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A lucky woman from San Diego received her iPhone 6s almost five days before the official launch date, possibly making her the first person in the world to get it. Visual designer Adrienne Alpern was pleasantly surprised by the early delivery and shared some photos and 4K video for the rest of us to see [...]

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Remember the macaque monkey who snapped a few selfies that went wildly viral back in 2011? While photographer David Slater and Wikipedia argued about whether or not the photographer owned the copyrights, and the U.S. Copyright Office also chimed in, theres now a third party involved – with an entirely new claim. PETA (People for [...]

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ART21 and artist, Lucas Blalock, recently paired up to make this short little clip about the Blalock’s unusual Photoshop skills (some of which are implied in the equally interesting edit of the video itself.)With his work, Blalock aims todemonstrate the downfalls of Photoshop, primarily when the software is used to alter the captured reality beyond [...]

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Have you ever wondered how you can get more gear onto a plane without paying an excess baggage fee?
We found this interesting video from photographer Peter Leong, a wedding photographer in Japan who travels regularly for overseas weddings, describing how he carries camera gear on board.

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I have to say, if I die from a freak accident, I hope it involves a shark attack rather than taking a selfie. If you feel similarly, the odds may be stacked against you. In an article posted today in the Telegraph, it was revealed that more people have died from a selfie gone wrong [...]

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It’s been the modus operandi forevery fashion photographer since light started hitting the silver halides, every single one of us who has been successful in terms of making money from our art has had to be published in magazines in one way or another. Back when the world was a larger place andin a time [...]

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Even the most seasoned veteran photographer may use a pre-programmed mode occasionally in order to concentrate immediately on a shot rather than take the time to calculate exposure and miss the opportunity for the great image. But if you are a beginner at photographyor want to advance your photography skills beyond the use of Auto mode, begin by adventuring away from the green box.

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I wish I could use EPIC in the title, but we have been getting some comments that the ‘E’ word is being overused. That said, this time lapse really is an amazing piece of work. Made by3motion this timelapse took over 3 years to complete and in the course of it the team traveled over [...]

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One of the nice features on Android phones is the ability to access the camera without having to go through the annoying process of unlocking the phone. While this feature is very comfortable, itopens a door to all kind of mischief. Especially if you have access to a friend`s phone. You can always take some [...]

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This next rumor is to be taken with a chunk of salt, but its a huge one if true. Samsungs cameras havent exactly taken over the camera market, and its said that management has decided to pull the plug on its digital camera business. The South Korean company has not issued a statement regarding the [...]

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