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Want to bring back travel photos that your friends actually enjoy viewing on Facebook? Want to make sure you dont miss anything when visiting a new culture? Then it’s time to make a list!

We all have our easy ruts we fall into when photographing, but travel, for me, is about expanding my view. Thats why I take a travel shot list and try my darnedest to get at least one of each shot when visiting a new location.

Whats on my list?

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The idea of a selfie drone isn’t all that unique any more. Many drones come with a “follow” mode for just this sort of thing, and it’s the Hover Camera’s sole purpose in life. The new ROAM-e, though, does have something of a unique appearance. Described by The Verge as the“flying phallus” (I think thatname [...]

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How wide can an ultra-wide go? Its a question youll find yourself asking when you get ready to mount the Voigtlnder 10mm f/5.6 Hyper-Wide Heliar: the widest rectilinear lens ever made for a camera. As soon as you look through the viewfinder with this lens mounted, youll have your answer: almost unfathomably wide. The 10mm [...]

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I’m a bit disappointed by this one. I’ve been a huge fan of Eye-Fi cards for several years and own and use several cards. Now, they’re taking planned obsolescence to a whole new level by effectively making most of their past products useless in one fell swoop. According to an email I received from Eye-Fi [...]

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I was shooting some images of the icebergs on the black sand beach by the Jkulsrln Glacier Lagoon, Iceland with a rental EF 24-70mm F2.8L II. Iceland is notorious for being windy, and while I was shooting there was blowing winds carrying ocean spray and water splashes all over me and my camera + lens. [...]

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Its not always easy to be a photographer, seeing all of the great photo opportunities around us, and wanting to capture them all. Recently, I was working with a student of mine, and she wanted to know how to handle changing settings quickly from one situation to another. Her example was trying to go from photographing landscapes, to trying to focus on a bird or other wildlife that may quickly enter the scene. While some seasoned photographers may be ready for a situation such as this, its... more

What is the best camera for street photography? What do you recommend? That is the question I get asked most. In the last years I have been changing cameras a lot always in the search for the better on. In retrospect I can say gear swapping did not really help me improving my photography. Let [...]

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It’s almost like you can’t go to anevent these dayswithout seeing a photo booth. Whether it’s a wedding, an office party, or just a weekend barbecue with family and friends, there seems to be a photo booth. There are a million different ways to make photo booths, from super expensive RED powered slow-mo boothsto3D photo [...]

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Most of ushave a fairly solid order of priorities in our lives. Family comes first, then photography, then everything else. For some folks,those firsttwo are the other way around, but whatever allows us to spend moretime with our family or our camera is a good thing. I don’t really consider sitting at a computer to [...]

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Adobe Sparkis a new app from Adobe that allows users to create template based social media graphics (Spark Post), web stories (Spark Page) and animated videos (Spark Video) using a simple online interface (read our review of Spark Post here). The Spark Page module is designed to allow users to create online magazine style web [...]

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