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Don’t we all wish we could be a free and fly away like a bird? Well we can’t, but we can photograph them!

See:24 Fantastic Photos of our Fine Feathered Friends – Birds

By Dennis Skley

Weekly Photography Challenge – Birds

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Extreme weather often makes for amazing photography. Sometimes, you can predict how things will look. You’ve got an idea of how it will appear in your final shots. Other times, you can only hope, and it really surprises you. During a recent flight, photographerJerry Ferguson managed tocaptureanincredible photograph. As thunderstorms covered the Phoenix landscape an [...]

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As we just wrapped up a week of nature photography related articles I wanted to round it out with a few images of our feathered friends, the birds.

Birds are incredibly hard to photograph when in motion, luckily some stick to the ground or are slower than others. Let’s see some fantastic examples of bird photography (I’ll even throw in a few of my images) – enjoy!

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I feel one of the best ways to stay inspired and motivated with your photography is to focus on a project. To take lots of random photos of anything and everything often leads to a body of work that is cluttered, un-focused, and uninteresting. In this article I will share some of my personal thoughts [...]

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Adding shafts of light to your photos in post is pretty common, but doing it in camera is even easier. All it takes is a little know how and maybe a smoke machine. In this video from The Slanted Lens, Jay P. Morgan walks us through the whole process. He talks about the advantages of [...]

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Everybody wants their wedding photographs to be interestingand special. Thisis probably why this couple chose to hire photographerCM Leung and shoot theirs in Iceland. It’sa beautiful country,which is why ithas become such a popular wedding destination. But, the shoot turned out to be a little more differentthan the couple had planned for. During the shoot,a [...]

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When, during the sixties, Jane Goodall gave wild chimpanzees a name instead of a number, she put the science world upside down. Anonymous animals were no longer nothing but a number. With something apparently as simple as a name, she validated their individuality and uniqueness. When you face a fox, you face personality. Many years [...]

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If you’ve been shooting video on your DSLRs for any length of time, you’ve realised that in-camera sound is awful. Perhaps you want to branch out to an externally boomed mic. Sounds simple, but there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind. In this video from Aputure’sseries4 Minute Film School, we get some [...]

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In the photography world, we’re used to the megapixel and high ISO races. When it comes to video, the race seems to be aboutframes per second. With frame ratesgetting ever faster, Vision Researchare usually in the lead with theirPhantomcameras. It’s just a regular day at the office for the Slow Mo Guys, making things explode. [...]

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I can’t get enough of being outside in nature.

I often go out on trail runs with my friends, and we spend most of the run grinning from ear to ear, exclaiming how lucky we are to be here on this earth, and how beautiful every single thing is. I love to go camping with my family, where we set up hammocks in the trees, listen to the birds singing, and the leafy windsounds as we gaze up into the sky.

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