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If you wanted to buy the Lensbaby Sweet, Twist 60 and Velvet separately, you’d be spending over $1,000. Now, you can get all three for only $279.95. At least, you can if you shoot Sony E, Fuji X or Micro Four Thirds. Lensbaby have today announced the new Lensbaby Trio 28mm f/3.5 lens which combines [...]

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When you feel like you don’t know what to do, what’s the next step? Frustrating, isn’t it? I think wisdom is found anywhere, from renaissance statuesto butterflies, and even birds. Speaking of which, here’sa weird photography insight that I got by observing them.

Why birds are amazing

Birds are really awesome. Well, I guess they are, depending on what aspect you are looking at. I mean, we all know they can litter a lot, right? But onething... more

Google is definitely giving apple a run for its money. Their new Pixel phone (formerly Nexus) just scored a full 89 on DXO’s mobile camera test. This is the highest score that a smartphone ever got on DXO. It’s true the iPhone 7 Plus does have dual lenses and some pretty awesome features, but as [...]

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Cosyspeed is a company that we like. I’ve had some close chats with the owner and his view of how a company should interact with society. They also make killer mirrorless bags (well, the bags, obviously has no mirror, they are aimed at the mirrorless cameras market). IsawCosyspeed’s new bag, the Streetomatic+ and I ell [...]

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One of the secrets to good landscape photography is the way in which you capture various elements of the scene. Sure, you can let your camera do the heavy lifting and figure out the exposure. But a landscape photo doesnt have to be a literal interpretation of what you see, or of what your camera sees when left to its own devices. While post-processing can help make adjustments to an image so that its less literal than what you saw, making certain adjustments at the time of capture is more... more

Most of the time I deliver finished photos and videos to my clients via digital download. It’s quick, easy and saves me time and money by avoiding the hassle of uploading files to a physical storage device and sending it in the mail. However, it is occasionally necessary to copy photography and videos to a [...]

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The Yi 4K is a pretty great camera already, especially for what it costs. Yi, however, did something pretty unique with the Yi 4K. When they released the new camera, they also announced that it would come with an Open API. While most aren’t able to take advantage of this, what it does do is [...]

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When live view first appeared in DSLRs, it was seen as a bit of a useless gimmick. No doubt, in those early cameras, it wasn’t always that useful. It was ok if you just wanted to line up a shot that was difficult to see through the viewfinder. Laying low to the ground, for example. [...]

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Video has become a part of daily life for many photographers. For some, it’s because we’ve expanded our services for clients. For others, it’s simply for our own self promotion. Tips and tricks, tutorials or behind the scenes videos for YouTube & Facebook. One of the biggest problems many photographers starting out with video face [...]

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Most of us have experienced photographing an incredible sunrise or sunset only to get home and realize that the colors in your images are not nearly as good as the colors you witnessed with your own eyes. There can be many reasons to this, such as camera limitations or mistakes you made in the field. However, that’s not what you will learn about in this article. Correcting the colors, or adding color, isn’t something you need to spend hours working on. In fact, it can be done in... more