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Not too long ago, we shared a really awesome legography project by Samsofy, where he uses Lego people as subjects in his incredibly fun portrait series. Of course, there are very few situations where working with Legos wouldn’t be fun and this sweet little web app called Legoizer is certainly not one of them. The [...]

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The famous photographer, best known for his ‘Afghan Girl’ photograph which graced the cover of National Geographic, will soon be looking for a new manager of fine art print sales after his current one was charged with theft and related offenses. According to Chester (PA) County District Attorney Tom Hogan, Bree DeStephano stole prints, books [...]

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One problem that we photographers (and other creative pros) run into a lot is the need for additional screen real estate.  For those on the go and working from laptops, it’s really not convenient to carry around an extra LCD monitor in your bag (obviously).  But, if you have an iPad or Android tablet, you may [...]

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After successfully funding the Vela One – an uber-high-speed strobe the obvious question was now that you have a trigger that can freezer a bullet in mid air, how do you trigger it to catch the action. This is why I am not surprised that Vela Labs now announces the Vela Pop, a companion sound trigger [...]

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“A few Sundays ago, on May 10, 2015, I went down to a public pier in New York City (Pier 11) to shoot a fun video about the interesting fleet of boats…”, said Josiah Ryan of The Blaze, but what happened that day left him “shaken and pondering what kind of First Amendment rights journalists, [...]

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I recently decided to finally get on the Instagram bandwagon (shameless plug: follow me @jpdanko) and I came across what apparently is the widespread practice of “hub” users taking other user’s images and reposting them to their own feed as a “feature” photo (please forgive my wide eyed innocence…). At a glance, this practice essentially seems to [...]

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Nikon’s dedicated astrophotography camera isn’t planned to start shipping until next week, but Swedish astrophotographer Göran Strand was lucky enough to get his hands on a D810A for a review. The review includes high ISO noise comparisons between the D800E, D810, D810A and D3s, and covers some of the camera’s new astro-oriented features. Göran also [...]

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30 years ago, we used slides, prints and albums to share photos with family and friends.  Now, between Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Google+ and 500px, you have more options than ever to share your photos.  The problem is, how do you connect to this much larger audience?

Sharing a story alongside your photo will help you connect with your followers, and often turn a great photo into something spectacular.

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I seldom review gadgets these days, but sometimes something is so useful that it's worth telling people about. Such is the case with the SD card-enabled Western Digital My Passport Wireless hard drive.Read more »

Ben Von Wong is a great friend. No, we may have never spoken or emailed or seen each other in person, but in my mind we go way back. (There’s a lot of people I know in my imagination…I’m quite the popular fellow, my therapist says.) Yet, even better than a friend, Ben makes an [...]

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