lamented on various forums about “the laws of physics” and how quickly the megapixel race would end. […]

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If you and your significant other are huge fans of Diablo and you even met in-game, what would be better than a Diablo-themed pre-wedding photo shoot? Singaporean photographer Mezame Shashin-ka created a fantastic photo series that turned Alvin Lau and Alexis Loo into characters from Diablo III. It took some time and it was challenging. […]

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Did you read Instagrams Terms and Conditions carefully before signing up? Be honest. If you didnt do it, I wont judge. The sentences are so complicated, that Im not sure any of us read them with full attention and understanding. Now, imagine children who use Instagram. More than a half of teenagers and almost a […]

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The Sigma 500mm F4 is a big lens. I shoot with bigger lenses because I need the longer focal lengths when Im on the wild horse ranges but this is a really big lens the biggest Ive ever used, actually. Its a big ticket item too,... more

What is a model? A set of skills? A beautiful aesthetic? A combination of both? Is there a bias in either direction? Is that bias shifted by our personal preference of what we believe to be a “beautiful subject”? We’re taking photo’s because of first and foremost the subject matter. Take a bowl of fruit […]

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I took the photo just down there from the deck of the ferry that took me from Auckland to the Coromandel Peninsular in New Zealand. My camera was in my lap and in one split second, everything came together to create that image. It looks almost as if I’ve shopped in the cruise liner, doesn’t […]

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TheCanon AE-1 was a landmark in the SLR history (this is right, no ‘D’ there). It was introduced back in 1976 and if you are holding any SLR/DSLR from Canon, there are probably traces of the AE-1 design in it. Why is it so good? And why you should get one today? hit the jump […]

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Looks like stabilizing gimbals are moving from being categorised as pro gear and are being commoditized. And a prime example of this would be this Hello Kittycamera phone gimbal. I am not sure what is the motivation behind this but if I had to take a wild guess, I would say that the marketing director […]

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