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Realistic Composites(basics) – 85.00 by Adrian Sommeling is a workshop that teachesyou how to create lively, funny composits from start to finish. And when I say start, I mean from pre-planninga shoot so your photos are composing ready, until putting the last coloring touch on the final piece. As someone who is just starting out [...]

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Pretty much the only things that can be said for certain about the iPhone 7 are that it’ll eventually be announced (probably in September) and that it’ll be made by Apple. If either of these cases are even close to real, however, the standard iPhone 7 will not possess dual cameras, an feature likely reserved [...]

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Reflections can be great things to add to your photographs at any time, but they are particularly cool at night. Adding reflections can solve compositional problems you face at night. Further, the steps you have to take to capture photos at night – such as having your camera on a tripod and using a slow shutter speed – actually make it easier to capture reflections.

How so? I’m glad you asked. Let’s take a look at the use of reflections in night photography.

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Camera sliders are one of the easiest ways to add interesting motion to your timelapse and video sequences, but many of the commercial options are still extremely expensive. This short series of videoson YouTubeposted to Instructablesdocuments the construction of a motorized sliderthat couldbe easily adapted to handle cameras and rigs of much larger size. While [...]

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We all have those moments in our photographic careers where things just don’t pan out exactly how we imagined them. Ourimage is almost exactly as we imagined it to be, but perhaps there are some spots, blemishes, marks or distractionsthat just don’t fit in the frame.

In most cases, all the elements of the image tend to work together to tell the story, but sometimes we just to clean the image up a tad, to get rid of some of the distracting elements that take away from that... more

Settingup a green screen to record footage of a subject that will be cutout and composited into another background has become commonplace these days. What is ultimately a pretty straightforward process, however, can be a difficult one to learn. This video presented by Doug Guerra from B&H shows us some tips and techniques to help [...]

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Anthropics, the creators ofPortraitPro, have set their sights on a new target with the launch of their new LandscapePro standalone application and Photoshop plugin. Aiming to do for your landscapes what PortraitPro does toyour face, this new software boasts a range of features that letyou to turn your mediocre snapshots into somethingthat may or may [...]

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Ahead of the expected August announcement of the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, Canon Rumorsaresaid to bereceiving reports that “more than a few” Canon preferred photographers have been able to get their hands on one. With 4K video, and 1080p @ 120fps being the only seemingly reliable bits of infoat the moment, other firmspecsare somewhat [...]

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Of course it follows the rule of thirds, It has to to be a good photo, right? I am not sure. You can always “break the rules”, to make a good photo, which loughs at the composition rules… This display of power fromPhotographer James Allen Stewart shows that there is no way around the rules, [...]

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Who better to get photo composition tips from than four-time Travel Photographer of the Year award-winner, Bob Holmes? He shares some techniques you can use to work with composition and take better photos, no matter where your travels may take you.

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