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What do you think of when you hear the term composite? Lots of hours with the pen tool cutting out elements, or fiddling around with the refine edge tool? Well one of the ways I sometimes like to create composite images is by blending instead of cutting out. Many of the photographers I follow use [...]

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It seems that these days, 3rd party lens manufacturers are doing everything they can to try to upstage everybody else.After Nikon’s recent introduction of the 105mm f/1.4E, Tamron have now filed a patent for a 115mm f/1.4 VC lens. If they make it, this would make it the longest f/1.4 autofocus* lens out there, taking [...]

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The use of copyrighted material without permission (aka piracy) gets a lot of attention in the music industry, but those of us who earn income from visual arts are just as often (if not more so) screwed over by rampant online piracy. Interestingly, Taylor Swift and other huge creative content producers suffer from many of [...]

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Fujifilm has announced its new entry level mirrorless camera. An update to the popular X-A2, the new camera comes with touchscreen, a 24MP sensor, and 60fps video. It’s a respectable little update to the X-A2. The changes seem very few, but they are very nice changes. The market this line is aimed at is obvious. [...]

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For the majority of new photographers, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome is fear. This often leads to people missing a perfect photo opportunity or even, over time, falling out of the practice of actually taking photos. But its perfectly normal to have fears when starting anything new, especially in an industry that is so subjective and fast moving. Here are six common fears newbie photographers experience, and tip to help overcome them.

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Im fussy today. And its not because I ran out of coffee; its not because I didnt get a proper nights sleep, and its not because Im worried Gary Johnson wont be given a chance to participate in the Presidential debates, although that last one is a concern. I am fussy because, once again, a [...]

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So, the guesswork and speculation can end. Canon have now officially announced the 5D Mark IV DSLR. Asexpected, some photographers area little underwhelmed, if the comments I’m seeing on Facebook are anything to go by. The video guys seem happy, though, mostly. But it does have a fewfairly significant upgrades for stills photographers. The new [...]

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When I was a senior in high school, there was one local photographer that nearly everyone went to for their portraits. Part of her process included each person bringing in a bag of clothing to model for her. She would then help select the outfits that would ultimately be worn for the portraits. She also gave specific instructions for hair, makeup, and grooming. Quite often, the photographer hired a makeup artist to be present for the portraits – in effect she was doingstyled portraits... more

It’s no secret to most people who know me that I’m not a huge fan of online cloud backup services. But I know many of my fellow UK photographers are. Amazon’s unlimited cloud storage launched in the USA in the middle of 2015. Now, Amazon haveintroduced the service tothe UK, withprices starting at only 55/yr [...]

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Whenever you work with an action camera, there’s a process.The general sequence of events goes something like this. You pick up your camera, power it up, point it towards yourself tosee the lights flashingand start recording. You point it at what you want it to see and record away. Then when you’re done, you turn [...]

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