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I’ve been sitting around for the last week trying to find something I can share with you all that will really enhance your enjoyment and time efficiency when editing your photos. That’s when I stumbled upon this absolute gem of a program! This guy “TimarIuveo” on YouTube has essentially made an action that tells your [...]

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Its time to have some fun with your camera, and pop you out of the realistic rut you may not even know you’re in. Its time to create some images based on color, light, emotion, and a lack of concern for sharpness or details.

Its time to play around with abstract photography!

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While technically, this clipis described as a sped up video, I am going to let it fall under the timelapse category, because some achievements need to be celebrated. This 30 seconds sped up video timelapse was taken from a camera on top of thefirst stage booster as it descended back to earth and landed on [...]

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As the selfie bar keeps getting higher,we report more and more sad selfie stories, and while some may argue that selfie caused deaths is the new natural selection (or Darwin award candidates), no one should pay with their life for a stupid photo decision. According to theshanghaiist, a man visiting thethe Yeshanko Wildlife Zoo in [...]

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Today we are going to have a debate! And the subject is TFP, something which I have a had a fair few debates on already in Photography groups on Facebook. Now I’m pretty sure you all by now you know what TFP means and what it entails, if you don’t, you are either very lucky, [...]

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By now, if you have not downloaded Googles Nik Collection, at the very least you have heard that this once $500 software, was made free for download in March 2016. The Nik Collection, as it has been known for over a decade, is a set of photographic filter plug-ins, and image enhancement tools, that delivers another look and feel to your photo.

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For a long timeI wanted to create a Brave styled photo shoot.I really love the heroic fantasy and Celtic moods that go with the movie and it would not be the first time I go Celtic :). But, an official cos play version of the movie was already out there, so I wanted to do [...]

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By Franck Michel

Start by viewing these 23 images of flowing waterto get some inspiration.

Then read some articles on the subject:

Canon Rumors have reported that Sigma will be introducing an 85mm f/1.4 DG Art series lens at Photokina in September. With rumours that Sigma are discontinuing the 85mm f/1.4 DG HSM, the timing makes a lot of sense. Other than the focal length and maximum aperture, there are no other details or specifications available right [...]

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Lightning is one of those that subjects many of us have tried to photograph at some point or another if we live in an area where it happens. It’s one of those topics that seems almost too well documented. There’sa million different methods and techniques to try and figuring out which one works the best [...]

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