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American photographer David Alan Harvey has travelled all across the world, capturing life as he sees it through the camera. One of his favorite places seems to be Cuba, considering much of his portfolio consists of the Caribbean island and that he has out a book appropriately titled, Cuba. In 1999, he travelled to Cuba [...]

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Real estate photography might seem straightforward, but the reality is its just as challenging as any other genre. After all, its about what you should keep in the image and what you should take out. How far is too far though? Thats what a few would-be home buyers are asking in regards to the photo [...]

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It might not be official yet, but thanks to a few leaked images, we now have a first look at Canons upcoming EF-S 18135mm f/3.55.6 IS lens and an interesting little device called the Canon Power Adapter. The images, which first appeared on Digi-came give us a glimpse at the third-iteration of Canons long-range zoom [...]

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Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw might come with built-in tools for removing chromatic aberration and color fringing, but for those who either prefer to do it themselves or have a bit more control, fine art nature photographer Steve Perry has shared a helpful tutorial on how to remove optical flaws in Photoshop. Perry starts [...]

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Your camera is very capable of capturing the truth, but that doesnt mean it cant also lie to you. In their latest video, lens rental company BorrowLenses shares 5 Lies Your Camera Likes to Tell You. In the three minute video were told five different issues that camera users will come across at some point [...]

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You may knowthat I’m already pretty sold on the Nikon D500, and the Nikon D5 doesn’t look too shabby, either. This hands on video by Jeremy Smith looks at both bodies and answers a couple of questions that I was having about the AF system and wireless capabilities of the D500. It also goes somewhat [...]

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Zhongyi Optics, often referred to as ZY Optics, has release the second iteration of their Mitakon Speedmaster 35mm f/0.95 lens, a manual focus lens with a fast maximum aperture at an impressive price point. While the Mitakon Speedmaster 35mm f/0.95 might look like its predecessor and feature similar specs on the outside, the inside has [...]

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When it comes to beginner photographers, one of the first major goals is often to get off Auto.Doing so really is an important step to using your camera to the best of its capabilities. However, the concern that I hear most often from beginners in terms of stepping away from auto mode, is that it takes so long to get their shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white... more

When it comes to LED lights and light panels you usuallyget what you pay for. Durability, battery efficiency,CRIandcolor consistency are just some of thefactors which are going to contribute towardthe price of commercial LED lighting solutions, which is often very high (although,there are exceptions). But what can you do if you just want to have [...]

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Last week, Instagram announced a new feature that allows users to log into multiple accounts at the same time. As part of this, users were able to receive notifications from all accounts they were logged in to. There seems to be a problem though. According to the team at Android Central, its possible to receive [...]

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