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Lightroom presets are basically post-processing shortcuts that can save you tons of time and really speed up your editing workflow. They allow you to save a particular set of edits and apply them later with a single click. Presets can either be a final solution or a great starting point from where you can further tweak and perfect your images.

Making development presets is incredibly easy and effective working in Adobe Lightroom CC. It even gives you the option to import presets... more

Ever wondered how your flash tube looks like when it actually fires? It looks like aspace station. And not those hi-tech preppy stations too. It looks like what our great, great grandparents would have build for a space station. PhotographerHal Harrison took this to the test. Shooting a strobe tube is actually not an easy [...]

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A big part of Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 7 (and 7 plus) was the new dual lens camera. In fact, aside removing the headphone jack, it was probably the feature that created the most buzz. It has gone to saying that it could be a DSLR like experience. Early portraits show that they are [...]

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Computers and data storage are almost as important to photographers and cinematographers as cameras. If you’re serious about keeping all of your photos and videos safe and secure in one place – sooner or later you will want a network attached storage solution (NAS). There are many commercially available NAS options, but with a little [...]

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Color is an important element of compositionin photography. Cool colors have a very different feeling then do warm colors. See how the color blue appears in some images here.

By Tim Green

Weekly Photography Challenge – Blue

This week we challenge youto find and photography some subjects which are blue. Then... more

Looking at the Tether Tools Case Air was an interesting experience. It promises the same Camranger experience at half the cost, and a significantly lighter package. (we covered its kickoff here) I have used the Camranger before on tradeshows and it was very smooth. The Case Air appears to be no different. Itprovides several nice [...]

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If you are using LED panels, there is a good chance you are using them bare, or with a diffusion panel.If you need a bigger light source that the size of your panels, there are no pre-made solutions. If you are using a spot LED (like the 120T from aputure), you can use “regular” softboxes, [...]

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Different colors evoke different emotions and have a different feeling to them. Warm colors like red, orange and yellow feel alive and vibrant. Cool colors like purple, green and blue feel calming and relaxing.

Here is an image collection of various different photographers use of the color blue. View each and see how they make you feel. Do these blue images have a calming effect on you? I feel more relaxed just looking them.

I’ll start off with three of my images from the... more

This might sound like a click-baity title, but this is essentially what will happen if the current “Prototype regulations” go through. It’s difficult to know just where to begin when trying to describe how ludicrous some of these regulationsare. They would essentially outlaw almost every drone currently on the market. The European Aviation Safety Authorityalso [...]

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Well, do OWN your reflector or does your reflector own you? There is a very simple way to find out. Just fold it, toss it behind your back and catch it as it flaps open. I know it sounds easy, but try it. could be harder than you think. We are starting an OWN your [...]

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