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We can all agree that there are many things in life that can kill you, such as nuclear radiation, stepping into oncoming traffic, and a jealous girlfriend. Oh, and lions…especially if you’re stupid. (Or maybe just careless; we aren’t passing judgement.) If I’m driving through a wildlife park and the rules state that my windows [...]

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Sony’s online store probably received a record-breaking amount of visits yesterday after word broke out that several cameras and lenses were listed for as low as $200. Expecting the orders to be cancelled, many people placed them anyway in hope that the company will honor the listed prices and absorb the price difference. In a [...]

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Dear Craigslist Photographer, Can I share something with you that both makes me laugh and want to go all Chuck Norris on a stuffed animal at the same time?  Okay, I’ll take your hesitancy as an opportunity to just say what I have to say:  Either you are just creepy, or your PR agency is [...]

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Parks are wonderful places to capture fantastic, unique photos. Besides the obvious fauna and flowers, you will often also find people interacting with each other and the environment. All of which can lead to some great photos, to highlight another point of interest at a destination.

Here are some simple tips to try out next time you are heading to a local park:

Check the Rules

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If Sgt. Mark Rodriguez’ mother ever told him not to go outside during thunderstorms because it’s dangerous, the Mississippi policeman will be hearing about this incident for the rest of his life. While some people have to go out of their way to capture photos of lightning strikes, Rodriguez was lucky enough to have the [...]

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Adding a fourth camera to its lineup, GoPro has announced the HERO+ LCD. As the name suggests, the camera features a handy touchscreen but also packs WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. The new camera can record video at up to 60fps at 1080p, capture 8MP stills and be controlled by the GoPro app. While the HERO+ [...]

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I feel bad for this wedding photographer, I really do. He was really getting into his job, probably capturing some great shots of the bride and groom and then, all of the sudden, a decorative water fountain jumps behind him out of nowhere and SPLASH, in for an unexpected swim he goes–cameras and all. Hopefully, [...]

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Children’s expressions are genuine; they love to live life with passion and abound in energy. When they are happy, their laughter and joy is infectious. They can be the best subjects of all – busy, happy, playful and real. If you’ve ever tried to take photos of kids who were not so crazy about having a camera in their face, you also know that while they are all these wonderful qualities, they can also be difficult and may require a little more planning for a smooth session.

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How you would you rate a shoot-off between a  £3,000 Black Magic Cinema Camera and a  £150,000 ARRI Alexa? Actually, to make this a better budget vs. high end Cinematographer Olan Collardy included matching lenses in the price: A Samyang 50mm T1.5 for the BMPC and an Angenieux 24-290mm Optimo T2.8 Cine lens for the Alexa. Fair play, right? £150,000 camera/lens [...]

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EarthCam started webcasting the activity at Ground Zero just days after the September 11 terrorist attacks, and has since been capturing high resolution images for this start-to-finish time lapse of One World Trade Center being built. According to EarthCam “Hundreds of thousands of high definition images were captured over the past 11 years and hand-edited [...]

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