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What happens when a miniature photographer discusses collaboration with a multi-million car company? He ends up shooting their $160,000 car, an Audi R8, using a $40 scale model. PhotographerFelix Hernndez(more from Felix) discussed some potential ideas with Audi. The result was so awesome that Audi decided to share it on their media channels. The catch? [...]

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Until today I’d known my Sony A7II could handle the shadow world, but I could never bring myself to push it. Mainly out of fear, no actually entirely from fear of losing the image. Recently I had the absolute pleasure of working at Rebecca Bathory’s place I decided to test the range once and for [...]

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Usually, when you buy a new lens you are trying to get a wider angle or maybe more of a telephoto view, but with some lenses, you are trying to get more of a special effect. The Lensbaby Velvet 56 lens (price it out on or... more

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall? To see the behind-the-scenes of amazing events and activities? To meet influential or interesting people? If so, candid event photography may be the thing for you!

While wedding photography is technically event photography, that is not our focus here. There’s just something different about wedding photography. It’s more pressure, higher stakes, more intensity. In... more

If you are doing a still image and want to add some burning skins effects, this video will show you a quick 10 minutes way to do so. You start with a “black face”, we chose a model on a white background, but any face will do. To get the scorched texture we used a [...]

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If you want to have really fluffy clouds in your photos, you basically have three options: The most time consuming option is probably shooting on a day where the weather fits. Your second option would be to compose some clouds in (there is quite a wide selection here). But the most fun way would be [...]

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The Sony a6300 was one of the most promising cameras that Sony ever released. A 4K crop-sensor mirrorless for less than $1000. Promising, but not delivering if you tried to shoot 4K for over 13 minutes. Then the camera would overheat and shu itself down. If there was one single issue that kept haunting this [...]

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If you were the world’s most famous portrait photographer, what camera would you take on a job? If you’reAnnie Leibovitz the answer is probably all. Annie shot a “roadtrip” commercial forLincoln Continental featuring quite a few celebs “going on a roadtrip”. Most of the movie is filled with Nikon and Hasselblads (I have no idea [...]

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I suspect if asked the question “Would you rather be editing your images, or out there photographing that what you love?” only a select few of us photographers will raise our hands for the former! Photography is an incredibly creative art form and as artists, we want to be able to create beautiful imagery every timewe click the shutter. For the most part, we want to spend more time creating and less time editing our images. There are several simple steps we can take to try and... more

Back when Lightroom 5 was released, Adobe included an extremely useful tool called the Radial Filter. However, the name wasnt particularly clear about what it could do, so many people still have yet to find how useful and powerful it can be. Further improvements were added in Lightroom 6, with the ability to further edit the effect of the tool with the Brush function.

Workflow process

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