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The last place most people would expect to find portraits being shot is behind the back of a fish and chip shop. But, thats’ exactly what happens at Kazam Hakimi’s place on Oxford’s Iffley Road. He started his OX4 project, named after the area’s postcode, to create a “tapestry” of the characters that frequent his [...]

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These days, most cameras and lens build quality ispretty high. Even if not completelyweather sealed they can still take quite a lot of abuse from nature. Sometimes, though, you do want to take the extra step to protect your kit. LandscapePhotographerBenjamin Jaworskyj has a great tip to help cover your gear at virtuallyno cost. I [...]

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It’s been a bit of an emotional weekend for us Canadians – our “national rock band”The Tragically Hip performed their final concert on Saturday night in a performance that was half mourning and half celebration. Earlier this year, lead singer Gord Downie was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer – but instead of fading away, Gord [...]

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365 Days of Photos, One Photo a Day, One Shot, One Day, 365 Days Challenge do they sound familiar to you? Have you ever wanted to take at least one photo a day, every day and I mean every single day? Well I did. I read few interesting articles about it and I [...]

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About three years ago,Jasmine Star was busted for copying content from various photography bloggers around the web. It was so bad thatJasmine’s speaking slot on WPPI was canceled. Jasmine issued a public apology and we all thought that the story was over. Seems like nothing has changed. Stop Stealing Photos found that Jasmine’s post aboutInspiration [...]

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Well, it looks like the issues with EyeFi may not be a problem for Canon shooters. At least, not all Canon shooters. A couple of weeks ago, Digicame-info reported that instructions and specs for Canon’s new W-E1 WiFi adapter had been leaked. One point of notewas the listed dimensions. 24x32x2.1mm; the same as the SD [...]

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Seeing the Milky Way with your own eyes is what you may call a jaw dropping experience, but one that can be truly achieved only in complete darkness. While stars are visible even in light polluted areas, the Milky Ways beauty, which is actually caused by concentrations of stars, gas and dust, fades away in the light polluted areas and cannot be seen.

Before going in to practice, you need to understand few things about the appearance of the Milky Way:

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If youspeak to camera often, then there’s no getting away from the value of a teleprompter. But, those things can be expensive. There are less expensive options out there, but what if you need something a little bigger and want to spend even less money? Well, that’s where this video from Skeptically Pwnd comes in. [...]

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Bundles are good. We like bundles. Especially when they contain a bunch of items that are actually useful. One such bundle is the new Spyder5CAPTURE PRO kit by Datacolor.Based aroundthe Spyder5ELITE monitor calibrator, it seems tooffer a complete solution from capture to computer. The kit also includes the SpyderCHECKR, SpyderCUBE and SpyderLENSCAL.Bought separately, thiswould cost [...]

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Imagine if every time you bought a new camera, you broke a world record. That’s what happens to Dilish Parekh, owner of the largest collection of stills cameras in the world.He currently owns around 4500 cameras, icnluding Leica, Canon, Nikon, Zeiss, Kodak, Linhof, Rolleiflex and much more. In this three and a half minute video, [...]

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