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Open up any photography magazine or website, and I promise there will be at least one article, and a half dozen ads, discussing image sharpness and how to get it through technique or gear. Dont get me wrong, sharpness is great. When Im shooting a classic landscape or portrait, if the image is a hair out of focus, it goes in the trash. But, at times, blur is exactly what you want, and occasionally, its exactly what your sharpness-obsessed brain needs. All you need, is a camera that... more

Two words can make or break a man. That is the lesson learned in a wonderfully inspiring video, titled Im Possible, from renowned illustrator-turned-photographer, Jeremy Cowart. Those words were I cant. And, one day after another, those five letters were removed from his vocabulary, with the help of his parents and ever-inspiring mentors along the [...]

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When the clouds evaporateand your DVD, Blu-Ray and hard drive backups are no longer readable, what are you going to do about accessingyour data? Valuable personal imagesmight be gone forever (of course, that’s also a good argument for printing your photos), or perhapsyou shoot for a living, and keep a permanent archive of all your [...]

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Following from last year’sannouncement that they were raising 440 billion yen (nearly $4 billion) to furtherdevelopment and production of new sensor technology, Sony have started to reveal the fruits of their labor with the announcement of theirnewIMX318 sensor. Aimed squarely at the mobile devices market and with a pixel size of only1.0m, they’re able to [...]

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One of the most significant advantages that modern cameras have over their film-based counterparts of days gone, by is their ability to change how sensitive they are to light with the touch of a button.

Back in the days of film you had to decide ahead of time whether you wanted to shoot at ISO (then called ASA) 100, 200, 400, or in extreme cases, 800. If you were going to take pictures outdoors, a roll of 24 or 36 exposure, 100 or 200 film would work fine, but woe betide the... more

I’ve always heldthe opposite opinion when confronted with the phrase “The camera never lies”.If you ask me, the camera’s always lied and that lyingoften causes controversy. This amusing video by B Kp Sng ogoes some way towards showing just how true this is, especially when it comes to social media photography. Even before digital, the [...]

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I am very happy to announce that we are releasing 4 more Image Manipulation packages today. Some by popular demand and some we decided to make on our own, but basically you said jump and we said how high. Heavy Industrial Smoke small smoke swirls are good, but you know whats better? BIG HEAVY INDUSTRIAL [...]

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Have you ever wondered which lenses are in a wedding photographer’s bag? There is a plethora of choice when it comes to lenses, and lens companies come up with new products all the time. Many photographers are attracted to these bright and shiny things and end up with a mammoth collection of lenses, many of which hardly see the light of day. If you have to pare back to the absolute necessities, and are allowed five lenses in your wedding photography bag, these are the ones that I would... more

Earlier today, we shared a collection of leaked images that showed off Canons upcoming EF-S 18135mm f/3.55.6 IS lens and an accompanying Canon Power Adapter. Now, an all new leak has come to fruition, showing off the very camera that this new lens will likely be paired with as a kit lens, the Canon EOS [...]

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American photographer David Alan Harvey has travelled all across the world, capturing life as he sees it through the camera. One of his favorite places seems to be Cuba, considering much of his portfolio consists of the Caribbean island and that he has out a book appropriately titled, Cuba. In 1999, he travelled to Cuba [...]

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