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Xiaomi have been teasing us about their forayinto the drone market for a little while now. Nowthey have officially announced the Mi Drone, a 4K quadcopter which also shoots RAW stills, for a mere $460. Boasting an array of impressive features, the Chinese electronics company looks all set to take on the big boys at [...]

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In a departure from the typical adrenaline pumping videos typically posted by GoPro, When We Were Knights is a powerful storyon the bonds of friendship, love and loss. Matt Blanc and Ian Flanders were the best of friends, constantly pushing and inspiring each other. In July 2015, during what was supposed to be a fairly [...]

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Canon’s$11,000200-400mm f/4L lens is not something you take apart lightly. (In fact, the full official name isCanon EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM Lens with Internal 1.4x Extender, but we are trying to keep it short). But that is not to say that it can not be taken apart. Canon’s youtube channel published such a lens [...]

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Many Windows based video users have been concerned lately regardingsecurity flaws which ledApple to pull all support for Quicktime for Windows, with the FederalGovernment going so far as recommending that Windows users completely remove it from their system. Adobe have today announced a response to this issue, declaring that they are adding native support for [...]

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To start with the end of the story, Facebook did apologize and allowed the photo at the end, but this case shows how Social media networks have control over what photos are perceived “OK”, or “accepted”. The story starts whenCherchez la Femme, an Australian group that promotesan agenda of “unapologetically feminist angle, said that an [...]

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ISO is one of the three critical elements of exposure, and yet among the people I have talked to it seems to cause the most confusion. Aperture can be physically represented by simply making a circle with your fingers to represent the size of the opening in your camera lens, and shutter speed can be mimicked by closing your eyes, opening them briefly, and then shutting them. Neither one is a perfect... more

Kodak released itsfreeProfessional Film App for the iPhone in 2012, and it’s seen a couple ofsmallupdates since then. Now, they’ve released both iPad and Android versions of the app. As somebody who got back into film a few years ago, I’ve kept my eye on various apps that have spawned for iOS and Android. I’ve [...]

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Sony seem to have been on a quest the last couple of yearsto ditch some aspects of its business to help counter some of its losses. After selling off VAIOin 2014, spinning off Bravia into its own company, and laying off several thousand staff, Sony now appear to sold off most of its Creative Software [...]

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Have you ever found yourself with a batch of photos that you needed to have editedin the same way? Rather than editing each image one-by-one, Adobe Photoshop offers batch editing processes that can help you save time, while preserving consistent quality among your images.

This tutorial will show you how to use Photoshop Actions to resize and edit multiple photos, along with a quick tip on how to replicate this process in Lightroom.

What You Need

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A bathroom might seem an odd place to make a portrait, but then most of our bathrooms aren’t as appealingas this one. In this video from FujiX-PhotographerDamien Lovegrove, we see how we can light such a scene using continuous LED lights, and cookies to help break up and scatter the light for a more natural [...]

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