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Mac ownershave had the opportunity to make use ofapplications Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer for almosta year now, but that thesoftware hasonly been available for the Mac has been a frustration forWindows based photographers stuck in the Adobe world with no real viable alternative. Now, that’s all about to change, with Serif’s announcement today that [...]

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Recently, I received a very interesting question from a dPS reader about exposure. The question was, “How much does it matter about getting the exposure right when the photo is taken, as opposed to fixing it later in Lightroom?” It isa really interesting question, and it became even more interesting to me the more I thought about it.

Options for achieving the best exposure

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We are big fans ofFelix Alejandro Hernndez Rodrguez and the way he uses creative ways to shoot scenes in camera. After shooting a world war II plane fight with power, he came back and shot a fantasy boat with some dry ice. We approached Felix and again to gain some insights on his photos. [...]

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Taking the photo of a lifetime is something I will always push another photographer to do. But, there are limits and a little common sense and precaution goes a long way. Unfortunately, neither of those were in the back of the mind of a man believed to be around 30-years-old who past away while trying [...]

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When looking back through old photos, have you ever wondered why subjects rarelysmiled, even if the portrait was of an exciting event like a wedding? If so, a new video from Vox will help address your questions. In the three and a half minute, Vox explains four reasons subjects decided to forgo the cheese and [...]

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Two years ago, we asked whether or not you keep printed photographs anymore. Surprisingly, a great deal of you did, with 64% of readers responding that they do indeed print out and keep physical copies of their photographs on hand. While its becoming ever-cheaper to purchase extra hard drives and cloud storage, many people feel [...]

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Leading lines composition technique is the easiest to understand and apply in landscape photography.

In fact, we compose some photographs using leading lines unknowingly! You may have done that too, it comes to us naturally. Let me show you, using an example.

Imagine you are driving through a forest, and you see beautiful line of trees on either side of the road. The autumn leaves are so breathtakingly colorful, that you couldnt help but pull your car to a side. You want to... more

In the spring of 2014, I started a long-term photography project focused on Syrian refugee children. I traveled through Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon and photographed children who fled Syria since the war started. I interviewed them in the presence of their parents or guardians and then photographed them both digitally and with Impossible Project [...]

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So obviously almost every Photoshop novice has “transformed” something in Photoshop. As in, “I just dragged this image onto my canvas and it’s way too flippin’ huge. Let me make it smaller with the transform function.” But how many of you have really taken it much further than that? (Yes, I know there are exceptions; [...]

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Light painting and Vogue arent two words that you usually associate with one another. But for the May 2015 cover of British Vogue, photographer Paolo Roversi photographed Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke using an interesting light painting technique. As can be seen in the 62-second behind-the-scenes clip, Roversi appears to use a flashlight to [...]

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