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A little more information is coming out on the two new Nikon KeyMission 80 bodycam, and KeyMission 170 action cam. The most obvious one being that the KeyMission 80 appears to be coming in multiple colour options. I’m not quite sure what’s going on with the silver & leather look one, though. Perhaps it’s supposed [...]

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My name is Mike Kelley. I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world and see incredible architecture while working for hotels, architects, designers, and developers.

In this article, I’d like to share with you one of my favorite techniques for photographing architecture. If you’ve ever tried to photograph a building at twilight, you know how tough it can be to properly expose all parts of the scene. You know how some areas tend to fall into darkness.

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We knew it was coming. Adobe added raw support to Lightroom Mobile a little while ago for shots made with DSLRs. The newly releasediOS10 also brings raw support to the iPhone’s built incamera. Althoughthe iOS10 native camera app doesn’t yet support it, 3rd party developers have beenquick to jump on the feature. So, it’s hardly [...]

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Creating super long slider or dolly shots is something many timelapse photographers and filmmakers dream about doing. For some, hyperlapse techniques and a lot of post production work is the answer. For others, that’s far too much work. When you look at the whole process, you can quickly see why. For others, the solution is [...]

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Everything good must come to an end. The bad news first, the image manipulation store is closing. Now the good news, we are reopening as RAW Exchange intl. The store is now just to big to simply be swallowed as a sub-site of DIYPhotography and we are giving it the place it deserves. A new [...]

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For anybody who’s seen the legendary movieTop Gun, there’s one scene often sticks out in the mind. In it, a fictionalMiG-28 is cruising through the air. Maverick(Tom Cruise) and Goose(Anthony Edwards) fly above it, inverted, in an F-14 Tomcat. Goose then proceeds to photograph the pilot of the MiG with a polaroid camera. Advertising photographer [...]

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There are many reasons why you would like to select the sky in your image using Photoshop. Maybe you would like to replace it, to add details, change the contrast, etc. Selections give you a precise contour of your subject and facilitate local adjustments, without altering the other elements in your images.

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Shutterstock has been one of the world’s leading microstock agencies for more than a decade now. Like other microstock sites their business model is a simple one. Sell a lot of image licenses very inexpensively, focusing on quantity and bulk sales. For many photographers, that’s not always been an ideal situation. A vast archive of [...]

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Most of us own one or several camera triggers orintervalometers. Some of us might have even built our own Arduino based triggers that utilise various sensors. Well, now, you can think about casting them all aside and replacing them with the new MIOPS Mobile. Following on from the success of the original MIOPS Smart Trigger, [...]

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Zeisshave announcedthat the two new lenses for the ExoLens system are finally here. The two new lenses developed by Zeiss and Exolens are a telephoto and a macro-zoom for the iPhone 6 family. This expands the range from… well, it turns it from a single lens system into a range of three. Until recently, the [...]

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