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I still remember the very first 360-degree photograph I ever saw.  I believe it was around the turn of the century on a Grolier Encyclopedia CD-ROM (for you youngsters, that’s what progressive folks had before Wikipedia).  I can’t recall where the image was from, exactly, but I do recall that it was some large plaza in [...]

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Almost every DSLR or Mirrorless camera has a mode dial with a variety of letters and icons on it, some of which might seem cryptic or confusing. Usually you’ll find a green icon for Full Auto mode (usually a green A or rectangle), Full Manual mode (M), as well as Aperture Priority (A or Av) and Shutter Priority (S or Tv). Your camera might also feature scene modes such as portrait, night, or macro... more

A 16-year-old Taiwanese exchange student who came to the U.S. to experience a new culture found herself up close and personal with a massive American icon. The student was visiting the Yellowstone National Park with her host family when the incident occurred, and park officials said the lack of a safe distance was to blame. [...]

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A vast segment of the general public and the media might consider drones to be dangerous, privacy-invading-little-buggers, but any drone owner knows that they are what their operator makes of them. A drone can’t be blamed for flying onto the Japanese Prime Minister’s roof or over the White House fence. It won’t randomly turn on [...]

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There’s a little bit of creepy in all of us.  Don’t take my word for it, it’s practically scientific fact.  Stop it!  I’m not judging you…it’s perfectly normal.  But, if you have an extra $60k sitting around looking for a home, you can take your creepy to a whole, new level! Don’t believe me?  YouTuber SirJonnyCargo [...]

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This image of Moon Rise over Marietta, Ohio was taken 20 minutes after sunset during the Blue Hour when the sun had set and the sky was a dark blue. Here the city lights make a great warm glow over the city.

According to British photojournalist Donald McCullin, “There is no such thing as bad light, just misunderstood light.” Many photographers consider low light to be bad light. The purpose of this article is to encourage you to not consider low... more

Not too long ago, we shared a really awesome legography project by Samsofy, where he uses Lego people as subjects in his incredibly fun portrait series. Of course, there are very few situations where working with Legos wouldn’t be fun and this sweet little web app called Legoizer is certainly not one of them. The [...]

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The famous photographer, best known for his ‘Afghan Girl’ photograph which graced the cover of National Geographic, will soon be looking for a new manager of fine art print sales after his current one was charged with theft and related offenses. According to Chester (PA) County District Attorney Tom Hogan, Bree DeStephano stole prints, books [...]

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One problem that we photographers (and other creative pros) run into a lot is the need for additional screen real estate.  For those on the go and working from laptops, it’s really not convenient to carry around an extra LCD monitor in your bag (obviously).  But, if you have an iPad or Android tablet, you may [...]

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After successfully funding the Vela One – an uber-high-speed strobe the obvious question was now that you have a trigger that can freezer a bullet in mid air, how do you trigger it to catch the action. This is why I am not surprised that Vela Labs now announces the Vela Pop, a companion sound trigger [...]

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