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If youve ever photographed newborns, youll know that one of the challenges is to properly capture the skin tones of the infant. This comes as a hurdle because many infants have an excess amount of red or blue in their skin depending on various health aspects. While the goal isnt to render their actual skin [...]

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Something Ive always struggled with as a photographer is being willing to put my work out there for the world to see. As a branding junkie, its not that Im not proud of my work, its that I want to somehow come up with a cohesive portfolio before I market myself in a particular genre [...]

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Nik Software, now owned by Google, has announced today that their entire Nik Collection is available for free, to everyone. Citing their goals to focus on long-term investments in their photo editing tools for mobile devices, Nik says the desktop versions of their plugins, which range from sharpening tools to analogue filter applications, will be [...]

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How the $*#$ do I use this thing!!?!

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There’s a scene in the original Jurassic Park movie, that almost perfectly describes one lesson I have learned when documenting the world around me with my camera. In this scene Dr. Ian Malcolm, a brilliant mathematician who is visiting the prehistoric park, expresses severe reservations about the idea of resurrecting long-extinct species during a conversation with John Hammond, the director of the park. Hammond is gleefully explaining the incredible genetic breakthroughs that his... more

Ive always had a lot of fun challenging myself with creative and/or technical limitations. Like giving myself a photo assignment to spend the day or even an entire vacation with a certain camera/lens combination and a limited shooting style, like to shoot only macro or only black and white, etc. It usually makes me work [...]

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If youve ever wanted your very own, military-grade portable darkroom, nows your time to come forward and claim your desired possession. Up for sale on Hillsborough, North Carolinas Craigslist classified pages is a completely contained darkroom once used by the United States Army. Painted the signature olive green of army equipment, this portable darkroom comes [...]

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Ten years ago, the name Vivian Maier wouldnt ring a bell in anyones mind. Today, the name Vivian Maier is almost as well known as some of the pioneers of photography. This all changed when a box of negatives captured by the unknown street photographer were found in 2007. Since then, much fanfare has been [...]

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In my last article about choosing the best lens for street and travel photography, you may have noticed that all the photos used to illustrate it, were in the square format. Thats not a coincidence. I recently discovered that I really like this aspect ratio for street photography. Its made a big improvement to my photos, and I thought it would be interesting to go a little... more

If youre looking to get into filmmaking, there are plenty of tips and tricks to learn that will make your life a lot easier and make your footage stand out from the get-go. Here to provide just three of the most basic tips is Jonas from Rob & Jonas Filmmaking Tips. In the five-and-a-half-minute video, [...]

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