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Every time a new version of Lightroom comes out the first thing I look for are features that make the Develop module better, or easier to use. The ones I like best in Lightroom 6/CC are the improvements to the Graduated and... more

I’ve always been fascinated by anthropology, but, with a father who was an anthropology professor, it’s little wonder that some of it wore off on me. In a utopian world, I think, at least, that my ideal life’s mission would be jetting off to the four corners of the world to document those people who [...]

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I know that we have been reporting many anti photography laws lately. It’s a drag. But sometimes, the law makers surprise us and actually work towards making the world a better place for photographers.. This new Colorado law is called “Stop Police Interference Cop Incident Recordings”. The summary of the proposed bill stated: “The bill creates a private [...]

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I love cameras. I love leather (take that however you wish). And, while I don’t love camera straps, I kinda dig this DIY leather belt strap from green-liver and photo enthusiast Tyler Lloyd. (We assume he devised the idea one night as he was twirling his mustache by a crackling fireplace and sharpening his straight [...]

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Here is another cool 3D trick for creating a stone effect. With just a little “outside the box” thinking you can do a whole lot more with 3D then you probably thought possible.

In this set of images I rounded up some imaginative images of objects, non-living things. Things don’t always have to appear as they really are in photos. Light, the right lens selection and angle of view can create an image of an everyday, seemingly ordinary object, and make it look interesting.

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“What will they think of next,” was a phrase I used to hear my grandmother say. While civilization is still busy committing the oldest of sins in the newest of ways, Google has teamed up with GoPro to bring a truly new revolution to the world of virtual reality (in case real reality was just [...]

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Before Richard Prince appropriated the photos of Instagram users, and long before the SuicideGirls re-appropriated their photos, the lazy “artist” became famous for stealing re-photographing Sam Abell’s iconic cowboy photos. Prince took cigarette ads with Abell’s Marlboro Man images and photographed them in a way that basically “cropped” the text and logo out. With Prince [...]

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When you’re just learning photography non-living or inanimate objects make great subjects because they have infinite patience and don’t move. You can take your time getting your shot just right, checking the lighting, and composing the perfect image.

These images of objects, table top products, still lives, are great examples of what you can do with such subjects. See if you don’t get some ideas for your own photography.

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Got any projects on hold until you get that dream lens? Convinced your current gear isn’t good enough for the task? As can be seen in the lens test created by Freddie and the gang over at RocketJump Film School, you may be wasting your time – and money. Don’t expect to see focus charts [...]

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